You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 29

You are always mine!

Season 1 Episode 29

RECAP : ReThik’s moment continued. Revathi Jr’s voice mesmerised everyone. Revathi Jr angry on Karthik ; later is her prank.

Scene 1 :

A week later, at Karthik’s house –

Karthik does late packing and remembers Revathi Jr’s unopened gift for him.

Karthik : Cha! Packing clothes is the most difficult chore.

Shakthivel comes to his room.

Shakthivel : Still you haven’t packed. We all finished.

Karthik : Including Tamil?

Shakthivel : Yes. You still do this. Same like childhood.

Karthik : Can’t believe Tamil packed before me. I’ll see her.

Shakthivel : We are leaving tomorrow by 9:00am. I thought all will finish packing well before 1 day. Pack fast.

He leaves.

Karthik : Hope Revathi and Athai-Mama are ready. I’ve to call her immediately, because I can’t live without talking to her.

After 1 hour , he again gets tired and sleeps. He murmurs Revathi’s name.

Scene 2 :

At Revathi’s house –

Azhagar : Revathi, you didn’t miss anything, right?

Revathi Jr : No Appa. I’ve packed everything.

Azhagar : Good da. We are going to miss this house.

Revathi Jr : Yes. For 30 years you both stayed in this house. Did you contact the owner of this house?

Azhagar : I’m a lawyer. I’m quick in everything.

Revathi Jr : Super pa. Where is Amma?

Azhagar : She has gone with Akka for shopping essentials.

Revathi Jr : Oh okay.

He gets a call.

She goes to her room.

Revathi Jr : It’s time to call Karthik. I haven’t avoided talking to him everyday. He would be sleeping now. I’ll call him, let’s see if he picks his phone.

She calls on his new phone. But he’s in deep sleep. She ends the call.

Revathi Jr : I knew it. Lazy Karthik! Don’t know how he will be after our marriage.

Scene 3 :

Karthik is still sleeping.

Suddenly Revathi Jr enters his room. She tries to wake up Karthik, but fails. She later brings a bucket of water and splashes water on him.

Karthik wakes up and shouts.

Revathi Jr laughs.

Karthik : Hey stupid! Why did you wake me up? I was in deep sleep.

Revathi Jr : You know what’s the time? It’s 2:30pm. We are leaving by 9am tomorrow.

Karthik : Oh. Wait, how come you here?

Revathi Jr : I came here before 1 hour. Tamil wanted me here. We talked.

Karthik : I’ll brush my teeth. Wait.

Karthik : I’m back. You could have contacted me. I would have been ready.

Revathi Jr : Where? Look at your phone’s call log and see how many missed calls I gave. You were in DEEP sleep.

Karthik : Oh Yeah. I’m sorry.

Revathi Jr : It’s okay.

Karthik : I sometimes maybe in deep sleep, but I’m always in deep love with you.

He winks at her. She smiles.

Karthik : A smile from you isn’t enough. I want something.

Revathi Jr : What do you want?

Karthik : You know what I mean.

Revathi Jr : Poor Karthik.

You’ve been longing for this.

She comes towards him to kiss him.

He finally wakes up and realises it was his dream.

Karthik : The dream sequence for the second time. Oh dear. I wish Revathi had been with me now. I’ll save this dream.

He picks his phone and sees Revathi Jr’s missed calls.

Karthik : She had called me 3 times. I’ll brush my teeth.

Scene 4 :

Karthik calls Revathi. She picks up.

Revathi Jr : Good afternoon, sir. How was your sleep?

Karthik : Yeah, it was so deep.

I had a dream.

Revathi Jr : Again a worst dream of me leaving you, huh?

Karthik : No, it’s a romantic one. An angel came to kiss me, but I excitingly woke up in reality.

Revathi Jr : Really? Who was that angel?

ReThik’s bgm plays.

Karthik : I can’t say. She’s defined as an eye beauty. She has the power to attract someone with her eyes.

Revathi smiles.

Karthik : Her kiss will refresh me up from tireness.

Revathi Jr : Don’t worry, she will fulfill your dream soon. Wait for it.

Karthik : Ah! Waiting anytime for it.

Revathi Jr : Good boy. Finished packing?

Karthik : I finished only before 1 hour. I slept in tireness. How about you?

Revathi Jr : I finished in the morning itself. Athai had told me that you used to do late packing.

Karthik : Hmm. Okay, bye. See you tomorrow. Love you.

Revathi Jr : Bye. Love you too.

Revathi Jr thinks of Karthik’s dream and smiles.

Scene 5 :

Amruth’s girlfriend Amritha visits him in jail.

Amruth : Hi Amu.

Amritha : I’m so sad without you. The problem is you will not be released.

Amruth : It’s all because of Karthik and Revathi. I think they are going to Canada soon because boss messaged us that everyone should be in the office within 10 days.

Amritha : I won’t leave them. How dare they do this to you? Don’t worry, I will take you out from jail as quick as I can. We will go to Canada together and take revenge from them.

He smiles.

Next episode promo : The family board their flight. ReThik sit together. They have a talk. Amritha finally takes Amruth out from jail.
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