You have to come back for me, for us, for our…

Hi guys, here we go with the update hope you’ll will like it and will enjoy reading it.

Surprise, dekho main aa gyi, Haan pata hai mujhe ki Maine kaha tha ki main ek hafte tak kuch post nhi karne wali lekin fir mummy phone nhi lekar gyi to phone mere paas hi hai and here’s the update 😄.

Plot: OS starts from Christmas 🎄 party where Anupriya tried to shoot Vansh but Riddhu came between. But what if instead of Riddhima it was Vansh only who got shoot. To know more read the story further…


Anupriya’s truth was out now everyone got to know that she was just playing with their feelings. They got to know that whom they considered as their DIL was actually the murderer of their real DIL. She snatched a mother from her children because of her selfish reasons.

Now Anupriya was being dragged by her own beloved son Kabir to the police station, she was shocked as her truth was out but she was not from them who will accept her defeat so easily. Suddenly her eyes went towards Kabir’s gun which was attached his waist she cunningly got that gun and aimed it towards Vansh who was facing his back to her. Riddhima who was standing beside Vansh saw Anupriya aiming gun towards him.


She was about to go between them but Vansh pushed her and she fell on the floor while Vansh got shot by the gun and he wince in pain and fell on the floor. Riddhima looked at him with tears in her eyes. She immediately ran towards him and took his head on her lap crying while Anupriya smirked seeing Riddhima and Vansh’s condition and again Kabir started dragging her.

Riddhima: Vansh keep your eyes open, I promise nothing will happen to you.

Vansh: I’m… sorry… swee…theart.

He said in broken voice and closed his eyes Riddhima panicked

Riddhima: Call the doctor immediately Angrey.

Angrey: Yes bhabhi….

He nodded and called the doctor while  Aryan helped Riddhima to take Vansh to their room and made him lay on the bed carefully. She closed her eyes and sobbed loudly seeing her love laying on death bed…

After some time doctor came and checked vansh while whole VR Family was waiting for the doctor to come out and Riddhima was passing here and there while her whole face was covered with her dry tears stains, eyes were blood red and puffy because of continously crying. She was broken But still keeping or pretending to be strong in front of the family.

Ishani and Siya was supporting Dadi who was crying for her grandson. Ishani looked at Riddhima through corner for her eyes and felt bad for her even though she never liked her but deep down in her heart she had accepted her as her bhabhi and the ideal bahu of Raisinghania’s.

After some time doctor came outside with a tensed face while everyone ran towards him and pounded him with many questions.

Doctor: We have pulled out the bullet from his body on time and saved him but…

Riddhima: But what doctor?

She asked him in her calm yet dangerous voice loosing her left over sabar.

Doctor: But he have slipped into coma..

Riddhima looked at him horrified.

Riddhima: Are you even in your senses.

Doctor: Yes, he have slipped into coma, and we can’t say anything when will he come out from coma. It can even take, days, months, or even years too..

He said and went from there while that doctors words kept ringing in Riddhu’s ears..

Yes, he have slipped into coma, and we can’t say anything when will he come out from coma. It can even take, days, months, or even years too..”

After pleading everyone to go to their respective rooms and take some rest they went from there and riddhima went inside their room. She looked at Vansh’s sleeping figure and tear rolled down from her eyes. She went towards his bed and caressed his face softly.

Riddhima: Vansh why you always left me all alone? I’m tired of all this Vansh I need you, your sweetheart needs you… Please come back to me I need you… you have to come back for me, for us, for our baby. Yes Vansh I’m pregnant! We are pregnant jaan! For our symbol of love, for our baby you have to fight back… I love you..

She said and placed his hand on her tummy breaking into tears and sobbed  loudly…

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