You have to come back for me, for us, for our… Part 2

Riddhima was sleeping uncomfortably in sitting position keeping her hand on Vansh’s forehead who was sleeping from almost 12 hours. She slowly opened her eyes because of the sun rays which were peeping through the clouds felling upon their room through the window. She looked at her husband who was sleeping peacefully and smiled while tears escaped from her eyes as she remembered the last night incident.

She layed down beside him and kept her head on his chest listening her most favorite music his HEARTBEAT which was so soothing to her ears. She looked at him and kissed his beard cheeks.

Riddhima: You know Vansh I was an orphan who craved for love, care and affection from childhood, than Kabir came in my life as a ray of hope. He showered me with love of which I was craving for. Then a decided to propose him on a fine day. And on that day my life changed he asked me to prove my love for him and asked me to spy on you then you forced me to marry you and I agreed as I was blind in his love. You was a monster in my life (she chuckled as she remembered how she used to call him rakshash and he called her a ziddhima.🀣). But after that shoot out my perspective about you completely changed and I started falling for you but I kept suppressing my feelings because I thought that it will a cheat for Kabir. After that I got to know Kabir was just using me as his pawn and his love was just a trap for me. I started hating him but then also I’m grateful to him because of him I came in your life and got you as my life partner, my best half. Because of him I will have a small and beautiful family of ours which is growing in my womb.

She smiled at him and cleaned her tears going towards the washroom to get fresh n up.


Riddhima was passing through Ishani’s room and saw her crying in corner of her room hugging her knees with head buried in her knees. Riddhima went towards her and placed her hand on her shoulder. Ishani looked up at her with her swollen eyes and hugged her tightly sobbing in her embrace while Riddhima rubbed her back softly.

Riddhima: Ishani what happened why are you crying?

Ishani: Riddhima! Bhai,

She said and sobbed more badly.

Ishani: You know riddhima, my bhai is my everything. I know I’m selfish but that selfishness is just because I love him so much. From childhood to now bhai loved Siya more than me but I was OK with it because I knew that he doesn’t express her feelings but still he loves me. I have already lost my one brother whom I loved the most, I can’t afford to loose my Vansh bhai, I will break, the whole family will break. I know he is strong but I’m not, I’m not. I need him riddhima, I need my bhai in my life to tolerate my tantrums, My foolishness. I need him to scold me when I do a mistake. I need him.

Riddhima looked at the soul who was crying and expressing her feelings which she was suppressing in her heart from so long. She bent down a little and kissed her head lovingly, she made her face her.

Riddhima: I promise you Ishani that your bhai will be in front of you very soon in his most attractive aura. Hmm. Now come here.

She said and made her lay on the bed caressing her head softly.

Riddhima: Sleep.

She said and closed her eyes with her palms while Ishani felt relief being with her, she felt like she was again with her mother whom she loosed a long ago and craved for her. She holded Riddhima’s hand and sleep embraced and she slept peacefully..

To be continued…

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