You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 13

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RECAP : ReThik boarded the flight, they reach Chennai. They get into a fight with blackmailer’s henchmen. Andal and Sr Revathi worry for their children. Rethik in train sharing a romantic moment.

Scene 1 :

Revathi Jr : Hey, it’s a train, not your house, stop romancing.

Karthik : You act perfectly. You were also romancing with me.

Revathi smiles.

Karthik : You remember what I told right?

Revathi Jr : Yeah, I remember. I’ll do as you say. We will go to our respective houses.

Karthik : None should know that we love each other. Then they won’t accept us.

Revathi Jr : I’ll make sure.

Karthik : Good darling. (He gives a romantic look)

Revathi Jr : You are again being romantic.

Karthik : We won’t meet frequently now, so let me romance you.

Revathi Jr : I’ll definitely meet you, but don’t romance.

Karthik : But it should be a promise that we will meet often.

Revathi Jr : It will be. I promise.

They smile.

Scene 2 :

Andal worries for Revathi Jr.

Azhagar : Andal, I’m going to office regarding the blackmailer’s issue. I won’t leave him. I’ll finish breakfast.

Andal serves breakfast to him.

Revathi Jr calls Andal.

Revathi Jr : Hi ma, looks like Appa is tensed.

Andal : How do you know? Where are you?

Revathi Jr : Don’t you know? Just open the door ma.

Andal opens the door and gets happy seeing Revathi Jr. She hugs her.

Azhagar comes to the hall and gets shocked seeing his daughter.

Revathi Jr : I was just talking about you to Amma, how are you pa? (Hugs him)

Azhagar is lost.

Andal wakes him up.

Azhagar : I’m fine da. How are you? We missed you a lot.

Revathi Jr : I’m always good pa. I also missed you and Amma. It’s good that I’m with you guys.

They smile.

Andal asks Revathi Jr to freshen up.

Azhagar realises that Andal had right thoughts about their daughter. He later apologizes. She forgives him.

Scene 3 :

Shakthivel : I will block the blackmailer’s phone number.

Revathi Sr : What if he calls you from another number?

He thinks what to do.

Their door bell rings.

Revathi Sr goes to see who it is and gets happy seeing Karthik and hugs him.

Karthik : I’m so happy to see you ma. I missed you guys a lot.

Revathi Sr : We also missed you da.

Shakthivel : Revathi, who is…. (He gets surprised seeing Karthik)

Karthik : Appa!
(He hugs Shakthivel)

Shakthivel : How are you da? You are finally back.

Karthik : I’m fine pa. You got slim.

Revathi Sr laughs and teases Shakthivel.

Shakthivel realises that Revathi Sr was right in her thoughts and apologizes to her. She forgives him.

Karthik : I wanted to be with you guys.

He spends time with them.

Revathi Sr asks Karthik to freshen up.

Scene 4 : (scene of two houses)

It’s night, and Rethik are talking to their mothers.

Revathi Jr : Amma, what’s happening on our house?

Andal : Nothing. Why?

Karthik : There’s something that you are hiding from me, what’s wrong ma?

Revathi Sr : You won’t understand. Don’t stress yourself.

Revathi Jr : Why can’t I understand ma? Is that a family problem? Or did I do any mistake?

Karthik : Tell me the truth, it was a lie you told me, it wasn’t a flight crash.

Revathi Sr : No, can’t you understand that someone is blackmailing us?

Revathi Jr gets shocked.

Andal : Yes Revathi, he is the one who hacked into the website and cancelled our ticket. Then he kept calling and provoking us.

Karthik : You didn’t tell me this. I’ll catch him. Don’t worry.

Revathi Sr : He’s playing smart games with us. You don’t know him. But he knows us.

Revathi Jr : I’ll teach him a lesson. See what I do.

Karthik : That’s why you were hesitant to tell me the truth. I was worrying for you.

Andal : I feel bad to hide this from you. I don’t want you to worry.

Karthik : But ma, I was really worried when I didn’t know.

Revathi Sr : You go and sleep, it’s time.

Revathi Jr : But ma…

Andal : I told you to sleep, don’t be tensed.

They all sleep.

Scene 5 :

Revathi Jr thinks of the blackmailer and calls Karthik.

Karthik : Hi Revathi! Did you ask your parents about the incident happened?

Revathi Jr : Yes, mom told that someone’s blackmailing us.

Karthik : Hey, wait a minute. My mom also told the same.

Revathi Jr : What? I think that both our parents are friends. They have the same situation.

Karthik : Perhaps. I don’t know who’s the blackmailer. I will not spare him.

Revathi Jr : I will also help.

Karthik : No, stay away from him. He may harm you.

Revathi Jr : Why are you so scared?

Karthik : The blackmailer is so dangerous. I won’t let him do anything to you.

Revathi Jr : Karthik, do you care for me this much?

Karthik : Stop playing. I’m serious. I can’t see you in danger. Stay in home. I will take care.

Revathi Jr : Okay our saviour!

Karthik smiles.

Karthik : Thank god we concealed our injury.

Revathi Jr : Yeah. Otherwise our parents will worry. Take care Karthik and I love you.

Karthik : I love you too.

They smile and end call.

Next episode promo :
Karthik talks to the blackmailer. He threatens to put him in jail if he tortures his family. He ends call. Finally it is revealed that the blackmailer is none other than Amruth! But Rethik and family are unaware about this.

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