Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s Heinous Plan

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai recalls Pakhi and Bhavani’s adamancy to make Pakhi as her baby’s surrogate mother. Virat tells her that after hearing Pakhi and Bhavani’s justification, even he feels Pakhi can the best surrogate mother for their baby. Sai asks why her wish doesn’t matter to Pakhi and Bhavani and why Pakhi got herself examined when she openly refused Pakhi’s proposal, she cannot let Pakhi so was in love with Virat earlier become her baby’s surrogate mother. Virat says more than Pakhi, Bhavani is adamant and he feels Bhavani forcefully took Pakhi for examination; Pakhi needs a motive in her life as she feels her presence doesn’t matter to anyone after Samrat’s death and hence she wants to do something for the family.

Sai says even he is supporting Pakhi now and asks what does he want. He says when the doctor herself approved that Pakhi is fit to be a mother, then why she doesn’t accept Pakhi as a surrogate. Sai refuses and says Pakhi has some hidden vested interest and hence she will never accept her as surrogate mother. She gets her doctor’s message that her selected woman Geeta is fit to be a surrogate mother. She asks Virat if he accepts Geeta as surrogate. Virat agrees.

Sai and Virat visit the doctor with Geeta. Virat thanks Geeta for accepting to become a surrogate mother. Geeta says she should thank Sai instead for saving her husband and tells Virat that he is lucky have Sai as his wife. Virat agrees. Doctor says she could save Sai’s only 1 egg for fertilization and since Sai is very weak, she cannot go ahead with another procedure. Sai asks her to try her best. Doctor agrees to start the process soon after the legal formalities are over. Sai rejoices. Pakhi spies on them and thinks she will frighten Geeta not to become a surrogate as only she can become Sai and Virat’s baby’s surrogate. Virat tells Sai that they should have started the process long ago with Pakhi. Sai gets angry. He says he will not take Pakhi’s name again.

Pakhi follows Geeta in a cab. Sai asks Virat to take her to the mall as she wants to shop for Ashwini. He agrees and takes a turn. Pakhi’s cab comes in the opposite direction and stops. Pakhi hides. Virat drives away. Pakhi thinks Sai will not spare her if she finds out that she is following Geeta. Geeta gets out of the auto and walks. Pakhi asks her cab driver to wait for sometime and follows Geeta till her house. She walks back towards her cab thinking she should somehow stop Geeta from reaching the lab on the pecure day. A thief snatches her gold chain. Mob catches the thief and demands to hand him over to police. Thief returns chain and requests her not to file police complaint. Pakhi says she will not if he obeys her order.

Sai returns home and gifts woolen to Ashwini. Ashwini feels excited seeing woolen. Sai says she told Virat that she will weave sweater for her grandchild, now she should and even teach her. Ashwini rejoices more and asks if she would be a grandmother after 9 months. Pakhi explains that doctor approved her selected woman to be a surrogate and the procedure will start soon. They feed sweets to each other when Pakhi walks in and asks her to share good news even with her. Sai says her selected surrogate is approved by the doctor. Pakhi tells Virat that if his wife had not disapproved her, she would have been a surrogate. Virat requests them not to argue. Sai asks Pakhi not to interfere in her life and even she will not. Pakhi agrees.

Precap: Bhavani tries to brainwash Ashwini saying if Sai had chosen Pakhi as surrogate, she and Virat would have taken care of the baby even before its born like Bhavani took care of Ashwini before Virat was born.

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  1. Faltu track of surrogacy… people will stop watching the show

  2. Even people stop reading the written update if same track continues

  3. Nobody likes the story now but makers insist that palkhi is surogate mother so if the show wants to loose vieuwers and rages they may continue like that my opion remains let palkhi die OR marry Rohan but it is better for her to die during OR right after given birth to virats child only then sai Will be able to have her baby otherwise palkhi Will marry virat because that is what the makers want and sai Will loose everything they should make sai meaner towards palkhi OR else sai Will leave chavans forever and nobody Will like that so IT is better for palkhi to die during OR right after the child is born we all want palkhi out of the show she is terrible

  4. me and my mother she. stopped to watch this series day by day this series is getting yuck disgusted.

  5. I have nothing else to say. Stopped watching long back and stopping looking at written updates also.


  6. This show is spoiled only due to neil n ashvrya n makers r supporting them,y their personal relations r presented in a show,if they both leave the show story can be better,neil is always seems under pressure wnever he shares screen with ayesha, how pakhi is given unnecessarily importance n due to her bhawani’s role is made v disgusting how she always humilate Sai without any reason wn Sai has done so much for family, all r against her insult her,samrat death track was horrible, no1 gave moral support to sai,pakhi behavior was beyond words, now she is crazy for surrogacy n crossed all limits of shamelessness,we will irritated with spoilers what to watch it,if pakhi is exposed no unwanted favouritism towards her n sai to be given proper place,virat character to be made strong not a dumb foolish, no bhawani’s interference in others life ,may people start watching it otherwise ban this disgusting show..

    1. Horrible story line without morals. How can a person stoop so low be shown glorified when true love is also about giving. Pakhi should die even before she can complete her surrogacy.

    2. Absolutely correct, audience don’t want to see this shameless lady anymore, v irritating.

  7. Sigh this is why real life married couple shouldnt both be on the same show it causes insecurity which ruins the whole show Pakhi should just leave the show tbh

  8. Yes that is true palkhi should leave the show but i think she does not trust Neil with sai ibthink she is afraid that perhaps in real LIfe he Will also fall in love with sai in the story she should die but afcourse that Will never happen i dont know hoe long she proberly is preagnant in real LIfe but most likely saus so vallend baby Will be in reality her and virats real child and untill then i dont think she Will leave the show

  9. Why are so many people still watching this crap? Honestly if you’re still sitting with this 💩show if you’re a woman get your tubes tied, if you’re a man get snipped don’t pass on your retarded genes, this is the height of stupidity doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome

  10. A diffrent outcome Will never happen i agree people should stop putting energy in this crazy story because the whole story is Planed already and Will not change palkhi Will be surogate mother and marry virat sai Will leave because she can’t voor with the situation poor sairat

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