BREAKING FREE (Pragya’s story) Chapter 3


“It’s been an amazing couple of weeks”, Pragya thought to herself as she sat reclining on her big white sofa in her elegant corner office. It had been 3 weeks since that incident, that dreadful night she was gripped with fear like never before, she took a sip of her coffee and began reminiscing the events of the past couple of weeks.

Pragya’s P.O.V

“It’s been three weeks since that night, that night for the first time in seven years I felt the earth beneath my feet crumble and my world fall apart, I have never been so afraid in my life, not even when I was with him. If I hadn’t been awake, I would have unknowingly lost everything”


King went forward and carried a sleeping pragya in his arms and laid her on the bed properly but pragya’s sleep got disturbed as she was a light sleeper, she did not open her eyes however, she just wanted to feel his touch, to be in his arms, to feel safe in a way that only he could make her. So she kept her eyes closed and just felt him, he gently stroked her hair and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead which filled her stomach with butterflies and made her smile a little but king did not notice this and began to speak,

“I’m sorry cara mia, I made you cry today, I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I don’t want to lose you, I can’t live without you and this thing will tear you away from me. I know it is selfish but I can’t be any other way when it comes to you, you’re my life, I will give my life for you if ask me to, nothing is worth more to me than you. Please don’t leave me”

These words broke pragya’s heart as she listened, the realization struck her, why he did not want to go through with it, how could she not see? How could she have been so blind? He was protecting her like he always did but this time he was afraid, that was what she saw in his eyes earlier, fear. She cursed herself for making him feel that way, she now understood that in trying to help him achieve his dream, she was making him feel like he was losing everything that mattered to him. She understood that he thought that her wanting him to go through with it meant that she still loved that man, the mere thought of it made her sick to her stomach, imagine how he must have felt? She realized then what she had to do.

*End of flashback*

Pragya : I realized that night that I was still letting my past rule over my present, I did not understand how it made my mon Cher feel, but after that night I made a decision that I will never let that happen again. It was a bittersweet moment, very confusing to say the least. In one night I got the worst news of my life and the best one at the same time.

She said with a light chuckle, her face was glowing and her skin was radiant. That smile did not leave her face once even as she recalled the horrors of that night. She look out the big window from her office and saw the students walking up and down, sitting on the grass and chatting at the Kensington University. She had just finished the mountain of work that had accumulated when she took leave for two weeks and also fixed the mess her subordinates made in her absence, running a prestigious university like Kensington Uni was truly a job and a half, not everyone can do it but she made it look so effortlessly easy. Her students and colleagues almost literally tackled her when she returned, they were so relieved to have her back that they threw her a party. She was surprised at their reaction since she had only been gone for two weeks but they said to them it felt like two years and begged her to never leave them again, she chuckled at that thought and rested her head on her arm while sitting upright legs crossed.

She continued reminiscing what happened after that night.


The next morning pragya woke up with a strong resolve to implement her decision to never let her past threaten to ruin her present and future again, with just as much resolve as pragya, king also had decided the previous night to apologize to his love and find out why she wanted to go through with it. Pragya woke first and saw king sleeping cutely beside her, she smiled and stealthily leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek then got up carefully so as not to wake him and went downstairs.

She whipped up a beautiful breakfast with all his favorite foods and the sweet aroma filled the house which woke the foodies Tarun and Kiara who went straight to the kitchen to get some, but pragya was two steps ahead and quickly snuck up the stairs with the food much to the disappointment of the foodies who sadly went back to sleep since it was a Sunday.

Pragya quietly entered the room with the breakfast tray in her hands and laid it on the long Chair at the foot of the bed. The aroma quickly filled the room and brought king out of his sleep. He smiled because he recognized the smell of his wife’s cooking.

He saw pragya who was busy trying to make herself look pretty in the mirror and raised his eyebrow wondering what she was doing. He sat upright at stared at her through the mirror which she quickly noticed and turned to face him, they looked at each other silently for a moment because the both remembered how they screamed at each other last night, king gets sad remembering it and Pragya notices it and quickly remembers her decision and walks to the chair to pick up the tray, she picks it up and walks towards a confused king who was just watching her and with a smile on her face she speaks

Pragya : Good morning Mon Chéri

King’s smile returned when he heard her call him that once again and he too remembered his decision to apologize to her, he smiles warmly and responds

King : Good morning Cara Mia

Pragya gets happy in seeing his joy and sits beside him with the tray in her hands, she places the tray in his laps and he is pleasantly surprised to see his favourite breakfast food all on one plate and beautifully laid out, pragya smiled seeing his reaction, he was eyeing the food and his stomach started growling which made him flustered and Pragya chuckle.

They both shared a little laugh at the awkward moment and got lost in each other’s eyes, in that exact moment they both decide to implement their decisions and spoke at the same time

Kingya : I’m sorry!

They both get surprised at each other’s statement and speak simultaneously again

Kingya : For what?

They chuckled at their predicament and Pragya signs king to speak first and he begins to speak

King : I’m sorry for making you cry Cara Mia, I was a big jerk last night and I behaved childishly

He said with cloudy eyes as he remembered their fight.

He continued

King : I’m so sorry, I made you cry, I promise I’ll never do that again. If you really want to then we can go ahead with it, I’ll sign the contract and…

But before he could finish pragya covered his mouth with her hand, her eyes were cloudy too, she spoke

Pragya : no Mon Chéri, you shouldn’t be apologizing at all, it was me who was being childish and unreasonable, you had every right to react the way you did. I’m sorry

King was taken aback by her statement, the tears in his eyes started falling one by one, how he admired this woman Soo.

Pragya continued to speak

Pragya : don’t ever say that again okay? I was wrong and you were right, it’s not worth it and nothing in this world will ever be.

She moved the tray aside and wiped his tears with a smile on her face when he suddenly pulled her into a bone crushing hug, he held on to her like his life depended on it. She was exasperated at first but then also hugged him back with just as much force, they both felt like they were breathing for the first time after being submerged under water, a weight was lifted off both their shoulders that day.

*End of flashback*

Pragya’s P.O.V

That Night I found out how he felt about me, he loves me, he truly loves me. And to think I almost lost him because of that idiot, it makes my blood boil just thinking about it. Anyway that aside, these past three weeks have been absolutely amazing, I took a two week leave and went on vacation with him to Mauritius, I wanted to focus on our relationship and marriage. It felt like a dream really, I’ve been so happy that I think my heart might just burst.

it was beautiful, we went wine tasting, swimming, we walked through the woods on hikes .

My favorite was our dates on the beach in the evening, it was so romantic, the candlelit dinners, the rose petals and the sound of the calming waves brought by the gentle breeze.

And finally that moment, the moment our relationship finally took a step forward, our first kiss

*End of P.O.V*

Pragya blushed hard while she remembered that last moment, her cheeks turned crimson and her tummy filled with butterflies, she felt like a lovesick teenager and blushed even more.

She smiled and thought to herself,

Pragya : Nothing will ever come between us again.

Then she got up from the sofa and went to her desk and continued with her work happily typing away on her computer.

Meanwhile… in some other place

Young man was restlessly pacing back and forth, his palms were sweating and he was extremely nervous. He was continuously cracking his Knuckles in order to calm himself down but to no avail as it just made him Even more nervous.

While he paced restlessly a young lady is shown sitting on a couch bed watching him in amusement while stuffing her face with junk food, much to the annoyance of the young man who was irritated by how casually she was behaving given the situation at hand. He finally had enough of her munching when she opened up yet another large bag of chips and began stuffing her face again and he screamed at her in irritation

Young man : Seriously? What is wrong with you?! How can you be stuffing your face at a time like this!?

The girl looks at him with her mouth full of chips and quickly chews the food then swallows, then she signs him to hold on while she gulps down a bottle of cola which only further annoys the young man who angrily grabs the bottle from her and puts it on the table, she gets annoyed and whines at him.

Young lady : Taru! I was drinking that na.

The young man is revealed to be Tarun, who stands there with his arms crossed looking down at the girl with a stern look on his face which makes her pout.

Tarun : can’t you be serious for Once? I’m here about to make the biggest decision of my life and you’re busy stuffing your face like a pig.

The girl got annoyed that he called her a pig and threw a pillow that was on the couch at him which he dodges. She gets more irritated but lazily gives up and leans back on the couch and speaks

Young lady : Taru why are talking like you’ll be alone, I’m also just as involved as you are na.

Tarun : I Know, that’s exactly why I’m annoyed by your behavior. How can you be so casual about this Jojo?

Tarun sits on the table and holds his head, he sighs and continues to speak.

Tarun : you know that after this our lives might never be the same again, everything will change and I’m so scared, now that we’re actually going through with it, it feels too real.

Tarun talks his heart out to Jojo who stealthily takes out a packet of candies from behind a pillow and starts eating, Tarun continues to pour his heart out thinking she was paying attention to him when he hears the sound of the candy wrapper and jerks up his head to see Jojo with a mouthful of candy. His irritation sky rockets and he stands up and shouts

Tarun : What is wrong with you!?? I’m here pouring my heart out and all you can do is eat! You know what, forget it, I’m leaving, I don’t even know why I talk to you

He angrily storms out leaving Jojo chuckling in amusement, she reaches her hand out and grabs two plane tickets from the table and leans back on the couch resting her feet on the table, she looks at the tickets and smirks deviously.

Jojo : This is gonna be fun

She chuckles a little and reads the names on the plane tickets which were hers and Tarun and then says..

Jojo : Delhi, here we come.














What was Tarun so nervous about?

Who is Jojo?

Will Kingya’s happiness last?

So that’s it for today guys, untill next time✨

And please do tell me if you actually like this story, I’ve noticed most of you are disappointed that it’s not an abhigya story so please let me know if I should stop posting it on here


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