You are only mine- Ragsan- Part 31

Ragsan reached restaurant.

Rag: m very tired.

San: me too.

Rag: then we will cancel today’s plan.

San: no no my bossy. We will take little rest. Then we will go out.

Rag agreed smilingly.


After sometime both get ready and visits few famous places. They spend some time. While returning they visit a mall for shopping. There media was present for some work. They see ragini and surrounded her with camera.

Man1: u r mis. Ragini Sinha rite? A famous business woman?

Man2: u became so famous within short period. Will u tel us that secrete?

All were questioning her continuously. Sanskar left behind as media preferred ragini first. No one knows sanskar. Ragini somehow manged to escape. She saw sanskar no where there. She asked few people there abt him. no one knows. Just t hen she gets his call.

Rag: baby where r u?

San: m standing in parking place.

Rag: b there , m coming.

She reached there. He was standing looking in mobile.

Rag: y did u leav me like this?

San: where I left?. I just gave u space. U were busy with media, so I came here. wat wil I do by standing there?

Rag: wat wil I do means? U shud b with me. Wherever I might b. u cant leav me alone anywhere. I was so much worried when I dint find u beside me.

San: so u want me to run behind u always like a puppy?

Ragini looked at him with shock.


When media surrounds her, he was left behind. He went and sat on chair there. Man sitting beside asked him.

Man: r u her PA?

San: wat?

Man: I asked r u her PA?

San: no. m her husband.

Man: oh. Sry. I thought u r her PA. She’s really very famous in business world. U r lucky to work with her.

Sanskar felt ignored and insulted. He saw media asking questions to her abt her success. He felt like he’s nothing to her.

He left from there.

FB ends

Rag: wat happened to u suddenly? When did I tel u in that way? U r my husband. M ur wife.

San: no u r not my wife. U r my boss. U r the great Ragini sinha. M just ur worker who works under u.

Rag: wat nonsense u r talking?

San: m going to restaurant by cab. U come by urself.

He left. She gets teary eyed.

Rag: wat happened to u suddenly? How u r talking with me.

She left in car. She reached there and saw him slept. She too slept thinking of him.


Next mrng.

Ragini woke up and saw sanskar sitting in front of him.

San: m sry ragini. Pls forgive me. I don’t know wat had happened to me. Y I reacted like that suddenly. Pls m sry.

She looks at him sad face.

San: actually I felt like jealous and ignored. I feel insulted when that man’s words made me think like m zero. So I got little disturbed.

Rag cups his face: I told u that day only. We both r equal. That company belongs to both of us. U can work being owner also. Being owner u can even achieve big thing. U can take our company position to very high.

San: I understand. But…

He kept quite.

Rag: yesterday whatever happened, it may happen in future also. So agree to wat I say. I don’t want any misunderstanding between us.

San: no ragini. Yesterday it happened suddenly so I dint knew how to react. In future I’ll keep in mind.

Rag: wat u’ll keep in mind? That m ur boss?

San smilingly: boss also and my lovely wife also.

Rag: promise me. U won’t do like this again. It hurts.

He kissed her hand.

San: don’t wry. Trust me.

She smiles and hugs him.

They spend time happily together in honeymoon.


They returned home with lots of gifts. Swalak also reached at same time.

All started opening their gifts.

San: swara. Wat u brought for me? Tips for how to b a famous business man?

Swa: yes. Coz u r a new struggler now. Lucky told me that u rejected bhabhi’s offer. So I brought this for u. it’ll help u.

His face becomes little sad. Only ragini noticed this.


@ragsan room

Rag: don’t take swara’s words seriously.

San: wats wrong in that? She said truth.

She remains silent.


Mrng swara and sujata were serving bf to all.

Sujata served sanskar’s fav aloo parathas.

Suj: m proud of my son. He never goes for short cuts. This is made by desi ghee to make u stronger. Ragini gets happy seeing a mother’s proud.

San little anger and serious: u mean to say by eating this desi ghee parathas, I’ll get sharp mind? So that I shud own a company? Don’t I have m own brain? Feed this to ur bahu. She’s a famous business woman already.

He left from there.

All stood shock. They dint understand y he said like this.

Suj: wat happened to him? y he is angry on me?

Rag: no mom. He’s not angry on u. just little work stress. Don’t wry.

Swaraglak looks at each other as they understood the reason.

Swaraglak looks at each other as they understood the reason

Rag in mind: she’s ur mom sanskar. She told in ur favor. She’s proud of u. y r u taking everyone’s talk in negative way. All r appreciating ur decision. But u r taking in wrong way.

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