You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 22

RECAP : Karthik argues with his parents for their decision. Tamil comes home after her final year. ReThik have an emotional talk. Karthik and Tamil’s brother-sister moment.

Scene 1 :

Tamil : I’m happy that you have a love life. I still haven’t.

Karthik : Don’t worry. First finish your masters. I’ll pray that you will get the coolest boyfriend.

They laugh.

Tamil : Yeah. Studies is my first priority. I’m going to hall to spend time with mom and dad. Bye.

She hugs him and goes.

Karthik : Glad that my sweet little sister is supporting me. I missed her a lot. I hope my parents also understand me. I neither want to lose them nor Revathi.

He gets teary eyed.

Scene 2 :

Revathi Jr thinks of Karthik’s words.

Revathi Jr : It is a mess. What to do? I need both Karthik and my parents.

She gets angry and throws her things.

Andal comes to her room and gets shocked.

Andal : What happened Revathi? All okay?

Revathi Jr : Yeah. Nothing ma.

Andal : Are you sure? You don’t seem good. Any problem?

Revathi Jr(shouts) : Nothing ma!

Andal : Okay don’t shout! I’m elder than you. Your father is calling you downstairs to talk to you. Come.

Andal leaves from there.

Revathi Jr : Oh no! Maybe the same thing Karthik’s parents asked him?

She goes with her heart pumping too fast.

Azhagar : Revathi, sit with me da. I need to talk to you.

Revathi Jr sits down and shows them that she is normal.

Azhagar : We were eager to talk about this to you. (He thinks of Karthik and smiles)

Andal : Aiyoo Azhagar, tell her the news.

Azhagar : Revathi, we have fixed you and your cousin’s marriage. I assure you both will be happy together.

Revathi Jr gets shocked.

Revathi Jr thinks of Pooja’s words and tries to be calm.

Revathi Jr : I’m sorry pa. I can’t marry him.

Andal and Azhagar get shocked.

Andal : Why? Is there any problem?

Revathi Jr : I love someone and don’t want to lose him. I don’t know who’s my cousin.

Azhagar gets angry.

Azhagar : Tell me who’s he.

Revathi Jr : Appa, I know you will confront him. So I can’t tell. He can’t suffer for my problem.

Azhagar : Do you think his parents accept you as their daughter-in-law? It’s not easy. You will not lead a happy life with him.

Revathi Jr cries.

Revathi Jr : Please pa, don’t separate us. I don’t want to lose you guys also. You both are my parents and I hope you understand us.

Azhagar : Revathi, please. Your cousin is Revathi Akka’s son. He’s a really nice and matured boy. Your cousin is my Revathi Akka’s son.

Revathi Jr : Pa, I’ll respect all your decisions except this one. I’m really sorry for hurting you.

She cries and goes back to her room.

Her parents get upset. Andal consoles Azhagar as he breaks down.

Azhagar : Andal, one day she will realise we are right. She’s unknowingly talking.

Andal : Let’s pray that she understands. Karthik is a very good boy and suits well for Revathi.

Azhagar : You are right. Horoscope also confirmed it.

Scene 3 :

Revathi Jr calls Karthik.

Karthik picks up the call.

Karthik : Hi Revathi. What’s up?

Revathi Jr : Can we meet at the park Karthik?

Karthik : Sure. We can meet now, is that okay?

Revathi Jr : Pakka. Bye.

They end call.

Tamil : Hi Anna! Looks like you’ve been fixed in a meeting with your girlfriend.

Karthik : Yeah, but not a happy one. She sounded sad.

Tamil : Anna, ask her to be bold. I pray that your marriage should happen only with her.

Karthik : Thank you Tamil. Tell mom and dad that I’m meeting my friend if they ask. They are sleeping.

Tamil : Okay Anna! Bye!

Karthik : Bye!

He leaves.

Tamil : Poor Anna. He is stuck in such a situation. Wish he comes out of the tangles soon.

She gets sad.

Scene 4 :

Revathi Jr waits for Karthik. He then comes.

Revathi Jr : I’m stuck in the same situation as you. But I told them that I love someone.

Karthik : How did they react?

Revathi Jr : They were very upset with me. We still are not able to convince them.

Karthik : How helpless we are! I was dreaming about you since I disrespected my parents.

Revathi Jr : I told them calmly, but they are saying the same thing.

Karthik : I need to know who is my cousin. Maybe we can make her understand.

Revathi Jr : Dad says my cousin is a really nice person. I don’t know what’s going in his mind. I don’t even know who is he.

Karthik : Same situation for both of us. I don’t know why some people marry their related ones.

Revathi Jr : Maybe it’s a culture.

Karthik : Whatever! Leave all that!

Revathi Jr : The day when I told you that I’ll never leave you in any circumstances, applies forever.

She holds Karthik’s hand.

Revathi Jr : If I want to marry a guy, that will only be you.

Karthik in tears of confidence.

Karthik : None can replace you in my life. I love you Revathi! We will prove our love to our parents. They will definitely understand.

Revathi Jr : I love you too!

They hug.

They realise they are in the park and break their hug.

ReThik bid goodbye to each other.

Scene 5 : (Scene of two houses)

Before bed time,

Shakthivel : Karthik, as tomorrow is an auspicious day, we are going to make you meet your cousin.

Karthik gets shocked.

Revathi Jr : Appa, I told that I won’t marry him. Is he coming here tomorrow?

Azhagar : You are my daughter. If you obey me, your life will be good.

Karthik : Why are you upsetting me? I’m not ready for this marriage.

Revathi Sn : Karthik, please listen to us. At least meet her, you will get to like her more because of her good character.

Andal : Revathi, he’s a lovable and a good boy. Please meet him for us. At least be friends.

Revathi Jr cries and goes to her room.

Karthik angrily goes to his room.

Revathi Jr sees Karthik’s picture and cries.

Revathi Jr : I miss you Karthik.

Karthik : I miss you too Revathi. But I’ll make sure that my cousin understands our love.

He sees her photo.

They cry. (Background music : Imaye Imaye..)

(Rethik’s hearts are connected to this conversation at their respective houses.)


Next episode promo : Shakthivel and Revathi Sn bless Karthik for his good life. He is sad. Andal makes Revathi Jr ready and the latter cries thinking of Karthik. Andal wipes her tears and says she shouldn’t cry in this auspicious day.


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