You and me (Shivika– prologue)

“The more we live a lie, the real it becomes”

To escape the truth, Anika lied.

But with time, this lie starts to become the reality of her life. It starts to consume the truth.

Will she be able to muster the courage to tell the truth to Shivaay? Or will this lie become the reality of her life?

She’s happy but truth can’t be hidden for long. It always find a way out.

What will she do if the truth comes out? If it does her world will shatter. Everything will be broken.She will lose whatever she has. Will she tell the truth before it’s too late?

What will happen if Shivaay gets to know the truth from someone else? His heart, his trust will be broken. The heart is soft and fragile but when broken it gives you the most terrible pain. With his heart and trust broken he will be broken too. And this time it might be forever.

Read the story to find out what is the truth and what has Anika lied about. How this lie starts to become the reality of her life. What will happen when the truth is revealed. Will love bloosom?


A/N- Hey guys! This is my second work on shivika. I hope you like it and enjoy the story. The next update will be very soon. Well for all the readers of how I met my healer. I’m extremely sorry. I am going to update it by Sunday. I promise. I apologize for leaving it in mid way.

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