KAIRA – The Revenge Saga Part 3

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Part 2

Kartik: what? she was pregnant. so that was the surprise she wanted to give me.

Mihir: I just got to know it yesterday. you did a big mistake Kartik.

Kartik: naira ( shouts sorrowfully)

fb ends.

naira in her home sits in a dark room.

naira: no it’s not possible, I don’t want to see Kartik. I hate him, I hate you Kartik.

she hears the doorbell and goes to check it . its Kartik.

Kartik: naira forgives me. I got to know everything. I am sorry naira.

naira: just get out. I don’t want to see you. (reacts violently) . till now I was living peacefully. why do you want to destroy everything? like you do always.

Kartik: naira I need you. I need you back.  I know, it was my mistake. you know that I killed your brother even though you didn’t lose your trust in me.

naira: I am repeating Kartik. just get out and never come back.

Kartik: naira please I need you back. I know that I did a big mistake. I misunderstood you. and gave the pain that you didn’t want . naira please be the old naira.

naira: wow… you really regret for what you did? really? no use Mr.Kartik Goenka. now you have two options no 1 is that you just get out right now and no 2 is that I will get out from my life right now (takes a knife). now decide what you want.

Kartik: what the hell are you doing ? put that knife down. I just wanted to talk to you. I just wanted you to forgive me.

naira: I would have forgiven you if just did all those with me after all it was a misunderstanding. but you killed my b…

Kartik: baby… I know it naira.  you should have said to me.

naira: really? I was about to tell you na? you shot me.

Kartik: I wasn’t blaming you naira. I was just.

naira: enough. (she keeps the knife near her palm and makes a cut)

Kartik: naira… move that knife away. okay, you want me to go? okay, I am going . see I am going.

(Kartik goes)

naira breaks down.

next day.

naira is in the park. Kartik comes there.

Kartik: naira

naira: can you just give me some space? what you want now? want to kill me? then just do it. I can at least die peacefully.

Kartik: mom isn’t feeling well. she says that she wanted to meet us.she just have few days left with her.

naira:  what happened to her?  what do you mean?

Kartik: come back with me naira. do one thing after meeting her you do whatever you want but now for god sake come with me.

naira: do you really think I will do that? I am gonna come back to that house again.? really? never.

Kartik: I know for you my mom is special. you are gonna come.

naira: no I am not doing it.

Kartik: she doesn’t know anything about us. she still thinks that we live happily.

naira: then tell her the truth. I am not coming back. leave me alone.

Kartik leaves.

naira thinks mom I hope you will be fine.

precap: Kartik’s mom waits for Kartik and naira. Kartik reaches there. mom asks kartik where is naira? kartik says naira wont…mom says here she is.naira cometghere and hugs mom. in the temple, naira climbs the stairs. someone pushes her down.

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  1. Hey can you please give me the link of previous episodes of this ff???
    And it’s amazing dear!!!

  2. Specially the link of 1st episode ???

  3. TSY

    Nice episode
    Plz post next one soon

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