Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ruhi at school ,She calls Riya . Riya gets happy seeing Ruhi didi and hugs her.. Ruhi says to Riya , I have started all preparing to celebrate your birthday. Riya says wow didi thats awesome. Please tell me what we are going to do. Ruhi says we will have much fun.There will be dance, music , magic show and too much fun.. She asks Riya to give her friends list so that she can invite her friends for her grand birthday party.. Riya says wow Didi you planned so much for today evening. Ruhi says, I have planned for next weeks. Riya tells her , today is her birthday so party will be today only.
Ruhi says what , Riya says yes MY mother is so busy so i planned for next week . but my birthday is today. And she gets sad because its not possible to prepare for party so soon. Ruhi cheers her up and says dont worry I will make everything fine. Riya gives list of her friends and hugs Ruhi. The School bell rings and Ruhi asks her to go in class and wish her very happy birthday. Ruhi thinks to take help from Ishimaa.

At Bhalla house Mani asks Shagun what is she thinking and this mangalsutra in your hand. Shagun says its very precious thing in my life. She says when you were away from me, I realised that you are very important for me. Mani hugs shagun. Ishita and Raman knock at door. She says mani sorry to disturb , we are here only to asks how are you feeing now ? Mani says I am feeling better now.
Mani says sorry to Raman , Because of me you have to suffer so much..
Raman says whats your fault in it mani, We were all victims of the situation thats it. Mani says yes Shagun told me everything what happened in my absence.
We are very thankful to you both . you took care of Shagun when she gets her memory loss..Ishita says you are our family members, Its not only our duty we have right to take care .
Raman says Mani to give his statement to Inspector Vijay . He asks him to go to police station. Mani says yes why not. He also says to shagun I m feeling better now so we will go to our home. Ishita says no, you cant go anywhere until you get perfectly fine, you have to stay here only . She asks them to go police statation and finish this matter first. Raman gets call from Inspector Vijay. He tells mani that inspector arrested some goons . he wants you to identify who kidnapped you.
Ruhi comes home taking many gift bags. NIkhil asks her ,if you are planning to make happy mani uncle . She says no its for Riya’s birthday celebration. She says I promised Riya to make her birthday very special. Nikhil offers to help her. He saks if she booked hall for birthday. Ruhi says no I was thinking to celebrate at home. Nikhil says her children cannot play at home so they will not be happy. I have an idea , I have some place that will be perfect . Ruhi gets impressed . NIkhil says I am useful for you but you dont need my help ans wish her all the best. Ruhi stops him and asks him to help you will enjoy also.

At police station Inspector says sorry to Mani because he called him in this critical situation to identify goons.He thanks him for coming. Raman asks inpector if he interrogate Taneja properly ? Inspetor says yes whats the matter.
Raman says, Taneja gets arrested but I have many questions in my mind like he knows our every planning . Watchman got killed before we go there, when we went to tailor shop , Paper erased from their register. It means someone giving him every information who is freely roaming outside. Inspector says You are right Raman, He calls Taneja from lockup . Taneja shocked seeing Mani alive. Mani beats Taneja . Inspector tells him that he is Mani and He killed Prakash. He aska him to tell who was helping him. Taneja tells Ashok Khanna. Ishita , shagun , raman, mani get shocked. Taneja tells Ashok wanted to send Raman to Jail. When I killed Mani , I told this to Ashok. After that Ashok planned everything, how to frame Raman in this murder.He wanted to take revenge from Raman . Raman asks Ishita to take Mani at home I have some important work.
Raman beats Ashok . Police asks Raman to control himself, we will handle him. Police arrests him to help a murderer as per Taneja’s statement.
Nikhil comes in taxi to take Ruhi. They have an eyelock. He says “you are looking like its your birthday. you are looking so beautiful so preety.” Ruhi smiles and thanks him. He asks where are girls, Ruhi says they are getting ready . They will come along Kiran Aunty. And I was waiting for you and you are late.He welcomes her..
Adi on phone. Raman asks him to spend time with her wife. she is happy after mani coming home. Adi says papa i have urgent work. I will come soon. Raman says him to spend time with family members.He says Adi “I m saying friendly if you make to make you married life happy then have faith on your wife. You had one doubt and your relation was going to break. We have to learn from Mani. He trust Shagun very much. I m very impressed. He asks him to tell why only ladies will prove their loyalty. Its our duty too to trust them. Adi tries to speak listen to him . But Raman says to understand his point. Adi says let me say something
I m going to take gift for Aaliya. I m your son, I m also romantic . He asks him when he gifted Ishima . Raman thinks He is saying right, Madrasan also deserves gift.

Bala says to shitija you are looking like princess. Shitija says without accessories how will I look like princess. He says I dont know about it. He asks Ammma. Kiran comes with accessories (ear ring, hair band). She makes her ready.

Adi tok Payal for Aliya . She gets happy .He says papa was giving me lecture on romance. By the way I learnt Romance from Papa only. Raman also took Payal for Ishita . They also have sweet moment together. Ishita says its very pretty, love it. Yeh hai mohabbatein song plays. Adi Aliya also have sweet moment.

At birthday party , Man asks Ruhi if she is satisfied with our arrangements, She says its all ok till now. Pihu asks Ruhi about Riya. She says Riya will be coming . You all be ready for surprise. Riya (Birthday girl) reached there. He Nanny says her to enjoy and says if your mother calls you . GO outside and talk . Please dont tell her about party otherwise Ma’am will kick me out from my job.
Riya says her not to worry. I promise I wont tell anything to MOm. Nanny asks her to finish party before 10 Pm . Ma’am will call you, we have to reach home before it. Ruhi comes and says she will take care of it.
At bhalla house , All ask Ishita to show her Payal. Everyone likes it. Aaliya says I have also same gift. exactly same. She asks Adi if you copied papa ? Mani says they will tell only who copied whom . Adi asks papa to tell . Raman tells how he copied Adi . he followed him. Everyone smiles. Ishita says I was thinking how could his taste is so good suddenly . Yeh hai mohabbatein song plays…

Precap: Ruhi and other girls celebrate Riya’s birthday . Riya is looking very happy..

Update Credit to: Pri

  1. Hi friends… Good episode… Ishra scene was cool… But it would have been much better if Raman made Ishita wear Payal….I think director and CVS have forgot who the lead s are …. More importance is given to all other than ishra and pihu…. Showing all romance other than ishra romance…. Now showing Kiran and shritija bond… Though story is good… Scenes are not shot properly…

    1. Not Only Ishta and ramAn r the best .. Adhiliaa are also cute and awesome than ishra. ishra don’t romance at all… u can’t always expect ishra scenes… Adhiliaa are much Ideal pair… Getting fussed on small things…

    2. It’s not about adiliya or other s… It has to be that of leads of the show…. Yhm runs purely based on ishra and pihu….

  2. I think Riya is Romi Balla and Sarika’s daughter.

    1. romi can’t bear a child! And sarika was faking her pregnancy… don’t think too much!! Non stop blabbering!!

    2. Romi never can be a father

  3. I have one question.if pihu do this to bhalla family , how they feel.i mean Riya is small child, without telling family members how she can go for can ruhi do this even though riya’s mom is different.ruhi has no right to judge and interfere in others family matters like this

    1. azuka nkwonta

      I also expected ruhi to contact riya’s mom before planning her birthday but since ruhi is ishita’s daughter she will behave like ishita. I did not expect anything else from ruhi and I also know that the writer of this serial will find a way to justify her actions.

    2. Exactly ! Too much ! Agree totally with you !cvs are stuck with the continuity .

  4. Candiva007

    No Sujatha, the baby that Sarika claimed to have for Romi was a boy. Couldn’t be Romi’s kid.

    What if Raman’s younger sister the one who married Shagun’s brother was actually alive and was pregnant and didn’t die. Riya doesn’t know who her father is and mom is always away.

  5. Director forget that ishita had gun shot injury. She get well in a single day. Great !!!!!
    Story needs a serious handling otherwise it’s going to b a big joke.
    In advance hahahahahaha

    1. Hahaha, someone said earlier that they don’t have a script to follow, just doing what comes in their mind on that particular day.what happened to Raman s new project…..

  6. Y is riya so into the balla family n who daughter is she

  7. azuka nkwonta

    Why do you always want ishra scenes all the time Hp, they are not the best pair in this serial and they don’t romance. Ishita is unromantic according to Raman and she is always shy. Look at ishita , instead of her to raise her head up and walk proudly with her payal instead she puts her head down and walked shyly towards everyone. You know what, that gift does not fit her. They should have made mani give it to shagun. There is nothing romantic about ishra. If you are expecting pihu and ishita’s scenes then I will tell you that practically with ishita ruhi is pihu’s mom.

    1. Ishu was not feeling shy… She was enjoying the feeling that Raman gifted her….she never before wear Payal….

    2. Not only hp, but all the crazy fans of ishra only expect their scenes always. I’m with u azuka. Mani and Shagun also a cute and ideal pair. as u said, ishra are not romantic at all. Ishta always over acting. Xactly ruhi became pihu and riya’s mother. Too much for a 17 year old girl to behave like an adult. Gift did not fit her at all. I don’t like her behaviour. Adhiliaa are sooo cute….

  8. o ajuka tum he is serial ki director kyu nahi ban jati bahut jyada gyaan batati ho tum parvarish par ishita par waise kitne baccho ki maa ho tum ya tumari us charu ko modi ne best mother ka price diya hai jo ishita ko sikh deti ho blo*dy hell tum koun ho ye decide karne wali ki dt par kya suit karta hai kya nahi apni anita ko dekha hai dt se jyada dark colour itna make up karti hai dhai kilo ka badhi ayi dt ko gyaan batane wali

  9. Anyone excited about ruhi and nikil I think this is the start of a relationship for them rukil

  10. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is no doubt a centre of mysteries where one mystery opens after another with making its viewers hooked to the show.

    And our brilliant couple Raman and Ishita is viewers beloved as every mystery is solved through Ishita and Raman’s unity which resembles a good example of family.

    In the upcoming episode another mystery of Riya’s father will make viewers hook because this has some secret connection with Bhalla family.

    Ruhi digs out Riya’s father mystery

    Further in the track to come Ruhi has promised to bring Riya’s father back to Riya…

    While Riya is waiting for her father, Ruhi is trying her level best effort to find Riya’s father.

    It will be seen that Ruhi will unfold this mystery on Riya’s birthday in Riya’s grand birthday celebration party.

    In between Ruhi will get shocked when Ruhi will find Riya and Nikhil’s familial connection.

    But what is this familial connection… is Nikhil being Riya’s father?

    Is Nikhil Priya’s husband?

    It would be very exciting to watch this upcoming mysterious storyline.

    Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

  11. I was feeling very sorry for Ishitha as she got a common gift. Why couldn’t Raman living with her so long time couldn’t gather her taste. And Div acting showing her emotions the gift is superb. I don’t want Ruhi and Nikhil to be a pair Ruhi who is 17 does all other jobs rather than studying where as her same age cousin Shravan is co concentrating on studies. Why can’t Nikhil and Ruhi be a pair of friends rather than a couple. This drama shows young adults of Ballah family does not have any priority than hitching.

  12. Lunghile Mabena

    Lol Azuka you really dnt like Ishita but anyway good episode…finally Adiliya are good everything is sorted

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