YRKKH – Fresh Story -Episode 3

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Hey guys, i want to inform you guys that naksh went to abroad for some work few days ago.

It is morning, while everyone is doing their works , bua dadi calls everyone and says call karthik right now, i want to meet him and talk about his family, naitik says itni jaldi, bua dadi says YES, and when will lalla come (naksh) from abroad, i want him to get married also, i will talk to him about this matter also, just then NAKSH comes there and says which matter bua dadi and smiles.

Everyone smiles seeing him after so much time (he went to abroad for few days), akshara cries and hugs him, she says duugu, why did you take this much times for coming, naitik and others hug, gayu sees him and comes running and hugs him, he gets confused seeing gayu in short clothes, he asks her you in this clothe…., naitik cuts him in between and says how was the work, is it done, naksh says yes papa, everything is done, now i am not going to anywhere, mishti says if you want to go also, i won’t let you go and brings a chain to tie, they laugh.

Just then karthik comes there for some work, naksh sees him with a weird look and looks at naira who is smiling and he also looks at gayu who gives a don’t care expression,, he gets confused seeing her and thinks why is she not reacting seeing him, what happened to her.

Naitik welcomes him and says i want to talk to you about a serious matter, karthik says what matter sir, tell me, naitik tries to say but couldn’t talk about naira’s marriage, he gets silent while others smile seeing him uncomfortable.

Mishti says offo tauji, you can’t even talk about this matter and says BFF, everyone wants to know about your marriage, kaira gets shocked and thinks arrey wah, gharwale to bahut fast hai and smiles to themselves. Mishti asks him, who is in your house, i mean your family, parents, siblings etc. karthik smiles and says i have my loving mom, who love me the most. Everyone smile, mishti asks your dad? Karthik with a fake smile says he is there too. She asks any brothers or sisters?

He says i have an elder sister, mishti asks by how many years, karthik smiles and says not years, minutes, she is my twin sister, she is older than me by 4 and half minutes, mishti gets excited and says what is it true, i want to see her, karthik says wait and shows everyone her picture, but when she is going to give to gayu his phone falls down from his hands and it gets spoiled, gayu says it is ok, you can show me other time, naksh also doesn’t see her. Akshara feels like she have seen her before but ignores the feeling.

Bua dadi says we want to come to your house tomorrow, naitik says itni jaldi, karthik says what, she asks him where is your house, he is it is near udaipur, she asks him to give address to naithik, karthik says ok, he thinks what to do, i told my dad that i won’t come to that house till i prove myself but now what’s happening, naitik shakes him and asks what are you thinking, he says nothing and gives the address and leaves after sometime. while he is going, naira winks at him and karthik thinks, this girl will make me mad one day, he smiles to himself and goes.

Precap: all the family members reach kartik’s house and akshara gets shocked seeing Karthik’s mom.

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