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Welcome To “Dil Ka Connection” Readers…. As You Are Here, It Means You Are A Fan Of Aman and Roshni aka ROSHAN…. I Hope Uh Enjoy “DKC” ….


“Aman Junaid Khan, aap ek ache bete, ache bhai, or ek ache dost toh bangye, par ek ache Shohar nhy ban paye” said a woman while Aman Junaid Khan stood with his head low….

“Apne meri farishte se dil ki beti ka dil tod diya, aap kabhi khush nhy reh payenge” said the woman once again….

“Kabhi nahi” said the woman and vanished….

Aman jerked up from his sleep, beads of sweat shining on his forehead….

‘Kyun har baar mujhe yeh khwaab aata hai, kon hai yeh aurat jo har baar mujhse yeh kehti hai, or na jane kyun mai har baar unka chehra nahi dekh sakta’ thought Aman….

He freshened up, and went downstairs…. The living room was too quiet for his liking….

“Baazigar” shouted Aman, and Baazigar was on his shoulder within seconds…. Aman turned Baazigar into his stick, and pointed it towards the wall….

“Kia Mifa” said Aman and his family was seen in the vision…. All were seen at the Temple…. He smiled and took out his magical door and was off to the Temple….


So what do uh guys think about this?? Is it interesting?? Lemme know so I would continue further….?

Keep Smiling ?

  1. Roshan FF. Can’t wait for more. In this time of lockdown and stay at home. This is like a breath of fresh air. Please continue.

  2. It is very interesting, just a pity that Google does not translate the sentences into Indian

    1. Naaz21

      I Know Right…. ?

  3. I think u should hav posted more about Roshni and all so that we rate it better. But still waiting for more.

    1. Naaz21

      Thanks for the advise…. ?

  4. MaddieDaddie9966

    Wow, really interesting…As a Roshan fan, I would love to keep reading more episodes of your ff…Keep continuing ?
    Just a small request; I would be glad if you could post the dialogues in English too along with the Hindi version, as I am not well versed in Hindi ? This could actually help not only me, but also others who have problems with understanding Hindi..
    Thank you in advance ?

    1. Naaz21

      Thankuh, will try that too…. Thanks for the advise…. ?

  5. @Naaz21
    Your ff seems interesting,its start was gr8 as well??. I want to see how you progress roshan love story.
    All the best for your ff naaz??.

  6. If you update more about the story it will interesting…

  7. The name of the story shows their love ❤?just waiting for reading the story….!# Dil ka connection!!!

    1. Naaz21


  8. Nice update. I want roshan romantic scenes more because the topic is that only na hope you are not like that tv serials which only have fights

    1. Naaz21

      Then you are at ri8 place, and myself hate fights….?

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