You are my love (Riansh) part 62 by [email protected]

Today’s episode starts…

Ridhima as usual came to VR mansion .
Then again she bumped with vihaan and then vihaan catched her by waist and then thay shared an eyelock . Then vansh was talking with someone and then he came to hall and saw the view .
He was fuming in anger . He tightened his fist in anger .

Then vihaan and ridhima distanced themselves .

Vihaan – miss Erupting , have you took the duty of falling in my arms forever ??

Ridhima – what ? Mr.annoying let me tell you that it is not my fault that I always fall on your arms . Ok huh

Then she noticed the decorations .

Ridhima – these decorations , is anything special today ??

Vihaan was about to say but ridhima said

Ridhima –  aree today is ishani’s birthday am I right or am I right Mr.annoying ???

Vihaan smiles

Vihaan – yaa you are absolutely right miss Erupting.

Ridhima – omg , I didn’t wish her . Shit

Vihaan – there’s a party in VR mansion at
             evening and you have to come .

Ridhima – abb butt

Vihaan – not ifs and buts now go for siya’s physiotherapy. Ok?

Ridhima – hmm okay .

At evening

Ridhima came to the party . Vansh looked at her and his  eyes got stuck upon her .then ishani came and was shocked .

Vansh – happy birthday ishani ❤️❤️

Vihaan – happy birthday ishani ❤️❤️

Angre – happy birthday ishani ❤️❤️

Ridhima – happy birthday ishani ❤️❤️

Everyone wished her . She was very happy .

Ishani – thank you so much ❤️❤️

Everyone was dancing and singing . Then suddenly , the lights switched off and then a person was came to the spotlight and he was none other than vihaan . He started singing a song . 

Is qadar tumse humein pyar ho gaya

Had se zyada had se paar ho gaya

Is qadar tumse humein pyar ho gaya

Had se zyada had se paar ho gaya

Din teri chahton mein guzarne lage

Dil kahe har gali tumse milne chalein

Pehlu mein hardam baithe rahein

Doobe rahein teri aakhon main

Is qadar tumse humein pyar ho gaya

Had se zyada had se paar ho gaya

Then he went to ridhima . He sat on his knees . Everyone was shocked  .

Vihaan – Miss Erupting , we always used to fight and still we are fighting but I want to fight for the lifetime with you .
I want to be with you . Miss erupting I don’t know how but my heart has started Erupting for you .
I love you . Will you marry me  ???

Ridhima was shocked to the core .
she didn’t understand that how to react . She went from there running to siya’s room .

Vansh was standing numb . Then he went behind ridhima .

Vihaan who was standing went near Aryan .

Vihaan (whispers) – how was my acting ?

Aryan – best bhai

Flashback starts :

Aryan went to vihaan’s room .

Aryan – bhai

Vihaan – han yes Aryan

Aryan – bhai I want to say you something

Vihaan – yes

Aaryan informs him about RiAnsh’s marriage and separation .

Vihaan – what ??? Ridhima was married to vansh bhai .

Aryan – yes bhai

Vihaan – but what was the reason behind their separation ??

Aryan – actually bhai

The day of RiAnsh’s separation

That day ridhima went to temple and came back to VR mansion . Everyone was gathered at the hall . Ahana was there .  Ridhima went near vansh .

Ridhima – vansh

Vansh jerked her . Ridhima was shocked .

Ridhima – vansh what happened ??

Vansh started clapping

Vansh – what happened ?? What happened right . So this happened

He pointed towards the laptop and then
Showed her some pictures .
Ridhima was shocked .

Ridhima – vanshhh

Vansh – dont ridhima

Ridhima – vansh let me explain

Vansh – what will you explain huh ??

Ridhima – vansh want are you thinking that is not like that . Let me explain

Vansh – ridhima what are you doing here with this person here ?? Huh . What are you doing here with my biggest enemy
Manav mathur . Huh . Discussing that how to ruin me ??  Chiii ridhima , I can’t believe . Chiii

In the photo ridhima was hugging manav . Then in the second photo ridhima and manav were having a conversation .

Ridhima – vansh let me tell .

Vansh – I didnt expect this from you ridhima .

(Then you all know)

The end of the day

Back to vihaan and Aryan’s conversation .

Vihaan – Aryan till I know ridhima she can never do this . She is very honest .

Aryan – yes bhai , I too think the same .
Vansh Bhai you know bhai did this in compulsion . He never wanted to do this .

Vihaan – how do you know ??

Aryan informed him about his suspicion .

Vihaan – so what’s the plan ??

Aryan – bhai tomorrow is ishani’s birthday . So in the party you propose ridhima bhabhi .

Vihaan was shocked

Vihaan  – what are you saying  ??

Aryan – bhai listen to me , bhai you will propose her . You will ask her to marry you .

Vihaan  – aree what are you saying ??

Aryan – bhai listen , I will inform bhabhi about this plan amd I am sure she will agree . Then she will agree to marry you and this thing will not go well with vansh bhai . He will feel restless as he knows that bhabhi don’t love you and he will not let you be in a loveless marriage and then we will take advantage of this thing .

Vihaan – hmm okay I am ready .

Vihaan – but actually what was ridhima doing with him that day ??

Aryan – bhai that we have to ask to ridhima bhabhi

They smirk .

Flashback ends :

Vihaan – buy her reaction wasn’t to be  this . She had to agree right .

Suddenly something striked to Aryan’s mind .

Aryan – shit , i didn’t remember to inform about this plan to bhabhi .

Vihaan was shocked .

Vihaan – aaaa , pagal insaan tu cheez kya hai . Haan ?? Aryan I will kill you

Aryan – I am so sorry bhai .

Vihaan – okay now aryan you have to make sure that ridhima doesn’t misunderstand me . Okay ??

Aryan – yaa bhai

Aryan literally cursed himself for being such a fool .

On the other hand

Ridhima was crying in siya’s room . She was panting too . Then vansh entered the room . He saw her crying . He wet near her and calmly said

Vansh – ridhima

Ridhima looked at him and stood . Vansh also stood . Then she holder his collar and shouted .

Ridhima (shouted) – Did you ever loved me ??? Huh . Ever . Did you ever loved me
Damit !!!

Saying so she kissed him on his lips . She poured all her anger , passion and complaint in that kiss .

Vansh wasn’t able to understand anything that want just happened right now .

Then she fainted .
Vansh  realised that she fainted then he took her to her house .

To be continued…

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