Belan Wali Bahu 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update

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Belan Wali Bahu 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shalini comes to Roopa and shows her newspaper. Roopa says we can see activities for Dada in this. They see some activities, she says ‘live like king size’, its about enjoying their lives, its best for Dada. Shalini says its written that its only for men so Suzzi not allowed.

Suzzi gives medicine to Dada. Dada flirts with her. Roopa and Shalini comes there. Roopa asks what is his daily routine? Dada says Suzzi wakes me up, she takes me for walk, give me medicine.. Roopa says your life doesnt have any activity, she shows him ad of live like king size, he asks what is it for? Roopa says its not written but explore it, Dada says Suzzi pack stuff, Shalini says its for men only, Dada says then we are not going. Suzzi says no you should go, you will be more young, you can learn activities there so we will do it together. Dada says okay I will go, he leaves. Suzzi says I will get sometime from Dada too.

Dada gets ready in shorts and shirt, he says I am going to live life king size. Roopa says they have pick and drop services, we are so happy to see you have activities. Dada says to Suzzi that I will learn yoga and other things then we will do it together. Pick up comes, Lata gives him yogurt and Dada leaves.

Laddo’s ghost asks roopa where did Dada go? Roopa says its activities, he will have fun, he will learn so much there.

Lata comes to Suzzi who is doing nailpaint. Lata asks her to cut veggies with her, Suzzi says I work for Dada only, Lata says Dada is not here, I am not asking you to do anything, cut veggies with me. Lata asks if she has any future plans? Suzzi says when I get a nice guy then I will get married and leaves. Lata says you didnt have boyfriend? Suzzi says I had some boyfriends but they left institutes I was studying at.

Scene 2
Lata strikes with Roopa, Roopa promotes colors show.
All family members wait for Dada. Lata says I will make tea and snacks for Dada. Shalini says Roopa did great this time. Suzzi says if Dada goes out daily then he will be active more. They hear horn. Scrap seller comes home. Prem asks what he wants? He says I have come to give something, he gives rose to Suzzi and says today is my birthday, Suzzi says happy birthday, scrap seller smiles and leaves. Dada comes home dressed as a priest. All look on. Dada says to Jitendra that I should have never attacked you, you can slap me or I can touch your feet. Jitendra runs away from him. Roopa asks if he wants? Dada says no I dont take drink worldly drinks, Lata says I can bring food for you. Dada says no I make my food, I dont eat after 6 PM. Roopa asks what activities were there? Dada says first I have a question, who am I? Prem says you are my father, Dada says thats worldly things, he asks Jitendra who are you? Prem asks Roopa to bring Suzzi infront of him, she can save him. Suzzi dances infront of Dada and says who are you? Dada thanks Roopa for changing his life, I will never change myself. Roopa says it was about live life king size. Dada says it was not ‘live’, it was ‘leave life king size’, its about sacrificing all worldly things.

PRECAP- Lata says to Roop that you dont know difference between ‘live and leave’.
Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa what did she do with Dada?
Roopa says to Prem that you should meet Dada’s grandparent and talk about what he did with Dada. Jitendra says I will go with you too.
Dada says to women of house that my saints group is coming. Prem, Naren, and Jitendra comes there all dressed as saints. Roopa is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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