Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika Puts Gehna In Danger

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak hides Anant’s certificates, tells Desai family they can play treasure hunt and asks where they keep unwanted things. Anant says store room and rushes to store room. Kanak asks Hema where she finds peace most. Hema says kitchen and rushes to kitchen. Kanak then asks Baa which place in the room gives comfort. Baa says bed and rushes to room. Bapuji goes to search also as instructed by Kanak. They all 4 search certificates but fail to find them. Nobody finds the certificates. Gehna asks Kanak to stop playing around and reveal where the certificates are. Kanak asks Gehna to cut her hair if she needs certificates. Gehna is shocked, but agrees and extending scissor towards her hair remembers Anant saying she looks beautiful with open hair. Baa asks Gehna not to obey Kanak. Gehna cuts a small portion of her hair. Kanak asks to cut full hair. Anant stops her and says she will not cut her hair. Gehna asks how will he attend interview without certificates. Anant says he will find some other way. Pankaj threatens Kanak to cut her hair if she doesn’t reveal where she hid certificates. Kanak nervously says she was joking, she doesn’t know where the certificates are.

Radhika messages Gehna not to fight among themselves and to come to her alone if she needs certificates. Gehna rushes to her and asks if she stooped so low that she didn’t spare even papers. Radhika hangs certificates with a burning rope over a bonfire and asks her to save certificates if she wants to. Gehna thinks she can’t let these certificates burn. Radhika asks if she wants to save her husband’s future or not. Gehna seeing Radhika’s car rushes towards it to pick water bottle. Radhika closes car window, and Gehna’s hand gets stuck. Radhika enjoys seeing Gehna in pain and then lowers window. Gehna picks water bottle and rushes to set off rope fire. Anant calls Gehna and asks where is she as family is worried for her. Radhika speaks. Anant asks where is Gehna, what did she do with Gehna. Radhika says Gehna herself is enough to put herself in trouble. Anant shouts if she troubles Gehna this time, he will not spare her. Radhika disconnects call. Bapuji asks Anant what was Radhika saying. Anant says Radhika had picked up Gehna’s phone which means Gehna is in trouble, he should go and check.

Gehna throws water on burning rope. Radhika says she poured inflammable chemical on rope and it will not set off at any cost. Gehna prays god and thinks its time to become a villager Gehna again who used to climb tree and pick tamarind. She removes her sandals and runs towards tree when a thorn pricks her foot and she with much difficulty removes it and climbs tree. Anant, Paresh, Chetan, and Pankaj search for Gehna. Gehna sees certificates far away, so she hangs her dupatta over the bark and with its support gets certificates, thanks god and thinks she should give them to Anant before he is late for his interview. Radhika gets jealous seeing that. Gehna slips and hangs holding a branch. Radhika says a stuntwoman wife came to save her husband’s future and is hanging on tree now. She drives away throwing Gehna’s phone. Anant and team continue to search Gehna. Pankaj asks Anant to try Gehna’s phone again. He tries but finds it not reachable. He then continues searching her and finds her hanging to a tree. Branch of the tree cracks and she falls. Anant holds her on time and saves her and scolds her for risking her life. Gehna gives him certificates. Paresh says let us go home. Gehna is unable to walk. Anant lifts her and walks towards home looking into her eyes.

Precap: Kanak offers to befriend Radhika.
Radhika on the pretext of shaking hand gives her hypnotic and thinks until Desai family realizes, she would have finished her task.

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  1. This drama is rubbish so much fiction and unrealistic fiction where in the world do NGO officials behave like Radika so stupid. Do something that people can actually watch and learn from it not stupid dramas like this

  2. Rubbish story producers are gone mad can’t understand what they are trying to show I stopped to watch the serial do something before public stop watching the serial

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