Anupama 29th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Express His Feelings For Anupama

Anupama 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj taunts Anu to click photos of holding coconut and wandering on beach. Anu says thank you and walks away with Anuj. Kavya gets angry and asks Vanraj if he came here as he knew Anu is here, his acts will not affect Anu, but they will be out of market and Anuj will not let them get a job anywhere. Vanraj says he doesn’t care. She says he used to ignore Anu for her and now ignoring her for Anu, he is jealous all the time and making her suffer. Anuja sees Anu angry and asks if she is fine. She says sorry for hearing because of her, why can’t Vannraj let her alone and not bother her. He asks again if she is fine. She says she is hungry. He takes her to a restaurant where Anu informs Bapuji over phone about Kavya and Vanraj’s Mumbai visit. Kavya brings Vanraj there and goes to washroom. Anuj starts coughing while having food. Anu pats his back. Vanraj gets jealous noticing that. Anuj’s friend takes him away to meet a client. Vanraj walks to Anu and taunts she lost her shame out of Ahmedabad, her college spark has become full fledge flame and she is ruining his family name. Anu asks him to continue. He says she made a big issue when his and Kavya’s affair was out, now she is shamingly romancing her college boyfriend. She asks why is he bothered, its none of his business.

Nandini panics seeing Rohan’s mask wearing men around her house and runs into Shah house and closes door. Baa asks what happened. Nandini nervously lies that someone tried to snatch her mobile. Baa scolds why she roams outside alone, what if something happens to her. Kinjal notices her fear. Anu asks Vanraj what is her place in his life that he is bothered, he is nothing to her and he doesn’t have any right on her. He says he left his right and she left her decency. She asks why is he bothering a stranger woman if he is bothered about decency; she tolerated his second wife and he is still bothering her; she wants to clear that she doesn’t care what was in Anuj’s heart for her, she doesn’t have anything for Anuj in her heart and why is he bothered even if it is; they become friends after divorce, when she can be his friend, why can’t be someone’s friend; how does it matter even if her and Anuj are more than friends. Vanraj shouts he feels jealous and angry on himself and her; she wasn’t like he wanted, but was perfect for him; they were not compatible but were bonding well, they never fought in 25 years; he loves Kavya, but they fight every day; he couldn’t connect with Kavya like he connected with Anu, he is unable to disconnect with Anu completely and connect with Kavya yet; he hasn’t moved on, but Anu has the way it didn’t bother her seeing him and Kavya; she easily moved on with Anuj, but he couldn’t bond well with Kavya even after their 9-year-old affair. She says he told he and Kavya got closer because of him and now is saying they are not bonding because of her; they didn’t have fight as she used to keep quiet always, she handled both relationships alone as she didn’t expect anything from him and he was bothered only about himself and not her; now he has Kavya in his life and is not a doormat like her, he should drop off his super ego and understand that he is responsible for whatever happened in his life; he should remember that he was only his when she was his wife, now she herself and nothing else.

Anuj returns and gets angry seeing Vanraj. Kavya also returns. Vanraj takes next table. Anu apologizes Anuj and says this day was good and evening is bad and hopes her whole day was exciting and happy like morning, her own nazar/bad eye fell on her, she stole 1 day for herself and its ending. Anuj prays god for Anu’s happiness. A few youngster mix vodka in juice. Waiter takes glasses by mistake and serves them to Anuj and Vanraj. Kavya tells Vanraj they should go before he creates more drama. They gulp it in 1 go and think juice is a bit bitter. They head to washroom and face each other. Kavya and Anu wait for them and hope there is no new drama. Anuj and Vanraj come out fighting.

Precap: Inebriated Anuj and Vanraj dance and are thrown out of restaurant. Anuj says I love Anupama, leaving Vanraj angry.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Woah. Man ego. Man doesn’t want women to be happy without them. Such example is vanraj. He cannot tolerate hee being happy without him. Such a idiot man.

  2. Interesting, very interesting…

  3. lmao their dance tho ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ nd I m guessing more Bigger problems are gonna show up now that vanraj knows anuj still loves anu so that’s why that Maha episode i guess wonder wtf is he gonna do something tells me it will have sum to with their business deal/contra

    nd I also realized in the Maha episode promo anupama is wearing the same saree also the same look as rn at today’s ep so what the hell are they gonna show till rabibar lmao I mean theirs still 3 ep left till then so

    just hope whatever happens at least she gets out of that house for f**ks sake

    1. Just search it on YouTube or just go to star plus channel plz?

  4. Vanraj’s male ego is becoming a psychological disorder. He has what he wanted yet not satisfied! Narticissm at it peak!

  5. Shruti Kulkarni

    Why is that Vanraj now getting jealous? There’s wasn’t any meeting with his Ex-boss he followed Anupama because he couldn’t handle his jealousy that Anupama’s dream got completed, plus that too Anuj fulfilled her dream.

    This Vanraj & Kavya ruined the whole episode since yesterday! Was waiting for some few cute #MaAn moments โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ Anupama is such a innocent and cute lady… She deserves to be happy, was looking really cute while enjoying the beach & flight ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ

  6. On what basis does vanraj compare his relationship with kavya to anupama’s friendship with anuj.

    He forgets he CHEATED ON A MARRIAGE. he’s just greedy.. he expected her to sit around and cry for him for the rest of her life.

    Im not liking the writing of the last two episodes. It’s one thing to show them at the beach now they are at the same restaurant very lazy writing. They could have left the drama for Ahmedabad!!

    Anyways I love anujs character. The way he kept asking anupama if she is okay speaks volumns or his personality. I hope nothing ruins their friendship and if it has to develop into love then so be it.

  7. Majority just commenting Anupama should leave…again and again.
    The solution is not only leave the house but leave with peace.

    Today Anupama is in Mumbai, out of house for 1 day, still u see she can’t able to escape… It was even worse. Woh abhi ghar chorr degi to usko kabhi shanti nhi milegi.
    Agar abhi ghar chorti hai to Baa phir kabhi bhi Anu ko uss ghar mai Enter nhi karne degi.
    Kal ko Bapuji agar Death Bed haalat mai hogaye.. Tab bhi Baa andar aane nhi degi.
    That’s what currently going in Sreemoyee Serial.
    Anupama kahi bhi jaaye… Vanraj will make sure she should suffocate.
    She have still some works to get done in that House. Then only she can live alone peacefully.

    It’s not so easy for a woman to leave a house especially for a housewife for 25 yrs. And it’s truth.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

      Staying in that house will help ?? When shes living in a toxic household for 24/7 nd I thought u were the one once saying bapuji emotionally manipulated her to stay when she was about to leave whatever it is she needs to leave or if u just want to see her suffer nd all this toxic drama in a daily basis then sure be Indian dramas guest lmao nd no it’s not reality no woman stays at their in laws house nd serves them like a slave 24/7 even after divorce maybe 1 or 2 in many but that’s not common

    2. I said it’s not easy for her to leave the house in this situation.
      If she had left before when Batwara done… It would be peaceful for all. But Bapuji adamantly ordered her to live with them.

      Things are different now, kiddo.
      It will not be peaceful if she leaves suddenly. She has to settle scores, get some stuff done so that she can again visit the house to meet Bapuji and her children.
      I have explained the consequences briefly.
      Don’t mix the past and present situations.
      And yes she will definitely leave, completing her duties sincerely. Yes such sincere woman exists in real.
      She knows when to leave.
      If there was no Baa/Bapuji..she would left the day of Divorce only. Yes such woman should exist in real.

  8. Vanraj shah might be a changed man after this I just wish. He now knows a truly loving man for Anupama. Mayb he is a drunk now so might not have any meaning. One cannot live in peace when entangled with so much. Leave in peace Anupama not live in peace for you. Get Samar married from outside .no problem

  9. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Moving too fast moving too fast !!! ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Anuj is mooooving too fast ๐Ÿ˜ง not the L word…noooo ๐Ÿ˜–

    1. What happened??

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @AJ…..his confession of love is too soon…..clearly she is not ready for that type of relationship as she is still swamped with family issues ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ….let’s hope Vanraj forgets Anuj’s confession as he was inebriated at the time and not reveal anything to Anupama… remember tho…..earlier she mention that she hoped Anuj did not have those feelings for her still… disappointed would she be to know that Anuj only chose her idea because of his past infatuation ๐Ÿ˜ง but this is just my point of view ๐Ÿ™

  10. Rene Fernandez

    very very stupid to see that despite his divorce Vanraj cannot see Anupama happy with anyone else in her life . We read in the news about girls and women who reject the person chasing them and in return this mentally sick man instead of moving on throws acid on the face of the woman just to destroy her !!! Why cannot men and women in India move on with their lives at least after divorce and even if they do not want each other as love and marriage should be mutual and never forced .

  11. Makers are now going to change the script for Vanraj, may be on his insistence since he is receiving lots of hate messages on social media. They will be making him softer, he will realise his mistake and ask for forgiveness. This is what happens when there are two male leads. Dr. Advait was made to enter the show but he could not create any magic hence vanraj was not threatened but with Anuj entry, the scenario changed. His screen presence, his acting, his cuteness overpowered especially his chemistry with anupama received lots of appreciation and love from the viewers from day one . This has made this vanraj insecure and is now gaining sympathy and wants to change his image.
    Same goes with pakhi and sai in GHKPM. Sai with her good acting, her innocence won peoples heart and also her chemistry with virat was appreciated a lot. this made pakhi insecure and now the makers have made sai’s character so weak and pakhi is now dominating the screen.
    Sincerely hope the makers do not show anupama going back to vanraj after his asking for forgiveness and they sideline anuj and turn his character weak. This would be really bad to see.

    1. Well obviously he will receive hate and the hate he is getting is for Vanraj Shah . Audience are mature enough to differentiate between reel and real . We all criticize Vanraj all because of Sudhanshus phenomenal acting skills which made audience have a grievance against Vanraj . If the makers even bring a softer side of Vanraj no will ever feel pity on him!!.We all remember how Vanraj used to treat Anu like a doormat . Mentally harassed her for 26 years . Beliitle her and what not ! and if makers try to manipulate with Anujs character then that would be really unfair!!
      Agree to ghkkpm point and even in imlie , when majority of the audience were sympathizing with malini more than the main leads , they turned her into a total vamp . This is the most irritating and unfair thing the makers do with the audience . They want to make sure that the audience only root for the main leads and whatever the main leads do to other characters there is nothing wrong . And to show their main leads innocent they manipulate other characters who are actually in a pity situation . I still dont understand why did ghkkpm makers made sai’s character obnoxious when actually she is the main lead and pakhi is the straight villain

    2. Guys but Anuj is the main lead.I feel this story is somewhat like Balika vadhu when Siddharth Shukla comes when she is cheated by her husband.They will show that now Vanraj loves her but she won’t return to him and eventually Anupamaa will start loving Anuj and they will get married.#maan is the end game and that’s why Rupali mam also uses this hashtag.Also Rupali mam only suggested this hashtag.So guys relax and just enjoy the maan scenes.This show is really very much different from ghkkpm and Imlie,there you just can’t stop getting annoyed and here u just can’t stop smiling while watching Anuj.And it will be Anupamaa who will propose Anuj for marraige,atleast this is what happened in the Bengali version.Also in the Bengali version Vanraj(idk the name from that show)had started loving Anupamaa and had been dying to be wupith her,but Anu did not return to him nd instead married Anuj.Nd now since everyone loves maan so this is going to happen here as well.#maanโค

    3. @Ashmita . Hmm you are right and ever since gaurav entered the show the show is back in 4.0 trp and the highest being 4.2 . The makers will not take the risk to manipulate anujs character. Anupama is million times better than ghum hai devarji ke pyar mein and tamarind trash . #Maan be the endgame

    4. Hello Wolky Dolky. I love the new name for Imlie; ‘Tamarind Trash’. Befitting title.

      Coming to Anupama. Last night’s episode had too many co-incidences. The beach and then the restaurant. Are there no other beaches and restaurants in Mumbai? Also, I wish Vanraj wipes that smug off his face. Looks fake. Maybe the episode was to make Vanraj realise that Anuj still loves Anu. But maybe it was too soon. Because this will give Vanraj an excuse to pit Anu against Anuj. I really hope Anu stands strong for Anuj and eventually leave the house.

      Let’s hope Vanraj start to back off and we get to see more of Anupama’s progress and eventually her finding love and happiness. She deserves it and women like her deserve it in reality.

      Have good day!!

    5. @Anamika Restaurant was coincidence.
      Beach was intentionally coincidence by Vanraj cause he knew Anupama would be there

    6. @Anamika Thanks for liking it . It really is trash …and about Anupama , Trashraj was intoxicated so lets hope he dosent remember what Anuj said then he will get another chance to assassinate Anus character . and that too infront of the whole family . Then (Baa)ng , Trashu and maide ki katori will spill out more venom . I think he is going to assassinate her character in the mahaepisode which is on Sunday . and then Anu will get to know the true colours of (Baa)ng . Lets hope she will then leave toxic shah house

    7. Yes Vanraj will not remember but Kavya will.
      Hope Kavya plays cupid more.

    8. Yeah Kavya could play Cupid. Because, itโ€™s in her favour to distant vanraj from Anu and become close friends with Anuj through Anu.

    9. Yep. Fingers and toes crossed. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. Hmmmm, I’m loving it even if anupama doesn’t love Anuj at least I’m happy v is getting his own coin back, after everything he did to my cute Anu, he is still getting in her way, OMG, I’m loving the jealously path, who is with me on this path?

  13. Anyone here who knowas Sreemoyee’s story then plz share.Please๐Ÿฅบ

    1. @Annu Nothing much.
      Sreemoyee progressed much leaving the evil people go crazy such that Kavya had a nice trip in jail. Then Samar and Nandini got married and Sreemoyee fell in love with Rohit and Proposed him for marriage.
      Both married inspire of disturbances caused by Baa. Vanraj tried to commit Suicide but saved. This triggered Pakhi also and she badmouthed her mother on her wedding.
      Sreemoyee only left the house with Rohit and continues her Singing Profession, still the Elder Aunt of Rohit objected and taunted her but Rohit kept her motivated.
      Other members move on with their daily lives in Shah House.
      Then now Suddenly Bapuji got Attack again and almost deathbed and Sreemoyee is desperate to meet him for last time but the Evil Baa, manipulated by Kavya doesn’t allowing her to enter the house as she married to Rohit breaking their hearts.

      Now Anindo(Vanraj) realised his mistake and a truly changed man after suicide trial. He is trying to make Baa and Pakhi understand and accept Sreemoyee happily.
      Now slowly Sreemoyee will win over hearts of Baa and Pakhi and will settle happily ever after with Rohit.
      Obviously in Anupama also same things will happen but in different reactions.
      Thank u

    2. As I said that brat will never change . Why is she even trying to win their hearts . Worthless people they are

  14. @Ashmita hope whatever you mentioned comes true. we surely would like to see more of anu and anju and their blossoming friendship which will further materialise into marriage.

    But you cant rely on these serial makers, you see.

    I initially used to watch imlie but when the love triangle started, i stopped watching it. same goes with GHKPM. I only watch anupama, wagle ki duniya 2 and bade ache lagte hain 2.

  15. Anupama please leave Shah house. It’s very toxic

  16. Many beach scenes were edited, Twitter has many post related to the edited scenes. God knows why the makers would want to do it.
    But I really hope Anu leaves the damn shah house. Anuj confessing his love its really too soon that to, to Vanraj oh hell.

    1. Annu3001

      I feel those scenes would be shown in Anuj’s dream๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Annu3001

    Ahhh just saw a video in which Anuj tells Vanraj about his 26 years old love for Anu in his intoxicated state.Tomorrow’s episode will be fun to watch.Vanuj dance๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.
    Nd I have a feeling that Anupamaa is going to leave Shah house after that mahaepisode this week.I am just in love with this show and #maan.โค
    Gaurav Khanna is just killing it as Anuj!It is refreshing for me to watch this show these days(ofc I ignore Sanan,Vanya,Baa scenes).โค

  18. Even I watched the video on YouTube, nahi nahi nahi Anuj shouldn’t have told Vanraj, things are going too fast.

  19. Vanraj and Anuj’s dance was hilarious๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘

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