RadhaKrishn 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ugrapath Misuses His Promise

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Balram says Radha and Krishna’s jodi is real Lakshmi Narayan’s jodi. Everyone look at him. Krishna signals him. Balram says he was joking, they look like Lakshmi Narayan’s jodi. Chandravali says they want to felicitate even Balram. Balram asks why him. She insists. He sits on chair and falls down. Radha asks if he is fine and will not spare her friends, walks away angrily. Radha asks if Dau will really take revenge. Krishna nervously says he does not know.

Ayan continues his drama and seeks his father Ugrapath’s permission to become sanyasi/saint. Ugrapath pleads not to. Ayan continues his drama. Jatila emotionally blackmails Ugrapath next and warns if he does not stop their son from becoming sanyasi, she will burn herself alive. Ugrapathy at last promises Ayan to get him married to Radha and walk away. Ayan smirks. Jatila walks back and asks why wanted to become saint. Ayan says he did acting like her.

Balram hides Radha Krishna’s ceremonial garlands. Chandravali and her friends search garland and ask if Balram took garlands. Balram agrees and demands to apologize him.

Ugrapath calls Vrishbhan aside and says he needs his help from stopping his son Ayan becoming sanyasi. Vrishbhan asks how can he. Ugrapath says Ayan loves Radha and wants to marry her. Vrishbhan is shocked to hear that and says it is impossible as Radha and Krishna love each other and Radha is Krishna’s in this life. Ugrapath pleads but when Vrishbhan does not budge reminds him of his promise that he will fulfill Ugrapath’s demand once in life. Vrishbhan says this is wrong and what if he does not agree. Ugrapath warns him of being expelled from Barsana and thrown in jungle if he does not agree and promises that Radha’s betterment is in marrying Ayan. Poor Vrishbhan stands shattered.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that whenever they don’t find solution for a problem, the seek god’s help. A stone has to undergo a lot of beatings to become god’s idol; one should not seek god’s help for silly reasons and should try hard themselves.

Precap: Vrishbhan informs Kirtida that Ugrapath wants Radha’s marriage with Ayan. Radha hears that and tensely tries to inform Krishna.

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