You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s love (Pagal Nilavu serial) Season 1 Episode 10

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You Are Always Mine!

Season 1 Episode 10

RECAP : Revathi Jr telling Karthik about the flight crash news. Karthik fails to call Revathi Sr. Rethik feel the pain by consoling each other.

Scene 1 :

Karthik gets a call from Revathi Sr.

Revathi Sr : Sorry to say that, our flight got crashed before we came to airport.

Karthik in tears : Are you safe ma? Do you need any help from me?

Revathi Sr : No da, we are safe only. Don’t worry. I will be with you always. Bye da, love you. (She consoles him)

Karthik : Bye ma, love you too.

Revathi Sr ends call.

Karthik : They are safe.

Revathi Jr : We will see news.

Karthik : Yeah. Need to know the details of the crash.

Revathi Jr : I’ve been waiting for my parents to come here.

Karthik holds Revathi Jr’s hand.

Karthik : I didn’t expect such an incident to occur. It’s all destiny.

Revathi Jr : What to do? Everything can’t happen by luck.

They cry.

Scene 2 :

Andal in tears after lying to Revathi Jr.

Azhagar : We were happy, but look what happened.

Andal : I’m feeling very bad for Revathi. I lied to her.

Azhagar : Sometimes there’s a situation where we have to lie. Poor Revathi. I don’t know how she reacted.

Andal : She was sounding sad. Azhagar, did you find the culprit?

Azhagar : No, but he called and threatened us, he knew that Rethik are in Canada. So I’m getting a clue that he knows us. There’s no sufficient evidence.

Andal : Can you seek any help through your senior lawyer?

Azhagar : He can’t do anything. Only we have to solve this problem.

Andal : I’m so scared Azhagar.

Azhagar consoles her.

Shakthivel and Revathi see them and get sad.

Scene 3 :

Rethik go to Raja’s house.

Raja : Hi guys! What a surprise! Sit here.

Karthik : There’s a bad news for us. Our parents were about to come here, but their flight got crashed before they arrived.

Raja : What?!

Revathi Jr : Yes, they got back home.

Raja : Wait, let me see the details.

Raja goes through the website regarding the crash. But after sometime he didn’t get any news.

Raja : But, there is no such news of the flight crash.

Rethik get shocked and search the website again.

Revathi Jr : Have they lied to us? What actually happened there?

Karthik : Don’t know. I will call dad.

Revathi Jr : No, don’t call. I’ve been thinking so long for this idea. Why can’t we go to Madurai instead of they coming here?

Raja : Revathi, I like your idea. It’s a practical one.

Karthik : But what about the dates?

Revathi Jr : No worries, I’ll book tickets today.

Karthik : Okay, I agree.

Revathi Jr gets happy and hugs Karthik.

Raja smiles seeing them.

Revathi Jr : Bye guys, I have to go home.
(She leaves)

Raja : Man, you are really lucky to get a girl like Revathi Jr. Look how she’s taking such a mature decision.

Karthik : Yeah, that’s why I love her so much. She thinks about everyone. I’m very lucky.

Raja : Don’t worry, your parents are safe.

Karthik : I can’t wait for that day to meet them.

Scene 4 :

Revathi Jr in Karthik’s house.

Karthik : Have you booked tickets?

Revathi Jr : Yes, we will leave to Chennai by flight, then to Madurai by train from Chennai Central. We will leave day after tomorrow. Can’t believe that there are still few tickets. We are lucky.

Karthik : Sorry, I disagree with this.

Revathi Jr : Why?

Karthik : Don’t you have any flights from here to Madurai? Why travel to Chennai? It’s not safe.

Revathi Jr : There’s no tickets from here to Madurai. What’s there in Chennai Central to be unsafe?

Karthik : What if anyone keeps an eye on you? I can’t see anyone harming you.

Revathi Jr : Come on sweetheart, there is police security. None can harm me or anyone.

Karthik gets upset and goes to his bedroom to take care of Buddy.

Revathi Jr goes after him and sees his pet dog Buddy.

Revathi Jr : Awww, he’s adorable. Let me have him.

Buddy goes to Revathi Jr and licks her face. She cuddles him.

Karthik thinks that Revathi Jr is right and finally agrees to her decision.

Revathi Jr : That’s my Karthik.

Buddy licks Karthik’s face and they smile.

Scene 5 :

Rethik holding each other.

Revathi Jr : Buddy got attached to me immediately!

Karthik : Because I showed your photo to him. He likes you more.

Revathi Jr : Yeah, he’s so sweet. Karthik, don’t call your parents that we are coming there. We will surprise them. I didn’t even call my mom.

Karthik (mimics) : Okay madam. Your wish is my command.

Rethik laugh.

Revathi Jr : But what about Buddy? Where can we leave him?

Karthik : I’ll ask Ravi to take care of Buddy. They are so close.

Revathi Jr : Good darling. So we have planned perfectly.

Karthik : Especially you. You are sensible than me.

Revathi Jr : We both are sensible. (Pulls his cheek)

Karthik : I don’t know how’s the situation there. I’m waiting to reach my parents.

Revathi Jr : Me too, I am curious to know what happened there.

Karthik : If there is any problem, we together can solve.

Revathi Jr : No Karthik, we won’t be together there. Our parents don’t know that we love each other. Already there may be some crisis.

Karthik : Let’s see. I want them to be safer.

Revathi Jr consoles Karthik.

Someone hears them and passes a message to the blackmailer. He messages that, “Finally, they decided to go Madurai.”.

The blackmailer laughs and says : Shakthivel, you are finished.

Next episode promo : The blackmailer calls and threatens Shakthivel and Azhagar to harm ReThik as they are coming to Madurai. Shakthivel faints, and Andal looks after him. Rethik get ready, and miss Buddy a lot. They hug Buddy. They reach airport and click selfies.


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