Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Disha convinces Doctor to do Kiara’s DNA test

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the flashback scene, King telling Pragya that it is a baby girl and says she is a little angel. He says you scolded me when I saved you, and asked why did I saved your life, and says it is because of the baby. He says she is the reason of your life and says she is just like you. Pragya says her destiny is without her father, atleast I had my father’s name but she…King says he will give his name and everything to her. He says our relation will be stronger. Pragya thinks King gave his name to Kiara and she was scared to tell Abhi fearing that he will take her from her. She thinks I will not tell him anything about King and me. Aaliya waits for Tanu. Mitali thinks why she is waiting? Tanu comes there. Mitali thinks they have become sisters from friends. Tanu tells that they have to do something and asks where is Abhi? Aaliya says I have no idea. Mitali tells that Abhi went where disha and purab went. Tanu says she doesn’t know and showing enmity on me. Mitali says I learnt from you to show enmity on others. She says I know all your secrets, but I didn’t tell Abhi. She looks at the Chandelier. Aaliya and Tanu realize what she is saying. Mitali tells them that Purab and Disha went to hospital as Kiara met with an accident, and tells that she has inquired with the school. She asks Tanu to talk to her with respect and tells that she can’t keep the talks for long time.

Aaliya says we have t do something about this Pragya. Pragya gets Siya’s invitation and calls her. Siya tells that she is doing maha yagya and only mata rani can help her. Pragya asks her to have faith on God. Purab thinks I have to do the test without Pragya’s approval. Abhi comes to Pragya. Pragya thanks him for giving blood to Kiara. Abhi says did I thank you for taking care of her all these years. He says it is not a favor to give blood to own daughter, and says it is a father’s responsibility. Pragya says Kiara is Mr. Singh’s father and he is very good. Abhi says I know everything, he is a good human and knows if he is your husband or not. Pragya asks what do you mean? Abhi says I will tell you. Disha comes there and asks Abhi to come for important work. Purab and Disha take him. Pragya thinks what did they know about King and my relation. She then thinks if he knows. Abhi asks Purab and Disha what was so urgent. Disha says we didn’t want you to tell our truth. Purab says we don’t want you to reveal to her now. Disha says we need proofs. Purab says I have a way to prove and tells that once DNA test comes in your hand then show to the world.

Aaliya says we have to find out what is stopping Abhi and Pragya from uniting. Tanu says she is going to hospital to stop them. She asks did you tell anyone that Pragya and King are not married. Aaliya says no. Tanu says she will think of something to close all doors for Pragya. She says she won’t let that moment come even if Kiara dies. Abhi tells Purab that DNA test is illegal without mother’s consent and says it is a big crime. The doctor comes and gets happy seeing Abhi. Purab and Disha tell that they want to get the DNA test done without Mother’s consent. Doctor says it is illegal.

Disha tells Doctor that it is nothing like illegal or illegal, but it is just one’s perspective. Doctor says I am his fan, but can’t let this test happen without mother’s consent. Disha tells that pragya was Abhi’s wife and kiara is his daughter. She asks her to see Abhi’s condition and says he is yearning for his daughter. She reminds her of her oath and asks her to save Abhi. Doctor agrees. Disha tells that she will tell everyone that she has seen God today. Abhi tells Purab that she is so dramatic. Purab says she has learnt from TV serials. Doctor says I will tell you what to do.

Doctor asks Disha to bring the needed things for the test. Disha takes sample from Kiara. King comes to the hospital and asks Pragya to take him to Kiara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pragya shares her struggle with the viewers, finally. She’s not been as wishy washy as we thought. She is a practical and fair woman but has truly struggled with her love for Abhi. Hopefully she will understand and accept that Abhi and his family are all criminals. Abhi would have to make drastic changes if he was trying to prove that he has changed. We all know that he hasn’t changed. The scene with Tuna, Aliyah and Mithali was bearable perhaps only for the hope that these three have a chance now to finally be dealt with. And Tuna was doing her usual pigeon-toed posture. We see a flashback of Abhi clearly blaming Pragya for Dadi’s death months later. Aliyah and Tuna were obviously effective on the man who’s mind/heart is as malleable as pudding, still. Tuna, aliayah and Mithali need be 100% gone and then Abhi needs to be given, up to three years for himself to prove that his ‘maturity’ is real. Why bother? King is Kiara’s father and protector. Abhi wants to own Pragya and Kiara. King offers love. Abhi offers dangerous control dramas and likely death. Disha and Purab work hard to take Aliyah’s and Tuna’s place. The murder mansion will never be safe for Kiara or Pragya. The people who live there have a habit of using people whenever they get a bright idea to get what they personally want. And here we go, Tuna is on the way to the hospital so now the two criminal factions within the murder mansion will both be committing crimes to get their way. Either way it is Pragya who suffers. Disha has become a complete sweet faced liar without thought for the consequences. I wish BulBul were alive. She needs to punch Disha out. I do not advocate violence at all in real life. I am responding to a serial where murder (attempted) is a regular event. The producer is moving the show along almost like she is preparing to end it soon.

  2. Problem is Abhi has not changed and Pragya become weak woman. Woman who have no own identity, values, self respect will get respect from any one? When she saw Abhi crying go after him without a single thought. Abhi hurt her because she give him chance and rights. It is Prgya’s fault who couldnit stand for injustice. If Abhi say yours fault or manhoos to her she became numb and not giving reply to him. If Pragya put Abhi right place and give him strict warning not behave with her like this. Abhi will realised. Accepting others blames gives him another oppurtunity to hurt her. My big problem is Pragya chracter. Woman should be changed after child birth· Her prorities changed due to child. Pragya became sick puppy who is dying for man who cant stand with her a minute as support. After fouryears Chracter develoment is zero. Who was watching this serial vo bachhe bhi bade ho gaya hai But lead chracters not.

    1. Anu, please remember to understand how a victim like Pragya must be struggling. As a girl, she was taught to be obedient. Her mother forced her to marry a quality of man (boy/brat/ total a**hole) that she herself easily rejected. Obedience training from parent and culture is devastating to any victim. Especially, for those victims who are strong, informed and have a proven track record of ambitious success. Learn about the rates of how many strong successful women who are victims of abuse, at home. When Pragya, being a victim of Stockholm Syndrome she honestly, truly, with every cell in her body believed that she was in love. She was not. She will not learn the difference until she stands up to Abhi, has a chance to heal and finally be open to actual ‘love’. Upon her return to India, of course she was going to be confused. She didn’t expect to see Abhi. So many unresolved issues remaining in her heart. Which mother would not want their child to be with the father. Pragya likely had a hope that perhaps Abhi may have become an adult. That’s normal. You wouldn’t have to be a victim to have those feelings of loss/hope. She has struggled with those feelings of ‘love’ /romance addiction. But remember how she also sincerely told Tuna over and over that she was not claiming Abhi, she was with King. KarvaChauth must have been delicious and brutal for her, all at the same time. I see that todays episode (perhaps….we can’t trust those writers! Or the crazy producer.) offers the possibility of Pragya ‘growing up’ or putting the past to rest. Often a victim needs to be challenged before things become fully sorted in their heart and their mind. That’s most certainly happening! Today’s episode also confirmed that her daughter comes first. And she recognized the gift that King provided and remains providing. He loves Kiara. Abhi on the other hand is a dangerous boy/man prone to temper tantrums and very stupid decisions as instructed by Aliyah/Tuna. Abhi falls in and out of love depending on what he’s told to do by Aliyah. He is very likely to be abusive to Kiara. I would suggest in less than 3 years. Very, very,very likely. Abhi is not a man. He remains a very broken enslaved boy. Pragya’s false ‘love’ feelings for him, should get sorted out through this process. And I agree with you, watching her sink back into the romance addiction after the leap was sickening. Apparently, she might just correct the situation. This is a huge monumental struggle for victims in real life. And many take ‘backward’ steps, so it would appear to us. We, as observers must remember that in this struggle the victim has to be 100% sure in their heart before they decide their next action. They are confused. And that’s fair. And as an observer it may appear to be ridiculously obvious as to what the ‘right’ decision must be. This woman has had so much trauma in her life, all left unresolved for so many years. Dependant on what or where the plot is going, we the viewers will also see if Pragya continues to choose victimhood (she returns to the murder mansion) or if she chooses ‘life’ for herself, her daughter and King. They have enough money to escape at a moments notice if required. Put yourself into Pragya’s place when Dadi died. Her and Abhi had just reconnected. She was unaware of Dadi leaving the mansion to see Dushant’s wife, Simonika. She was in shock from seeing Dadi with Simonica, in shock at watching Dadi die and in shock because she had just lost her best friend, companion, her beloved protector and the one person who truly loved her in that House of Horrors. Perhaps that’s why she couldn’t shout back at Abhi. Rather than comforting each other, Aliyah made sure that HATE, BLAME ruled. Dadi and Robin were the only two that supported her. Not understanding abuse, she didn’t understand that even Dadi had betrayed her. One of Pragya’s mistakes was not telling Dadi the full truth. (Wedding Night, Suresh’s ‘marriage’ etc) Her other error was to hide information. But that is what you do when you have been taught to believe that you are responsible for everyone else’s happiness. You are trained to sacrifice yourself to please others. It doesn’t matter if your life is destroyed, you fix the problems on your own because you are the strongest person available capable of fixing things. That’s what this type of victim, is taught, beginning in childhood. The false belief is imprinted deeply. Ultimately, you don’t matter. You are disposable. You have already made everyone else’s life safe and happy. King is the one who has valued Pragya. Abhi only valued Tuna and Aliyah. Pragya was always disposable for Abhi. Everyone grows fond of a current toy! Look at who has all the gifts and jewellry! It was never Pragya. I am hoping that the writers give us a story of Pragya completing her process and understanding of the situation. She would choose King. And from a safe distance I would hope, sue Abhi for divorce very publicly with a detailed history of their ‘marriage’. She should be compensated financially as well as receive her portion of the matrimonial assets. This would also insure that Tuna/Aliyah are shamed in public, hopefully jailed for life. Part of recovery, when one has been victimized is to have the victimization recognized, validated by others. Receive’s reparations, respect support for what has been endured. This helps the victim remember who they are and begin their healing/re-building. Abhi is a victim of Tuna/Aliyah. Unfortunately it is unlikely for him to resolve anything unless he is out of his situation. As long as AliyahTuna are alive that is simply not going to happen. Further, Abhi although creative, is really really stupid. All that ‘cute’ fades real quick in a real marriage as reality and responsibility come to fore. What will the producer do? The producer has been normalizing criminality, abuse, corruption, greed, jealousy and some really horrible moments of bad fashion/decorum etc. The producer/creator of this, seemingly hates women and seemingly happily hands out abuse/control etc. to others. I have difficulty believing that they will allow Pragya to become whole. They could get more dragging story out of a court case and Tuna being kicked out. But what about Aliyah? Aliyah will scream, “She destroyed our family’s happiness! She killed Dadi! Now she is trying to destroy me!” . Sending Pragya back to the Mehra house is certain hell for Pragya and Kiara, both. But … a lot more episodes. Perhaps they could work out a plot where it is a lot more episodes with King, his concerts… Kiara’s musical career(?) etc. Who knows? The bogeyman could be Abhi searching for them. Aliyah kills Disha. and then Bulbul returns. The producer is sort of like a ‘nutjob’ when it comes to emotional, mental and spiritual health. Who knows?

      1. I liked it last lines that Alia killed disha and bilbul came back for purba as second wife what reason he will give for marrying a f**ker like disha

  3. So Sorry. I wrote and posted. I did not realize how much I had written. Oh. In real life, there are no stupid people. We each have access to our innate intelligence/human adulthood. It is a matter of resolving the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues which are hiding our internal, native intelligence and creativity. It is awakening to that truth that signals the beginning of healing.

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