You are only mine- ragsan- part 19

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hi sissy’s . here with next part. m little disappointed 🙁 as m getting less comments than before. and less likes also. ur likes and comments encourages to write. keep supporting. i hope i’ll get my other sissy’s likes and comments too. silents readers atleast do like if u liked it.

lets start now.

Engagement day

All guests gathered at hall. All were waiting for all 6. Karsanlak came. Now all r waiting for girls. Swara and Naina comes down. Karlak were not getting Thier eyes off from them.

Jan: Naina. Where is Ragini?

She points. Janki sees there. Ragini is coming holding her lehenga. Sanskar sees her. For him it’s like blur image getting clear. He never saw Ragini in such a dress. He always saw her in formal dresses, which r always of white or ash color. First time he saw her in colorful dress. Her beauty was beyond his imagination.


She comes and stands next to him. She was very happy. Sanskar felt connection Inside him for her. He felt gud seeing her like that. He again saw her dress. It’s d same one which he chose. He looks at karlak. Both smiled.

Trio pair make Their partners wear ring. Flowers showered on them as they wore ring.

All were congratulating them one by one giving their gifts. Sanskar saw Ragini. Her eyes were still on her ring. She was looking at it like she never seen ring before. Unknown smile appeared on his face.


All guests insisted trio pairs to dance. Swalak and nairan were happy but sanskar was hesitating.

Uttara comes and keep ragini’s hand on sanskar’s.

Utt: party will b over. Start dance. Play the song pls.

Song started

Dhire Dhire Se Meri Zindagi Men Aanaa
Dhire Dhire Se Dil Ko Churaanaa
Tumase Pyaar Hame Hai Kitanaa Jaanejaanaa
Tumase Milakar Tumako Hai Bataanaa

Jab Se Tujhe Dekhaa Dil Ko Kahin Aaraam Nahin
Mere Hothon Pe Ek Tere Sivaa Koi Naam Nahin
Apanaa Bhii Haal Tumhaare Jaisaa Hai Saajan
Bas Yaad Tujhe Karate Hain Aur Koi Kaam Nahin
Ban Gayaa HuN Main Teraa Divaanaa
Dhire Dhire Se Dil Ko Churaanaa

Dhire Dhire Se Meri Zindagi Men Aanaa
Dhire Dhire Se Dil Ko Churaanaa

( first time sanskar looked in her eyes. He saw love and pain in her eyes. He understood love but he dint get y she’s in pain)

Tune Bhii Aksar Mujhako Jagaayaa Raaton Men
Aur Nind Churaai Mithii Mithii Baaton Men
Tune Bhii Beshak Mujhako Kitanaa TaDapaayaa
Phir Bhii Terii Har Ek Adaa Par Pyaar Aayaa
Aajaa Aajaa Ab Kaisaa Sharamaanaa
Dhire Dhire Se Dil Ko Churaanaa

They lost in eachother eyes. First time sanskar felt something inside which was
Dhire Dhire Se Meri Zindagi Men Aanaa
Dhire Dhire Se Dil Ko Churaanaa
Tumase Pyaar Hame Hai Kitanaa Jaanejaanaa
Tumase Milakar Tumako Hai Bataanaa

Whole time ragini was just admiring her ring and sanskar.

All clap. Trio pair came to sense from their love world.

All guests went.


Few days passed. Ragini was happy thinking that sanskar started to feel for her. She was just waiting when he’ll say those 3 magical words.
And sanskar was feeling for her but was ignoring that thinking he can’t love her. But karan’s words were always in his mind. His heart was telling him to give her a chance.


One day karsan went to ragini’s home. Karan wanted to meet naina. He was out of city for few days due to which he cudnt meet naina. Now he was desperate to meet her. So he took sanskar with him.
Both entered house and saw naina helping janki in her work. Naina got happy to see karan after many days.

Jan: karsan? U both? After engagement it seems like u forgot ur partners.

Kar: aunty actually in business meeting we were busy. Look now, as we got free we came running here to see them.

Naina blushed.


Jan: (smiled) nautanki. U keep talking I’ll prepare coffee.

She went. Nairan got busy in their talks while sanskar was getting bored sitting alone.

Kar: bro. y don’t u go and see ragini’s room? U can come to know abt her likes and dislikes.

San: really? y don’t u tell directly that u both need privacy to romance.

Both blushed.


Sanskar smiled and left for ragini’s room. Ragini was not in home that time. Sanskar was just looking everywhere getting bored. He was not interested in seeing her things. Before engagement there were only her pics were in her room. Now every where ragsan pic. He just smiled seeing them. He took a ball which was kept there and started playing. Ball fell from his hand and went in other room and goes down of a cupboard which was kept there. He bends down to take. He was struggling to take. He was shaking cupboard to make easy to take it. A box fell down which was kept on cupboard. He looked around room.

San: I think its store room. I never saw this.

Then he looks at box. He took it and opened. It was full of dust. He saw there were few books, diaries, album and cds were there. He got curious to see. He slowly took album and cleaned it and opened it. He got shocked seeing pics in album.

In all pics he saw ragini with her frnds laughing whole heartedly. In all pics she was looking like bubbly and naughty girl.


He never saw her like this. Only he saw her happy when she knew abt his accepting her proposal and then on engagement day. Remaining days also she was happy. But not like this which he’s seeing in pics.

Just then janki entered with coffee.

San: (pointing towards pic) aunty. ragini’s twin sis.

Jan: no beta. She’s ragini only.

San was silent. Janki gave him coffee.
Jan: if u wud seen this ragini then u wud have not hate her.

San: I don’t hate aunty.

Jan: u don’t love too. Rite?

San bend his head.


Jan: I know sanskar. I can understand.

Sanskar got curious to know abt this ragini.

San: y she’s not like this now?

Jan took album from his hand and keeps hand caresses ragini’s smiling photo.

Jan: I don’t know wat to say. But one incident changed her whole life. Due to that My happy ragini turned to rude ragini.


A college is shown where we can see only traditional look everywhere. Yes its traditional day. All were in traditional attire. All were looking beautiful in their own way. Some boys were admiring looking there fav crushes and some were chitchatting. Whole college was busy.

A group of 2 girls and 3 boys were shown talking.

Girl1: this girl always takes time. I told her to b on time.

Girl2: I told her to come with me. She stayed saying ‘just few mins I’ll come, u go’. Its been half an hr.

Boy1: its traditional day guys. Everyone wants to look different and beautiful. Of course she’ll take time. And its our final traditional day in this college.

A girl enters college with sound of anklets. Everyone looked at her and lost in her beauty. She was searching her frnds. She saw 5 students group.

Girl smiled: hi guys.

All 5 turned to her and see that girl looking at them with smile.


That girl is revealed to be ragini.

hope u liked it with pics.

waiting for likes and comments.

love u all……

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