Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Gargacharya tells yashoda the truth.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gargacharya telling yashoda the truth about kanha. He says kanha was born to kill kansa, he is the one who will defeat kansa and kill him for his sins. yashoda says what? My son kanha, will kill kansa? Gargacharya says yes yashoda and for that he shall need the shield of mata ganga, in her lair. You have to bring that yashoda, it is your task. Yashoda is shocked and says guru how is this possible? Gargacharya says yashoda, kanha is your son and always will be but he is the one who was born to kill kansa, he is the avatar of prabhu Vishnu. Yashoda is shocked and says till now I tried not to accept what everyone thinks, that my son is god but after all it is true. But for me he shall always be my son and I will bring the shield of ganga to kanha. Yashoda goes with all women and damodar.
Kanha goes with the demon. Narad muni asks lord Vishnu who that demon is and why is he behind all the women? Lord Vishnu tells the story that the demon is no one but his servant, Bhav. The demon was before a human and was his servant bhav and a great disciple. Narad muni says what happened then prabhu? Lord Vishnu says one day, devi svada came to me, I had made her the goddess of purity because she was would be the one who gave all the people the good results of their karma. She was the goddess of purity and hence love would mean nothing in her life, she wouldn’t be touched by any man and love, lust and anything else was moh maya! If she was touched by a man, she would become impure and hence would not be goddess of purity, because such a task of giving good results of human karma was for a devi who was completely pure. But when I assigned the task to her, bhav saw her and was mesmerized by her beauty, he was infatuated. He followed her and as the devi gave all people of the world their good results of karma, bhav came. Devi svada was surprised and she asked bhav why have you come here? bhav said devi, I have been mesmerized by your beauty and fallen in love with you, I have come to ask your hand in marriage. Devi svada said bhav, I cannot do all this because love means nothing in my life, I have to do the task given to me by prabhu Vishnu and for that I shall remain pure forever. Bhav said devi, but I love you and I want you in my life so I have come to marry you and you should be proud that I a disciple of lord Vishnu who serves him has come to ask your hand in marriage, you should be proud you will get to marry me. devi svada said this is your ego bhav, you have become egoistic, but I cannot marry anyone and you should go now. bhav got angry and says devi, I never take a no from anyone and I will marry you, you have to come with me. devi svada said don’t touch me but bhav touched her and pulled her by hand. Devi svada lost all her diving glow as she became impure and lost her task. Devi svada was angry and said what have you done? Your thoughts are demonic and you are a demon, you have destroyed your life so selfishly! It was not your love but your ego and infatuation, So I curse you that from now on you will always live a demon’s life forever, only a woman will give you salvation! Bhav gets cursed and his body burns as he turns to a demon. He screams in pain and devi svada sacrifices herself in fire and turns into a statue.
Narad muni appears and he says bhav, this was your ego and you have been cursed for it. you committed a sin and now you have to suffer for it. bhav asks for forgiveness and says I realized my mistake devrishi, I am a fool to do this! I couldn’t resist myself and now I will suffer any consequences for it but please free me from my pain, I am a disciple of prabhu Vishnu. Narad muni says bhav, you will stay a demon until dwaparyug when paramavatar shri Krishna, the form of prabhu Vishnu shall help in giving you salvation.
Yashoda and all women are going towards ujjaini. As they walk, they get tired and damodar calls for some time to take rest. Everyone sit and bhadraksh appears. Damodar and all women get angry and say bhadraksh you? how dare you come here? bhadraksh smiles and says I can go anywhere, I am a ghost. And I should warn you, I wont let you all reach ujjaini through the mata ganga route because kanha will soon die. Damodar says cant you see our sticks? Have you forgotten the beatings? Bhadraksh says no one can beat me. bhadraksh uses his powers and hits damodar and attacks yashoda. Yashoda falls down but gets up in anger, she says you will do nothing to anyone and my son kanha is more than you know. Yashoda uses a stick and says you want to see the power of a woman? I will show you the power of a mother. Yashoda beats bhadraksh, thus forcing him to run away. Bhadraksh goes. Yashoda says people, we need to reach mata ganga’s lair soon. Yashoda gets up and tells everyone to continue the journey and believe in god, no trouble will touch them.
Kanha comes to the entrance of the cave with the demon. Balram comes and kanha then removes his disguise and says demon, you have to stop. Danav bhav gets angry and says you both have fooled me, I will kill you both. balram says you cannot, don’t try to fight us we will kill you. kanha says I know your suffering and I know what happened to you, but I will help you get salvation if you trust in me. Demon ties up balram as he fights him, kanha goes to resurrect devi svada to give her life back and to give salvation to danav bhav.
Balram says trust in kanha, he has said he will come back, so don’t tie me up. Danav says no, if kanha doesn’t come I will kill you all.

Precap: Balram breaks his rope to save the women from falling down the valley. Kanha resurrects devi svada and tells her to give danav bhav salvation by killing him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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