Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep10

Ruhi comes home. She sees Akash sitting in a chair, looking at an empty wall.

Ruhi- Hey, I am back.

Akash doesn’t respond. He keeps looking at the wall. Ruhi keeps her bag at the table and sits down on sofa behind him.

Ruhi- Are you ok? You looks exhausted. I was working all night but it seems you were awake whole night. What happened? What did you find out?

Akash turns with his chair and looks at her.

Akash- I will tell you my part later. First you say. What did you do last night?

Ruhi shares last night experience with Akash, everything except Rehan’s topic. She finishes her story with what happened in the morning.

– A lighting striked at a pole beside our college. So, no power. We managed to complete with mobile flashlight and Jai is happy with our work. But he couldn’t able to do full rehearsal with everything. Right now he is doing the rehearsal but, no light work. We are just praying that they manage to fix the pole or whatever is wrong. Otherwise our play would be incomplete.

Akash- Quite a horror night. Aren’t you going to join class today?

Ruhi- No, I am going to skip today. I have been awake whole night so, my plan is I am going to speel whole day. But before that you have to tell me what happened yesterday. What did you find out?

Akash sighs and starts to share his experiences of last day and night. When he finshes his story, Ruhi whistles and says

– Quite a thriller and romantic night you had.

Akash- Ruhi.

Ruhi- But I thought we decided that rule is stay away from the Richand’s. And here you have spent a whole day and night.

Akash- I had no option. And obviously I couldn’t left her there.

Ruhi- Yeah, right. But this means you didn’t find out anything about Abhimanyu?

Akash- I have.

Ruhi-  What! What did you find out?

Akash- That’s none of your business.

Ruhi- Come on, the one who hold much knowledge of secret’s answers, stays ahead in the game, you said yourself.

Akash gives her a look.

Ruhi- Please, I’m curious.

Akash sighs and shows her a diary.

Akash- I found this where Abhimanyu used to live at first, later it was taken away by Wasuandhara, your grandmother and now it’s under the Richands. It’s Abhimanyu’s.  It is about that time when Deep bhai wasn’t a part of his life, I mean he had a normal life. Turns out that he had a gf and he was serious with the relationship. He was about to tell his parents about his gf.

Ruhi- Then?  What happened next?

Akash- There is nothing more in the diary. By seeing the time of this, I can tell you that before he could say anything his father was killed and you know the rest. I told you about it when I told you about your parents story.

Ruhi- Yeah, I know that. I wanna know about the earlier part. You said you have found out everything. If there is nothing in the diary, from where and what did you found out?

Akash raises his hand, he is holding Vani’s pendent.

Akash- From this.

Ruhi- What is it?

Akash- It’s Vani’s. I mean Vani Richand. She said that Aanjali gave it to her when she was young. Last night somehow it came to me. She got really tensed by loosing this. I was about to give it back but the goons attacked us, and I couldn’t manage time to give it back to her. When I came back home, I saw this and find out that it’s a pendrive.

Ruhi- What?

Akash- Yeah, turns out that back then when Aanjali and Virat was taking revenge from Deep bhai, Aanjali was doing some secret research over Deep bhai’s past. She chose the Abhimanyu period to find out any loopholes using which she could attack Deep. Well whatever she found, she kept all the information in this pendrive. And gave the pendrive to Vani to protect from Virat, Deep and Tara as a pendent.

Ruhi- And what is this information exactly, which she hide from everyone.

Akash sighs and says

– My past.

Ruhi stands up excitedly.

Ruhi- So, you did found out.

Akash smiles at her in a style that clearly shows he isn’t happy.

Akash- I was in this orphanage from where I got stolen by my mother, I mean whom I thought my mother. I came to the orphanage from a hospital where my real mother died giving birth to me. There wasn’t much information but Aanjali somehow found out and confirmed that it was Abhimanyu’s gf.

Akash stops and stares at the wall again. Ruhi comes to him and keeps her hand over her shoulder.

Ruhi- Akash bhaiya..

Akash stands up and goes to the window and again started to talk in a new mood

– So,  Aanjali found out everything about me. Than she kidnapped me from my place and then brought me to Aarohi di and also changed my name. I don’t know what sort of plans she had in mind for me. Definitely she was not keeping me as a secret weapon to attack Deep bhai. But none of this matter now cause they are all dead. And we need to look at present time, not to get stuck in the past.

Ruhi- It’s must be hard for you.

Akash turns and looks at her

Akash- Not really. I already told you, these things, informations doesn’t matter to me. I mean I know how Abhimanyu died, Tara and Raj killed him. But I am not feeling any grudges towards them. Cause I don’t care about any of them.The only thing that matters to me is your safety,  which is in big trouble after last night.

Akash again stops talking and looks outside.  Ruhi thinks that this is what she was missing. Rehan must be connected to Raj. Whatever it is she will find out but now she must fix Akash’s mood. Ruhi starts to talk in different tone to change his mood.

Ruhi- So, this girl, Vani, right? She is wearing this pendent all her life?

Akash turns again and gives Ruhi a question look.

Ruhi- She wears it as a momento of her mother. But in reality she has worn all her life a pendent which contains your information. Even that’s sort of romantic, don’t you think?

Akash- Ruhi

Ruhi smiles mischievously. Akash picks a pillow and throws at her. Ruhi runs and goes upstairs. Akash looks outside through the window again. He holds up Vani’s locket and stares at it.

Richand Mansion

Vani is showing the pictures she clicked of the crime scene last day to Lakshya. She finds the video and starts to watch it. Vani and Lakshya is watching the video. Tara comes there. Even she started to watch standing behind them. At a point Akash’s face is about to seen but phone shook while recording so, they couldn’t see it. After completing the video

Lakshya- These guys are really dangerous. You have been really brave.

Tara- Yes, it was quite brave to face these goons all alone.

Vani- Yeah,  I am still getting goosebumps thinking about the whole matter. If he..

Vani stops and remembers Akash’s request about not involving his name.

Vani- I am way too much tired. I’m going to get some rest.

Vani leaves. Lakshya looks at her with doubts. Tara also tries to leave but Lakshya stops her.

Lakshya- Bua, one second.

Tara stops and looks at him.

Lakshya- Bua, it’s weird but nobody recognized dad while I said about him yesterday at office.

Tara- Your dad used to work long ago. Whoever worked with him in the past, doesn’t work in that same office now.

Lakshya- Yeah, but I couldn’t…

Tara- Lakshya, your Dad believed to accomplish everything in life by his own name, own work. He would have wanted you to do the same. So, don’t think about this and do your job with dedication.

Lakshya nods and smiles. Tara smiles in reply and turns to go. Her expression changes as she turns. She lookes annoyed. She starts to leave and thinks in her heart that- How will you find anything cause I spent last 20 years to erase every information about us, from every record, from every memory. And now my goal is to find those two.

Tara smirks and leaves. Vani in her room is lost in thought of Akash. She remembers her time with Akash last night.

Lakshya- Whom are you thinking about?

Vani is shocked and turns. Lakshya is standing at door.

Lakshya- You were not alone last night, were you?

Vani tries to change the topic but couldn’t. She tells Lakshya about Akash.

Vani-  But bro, please don’t add his name in your report. And don’t share this story with anyone at all. I promised him I won’t take his name. He was just a victim of the situation like me, had nothing to do with the murder.

Lakshya- Ok, I won’t, only for you. But I want to meet this boy.

Vani- I can’t promise you that.

Lakshya- No, you have to…

Vani doesn’t let him complete and goes out saying – remember, it was just me, no one else.

Akash is walking in the road.  A car comes and stops infront of him. The glass of the window gets down. It’s Vani.

Vani- Get inside.

Akash is surprised.

Akash- How did you find me?

Vani- First get in.

Akash looks at the car and thinks right now I need to listen to her and manage things carefully otherwise I will land in deep trouble. He gets in. Vani starts her car.

Akash- How did you found me.

Vani- I think we have some connection cause again I was passing by and notice you.

Akash- But why did you asked me to get inside?

Vani- You said that you know the roads well. I’m new here. GPS isn’t enough. I need a guide. I saw you and thought that you will be perfect for it.

Akash- I told you that I know the way to police station.

Vani- So, you don’t know any other way?

Akash- I didn’t say that. What I meant was I am not a good…

Vani- And also because you have something of mine.

Akash brings out the pendant and looks at it. Fb shows he deleted everything in it. He gives it to Vani.

Akash- Here it is. I forgot in the morning.

Vani- My hands are busy.

Akash puts the pendant around her hand like a bracelet. Vani looks at him. She then looks at the road. She suddenly stops the car.

Akash- What happened?

Vani looks in front. A car blocked the road. Akash and Vani comes out of the car.  Suddenly some people comes from nowhere. Vani recognizes them from the recording. They are the robbers from last night. Vani gets shocked and informs Akash about the robbers. One of the robbers comes to them and is about to raise his hand at Vani but Akash holds his hand. Akash starts to fight with the goons. They all get beaten up by Akash. One of the goon brings out a knife and about to stab Akash from behind but someone holds his hand.  It’s Lakshya. Fb shows Vani called Lakshya while Akash was fighting. Lakshya also beats the goons with Akash.  He then arests all of them and instructs the constables to take them away. Vani introduce Akash to Lakashya. They handshakes.

Lakshya- So you are Akash. Glad to finally meet you. Ever since she is here she keeps talking about you only. Thanks for saving my sister’s life yesterday.

Akash looks at Vani.

Lakshya- Don’t worry .I won’t add your name in the report. You will be out this mess as you wish. Vani, I have to go now. See you later.

Lakshya leaves. Akash turns to Vani.

Akash- I told you not to mention about me.

Vani- I’m sorry but it’s just Lakshya. I haven’t told about you to anybody else. Trust me. And lakshya won’t tell anyone either.

Akash- Forget it. If you couldn’t stay silent  how can your brother will.

Akash turns and starts leaving. Vani calls him but he doesn’t answer. He thinks, this is for the best. After this she won’t come close to me. And as she says she haven’t spoke my name to Tara.  Otherwise she would have been in my gate by now  to murder us. He remembers the card Deep gave to him that night was Deep’s lawyer. Akash had went to him with Ruhi and found out that Deep has managed to take his property back from Virat. And made a will of his property in which he gave all the property to Ruhi and Akash’s name. The lawyer said that by then a notice has already gone to the Richand mansion to Tara, cause Virat and Aanjali were already dead.  Akash thought that Tara has got to know their name by this, and now know about their existence. He is sure that Virat and Aanjali are killed by Tara.  She would definitely come for them too.  In that time Tara enters in that place and murders the lawyer and tries to find the original paper of the property. But Akash has already left that place with ruhi and original property paper. Fb ends. Akash comes to his home and brings out the property paper. He looks at them and thinks,  this is how Tara is aware of our existence Ruhi. And she is back after 20 years definitely for us and this paper. But I can’t tell you about this.

In Raichand mansion Tara looks at knife in her hand and thinks I will find those Akash and Ruhi at any cost. They won’t able to stay hidden this time.

Next ep- Rehan and Ruhi is working together behind stage. The lights keeps changing in the stage as the play goes on and the flashes of it falls on there faces. They looks at each other. Akash opens door and sees Lakshya and Vani standing.

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