You are my first crush and last love episode 1

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Bulbul went to college after her first semester holidays. She met Tanya and Lakshmi there.
Bulbul: I missed you both so much.
Tanya: me too.
Bulbul: Lakshmi I got this new picture of arjit. See this.
Lakshmi: he looks damn hot. His wife is so lucky
Bulbul: yes.
Tanya: I forget to tell you both. My last exam’s invigilator exactly looks like arjit taneja. His name is Purab Khanna. I think he is a history department professor.
Lakshmi: are you sure?
Bulbul: I need to see him. But where is that history department?
Tanya: but I am not sure about his department.
Lakshmi: i have to see him within this week.
Tanya: why?
Lakshmi: because I am going to take leave next week. I am going out. I want to see him before that.
Bulbul: we are going to miss you for sure. Don’t worry. I will tell you about him
Lakshmi: okay bulbul but don’t fall for him.
Bulbul: okay I won’t.
Meanwhile, purab was shown taking classes to his students. In his class, all girl students were staring at him like eating him.
Purab: today’s class is over. Will meet you all tomorrow?
He went to library. One of his student came there.
Student: sir why are you always in library? Come on sir let’s go to canteen. We will have tea.
Purab: no da you go. I am reading this book. I love tea but.
Student: sir please come.
Purab: okay let’s go.
They had tea. Bulbul, Tanya and Lakshmi tried hard to find arjit sir but they couldn’t. After a week,
Bulbul: it’s really boring. Let’s cut our next class. We will go somewhere.
Tanya: but where?
Bulbul: how about canteen? Let’s have tea. I love tea.
Tanya: ok I will come.
They cut next class and went to canteen. While they were having tea,
Tanya: bulbul see arjit sir is in front of you.
Bulbul: arjit sir?
Tanya: I mean purab Khanna, professor who looks like arjit.
Bulbul saw his back first but she couldn’t see his face. Before she saw him, he went inside library.
Bulbul: oh god. I didn’t see him clearly but his height, weight and hair look like arjit only but I have to see his face. We will come here at tomorrow interval.
Next day, Tanya and bulbul were waiting for him. He came there. He was in black shirt. He exactly looked like arjit taneja. He was so hot. And bulbul was flat. She was mesmerized by his eyes. Though he wore specs, she loved the smile in his eyes. Bulbul was ogling at him like anything. Tanya controlled her.
Tanya: control yourself. Someone may see us.
Bulbul: OMG he looks too good. Lakshmi will fall for him for sure.
Tanya: I told you naa.
They were having tea by seeing him and bulbul was staring at him like anything.
At evening, they talked in conference call.
Tanya: today I showed arjit sir to bulbul.
Bulbul: Lakshmi you know what he looks damn cute. I bet you that you will have crush on him for sure. His eyes will kill you at one sight. His voice will become your favorite music.
Lakshmi: bulbul control yourself. Don’t fall for him.
Bulbul: me? No chance Lakshmi. You have to see him. I am telling this for you.
Bulbul was thinking about him day and night. She couldn’t eat, sleep… All she could see his eyes only.
His eyes had opened her heart.
Bulbul along with Tanya went to canteen at interval,
Tanya: bulbul why are you coming here daily?
Bulbul: for tea.
Tanya: only for tea?
Bulbul: yeah.
Tanya: okay let’s have tea and go before 10 minutes.
Bulbul: but we have 25 minutes break.
Tanya: so we came here to drink tea. So we have to go after that.
Bulbul: but arjit sir won’t come early.
Tanya: why do you want to see arjit sir? You came here to drink tea right?
Bulbul (in a managing tone): Lakshmi wants to know about him. So I am helping her.
Tanya: okay okay. I believed.
After 20 minutes,
Bulbul: what Tanya he didn’t come yet?
Tanya: okay let’s go to class.
Bulbul became so dull.
Bulbul: but.
Tanya: we have to attend class.
They walked two steps forward and bulbul turned. Purab was coming out from library and he made eye contact with her mistakenly. They both saw each other for few seconds and she turned. He left from there. She was jumping in joy. She hugged Tanya so tightly.
Bulbul: his eyes is so powerful. He melt me in single sight. Oh my God, there is a current in his eyes.
Tanya: you are going crazy for him.
Bulbul: no Tanya. Actually I..
Tanya: relax. Shall we go to class?
Bulbul: okay.
In class, bulbul was day dreaming about those eyes of purab.
Purab was sitting in faculty room and thinking about her eyes.
Purab: I can’t prevent myself from thinking about those eyes.
His student came to get notes. He was calling purab for last ten minutes but purab was thinking about those eyes. He didn’t know what was happening around him. He came back to senses and give notes to his students and he started to draw those eyes. Meanwhile bulbul was shown. She was sitting alone in library. Tanya went to return the book. She was day dreaming about his prince. Tanya came there.
Tanya: what are you dreaming?
Bulbul: nothing.
Tanya: bulbul see arjit sir.
Her eyes rolled from one corner to another. But she couldn’t find him.
Tanya: I am just kidding. Don’t tell me that you were searching him for Lakshmi. You are doing this much. I don’t know what will Lakshmi do.
Bulbul was upset.
Bulbul(in her thoughts): if Lakshmi likes him, what will I do?
Purab drew those eyes and he was smiling like anything.
Purab: there is a current in her eyes and it pass through me in single sight.
His mother called him.
Purab: hello Mom.
Mom: I have a good news for you.
Purab: what?
Mom: your sister’s marriage is fixed. Your sister and her groom give green signal. So we are going to celebrate. Okay bye. I have to tell this to your dad.
She cut the call.
Purab(to himself): how lucky these eyes to me! My lovely sister didn’t want to marry. But all of a sudden she agreed to marry a man in a single day.
He took the picture of those eyes and kept it as his phone’s wallpaper.
Bulbul went to home. She was thinking about purab.
She searched his name in Facebook but she couldn’t find him there. she searched in Instagram. But she couldn’t find him in any social media.
Bulbul: how will I find his department????
Screen freezes with bulbul’s confused face.

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