You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 7

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 7


Sheetal shivered:It’s…it’s…it’s none other than your mother Guman.

All were shocked.

Sam:What are you saying?

Sh:The person who offered me this bungalow for breaking your relationship was Gumanji.She also saved me from the jail.

Sameera was shattered.

Arn:What are you guys talking about Khushi?I don’t understand anything.

K:Arnavji…you don’t remember anything?


Sameera slapped Sheetal.

The police men came and arrested Sheetal.

Sheetal screamed:Sameera Ma’am….please tell them not to arrest me.It’s my request.

Sam:You deserve it Sheetal.I only called the Police.Inspector Sir..please take this lady away.

Sheetal was shocked.

The police men took away Sheetal.

Arnav:Why did police men take away that girl?

Sameera:Because she was a wicked witch.


Sameera-Khushi smiled.

Khushi smiled:Sameera…finally Sheetal got what she deserved.


Suddenly Sameera became dull.Khushi realized that it was Guman’s truth which was upsetting Sameera.


Sam:Khushi…I know what you are going to say.No need of that.I am going.See you later.

K:But Sameera…

Sam:Bye Arnav..bye Khushi.

Arn:Bye Sameera…



Guman was tensed knowing about Sheetal’s arrest.

Sameera went upto Guman.

S:Mom…are you tensed?

Gum:Why should I be tensed?

S:Stop your drama mom.I came to know the truth.You are tensed whether Sheetal will utter your name for covering up her immoral traffic case.

G:Ok…I am not hiding it anymore.I am the one who was behind Sheetal’s drama.

But I did it for your good damn it.

S:My good?How mom?

G:I wanted you to marry the richest NRI.So I planned this drama.Now you are going to marry Jay.You will be happy with Jay.

S:Stop it mom.For that you did a cheap drama.I will not forgive you mom.Very soon police may catch you.But I don’t care.


Sameera’s eyes were full of tears:You know mom?I am ashamed of myself for being your daughter.

Guman was shattered.

Sameera ran away crying.



The next day…

Aman rang up Sameera:Sameera…your mother Guman kidnapped Arnav and Khushi.

Sameera was shocked:What?

Guman took Arnav-Khushi to a hilly area.They were tied up to a chair.Her goons untied them.

Arnav cried like a kid.

Arn:Khushi….why is this wicked witch hurting us?You are magic princess.Right?Why don’t you destroy her?

Khushi covered up her fear to give him courage.She caressed him.

K:Arnavji…don’t be scared.Nothing will happen to us.

Guman laughed:Your Rajkumari Khushi lost her magical powers beta.

Arnav cried like a kid.Khushi was helpless.

Suddenly Aman-Sameera reached there.Sameera was shocked to see wounds on Arnav Khushi which indicated that they were hurt by Guman’s goons.

Sam:Mom!How cheap you can be?


S:What are you planning mom?

G:To finish Arnav and Khushi for distancing my daughter from me.

S:That is not their fault mom.It’s your fault.

G:No Sam.No one can stop me now.I will kill them.No one can stop me now.Beware..

Arnav was crying like hell.

Khushi was scared.

Am:No…you can’t harm them when I am alive.


Guman shot his leg and Aman fell down.

Guman laughed:With this wounded leg how can you save them Aman?

Aman was helpless.Sameera started crying and pleading.

Sam:Please mom…please don’t do this.

Gum:Sorry beta.This time I have to ignore your tears.

Guman pointed the gun towards Arnav-Khushi.Sameera ran towards them and pushed them aside and Sameera got shot.

All were shocked.

Khushi -Aman were crying.

Guman screamed:Sameeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Guman ran to Sameera:Sam!

Slowly Sameera breathed her last.

Guman cried loudly.Then she started laughing which seemed strange to Khushi and Aman.

Aman:Because of Guman’s dirty game ASR lost his mental balance and now again her sin made herself a mental lady.Yes…Guman has lost her mental balance.

Khushi was shocked.

The police men reached and arrested the goons and Guman.

K:Inspector…Guman has lost her mental balance.Guess she needs psychiatric treatment.

Ins:We will think about it later.

They took all of them away.

Suddenly she looked at Arnav.Arnav was shivering due to fear.


His lips shivered:Sameera…Sameera…

Arnav screamed:Sameeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Arnav fainted.

Khushi got scared:Arnavjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

  1. Revu

    This part was so much emotional and beautiful. Happy that Sheetal was caught red handed by Khushi and Sam . Shocking that Sam’s mom was behind this, Sameera and her mom’s scenes were too emotional and well written. The way sheetal’s mom tortured Arshi was very painful. Aman’s leg got injured was so touching . Sad that Sameera’s mom’s bullet pierced Sameera, Guess Arnav slowly remember past , last part was so emotional. Eager to see next part .

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.
      We are together was also updated.Zombie new part too.

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