Ishq-E-Kismat Episode 3 – A New FF Tashan-e-Ishq

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So here is epi 3


A Scared Twinkle is rushing down the stairs to avoid yuvi
She collides with Mahi
Mahi (worried)-Are u alright twinki??
Mahi takes twinkle to canteen
Mahi-Twinki relax yaar,pls stop behaving like a small child
Why are you so scared of that guy
He seems to be from a decent family
Maybe he just wants to befriend you
He just wanted to know your name.
Twinkle -Mahi why the hell is he stalking  me
N he said he will call me baby doll
What nonsense is all this
N if I tell maa about this,she will get extremely worried
I don’t understand what to do.
Mahi-Listen first of all stop over-reacting
See don’t worry and pls Don’t involve Aunty in all this.
Twinki I am there with you
We will be together most of time
N i will drop you home
If he does something more
We will inform our parents
As of now I guess u chill pls
This is nothing serious
He is just trying to be friendly
Twinkle agrees
But still seems anxious
Scene shifts
It is night time
Kunj is sitting near window
He tries alot to resist
But cannot
N finally takes out his violin
He plays some romantic melodious tune and Flashes of twinkle appears before his eyes
He is smiling
Scene shifts
Twinkle,Kunj, yuvi and mahi all are shown to be attending class
Yuvi keeps on making twinkle uncomfortable with his stares
While twinkle and mahi are always shown to be together
Twinkle keeps frequently talking to Kunj
And Kunj has become her secret admirer
A couple of weeks pass by
Twinkle is seated in class
Yuvi enters
Twinkle starts feeling uneasy
She calls mahi
Mahi (in a sleepy voice)-twinki I am so so sorry I cannot attend lectures tdy I am having fever
Twinkle gets worried-Mahi yaar in morning u said u will come late.You should have informed me that you are not coming I would have also stayed back at home
That boy Yuvraj has come and as usual is staring me
Even Kunj has not come as of yet
Mahi (in a casual tone)-Arre chill
There are hundred plus students in class.You are not alone.He will not eat u up.
Pls let me rest twinki I have taken medicines
Twinkle disconnects the call.
Lecture starts
Twinkle keeps on looking at Door
Twinkle is praying that Kunj should come.
Her full focus is on the door
Lec gets over
Twinkle quickly tries to rush out
But bumps in yuvi
Yuvi (with wicked smile)-Heyy baby doll why do u get so scared of Me.I know today u are alone.Don’t worry I will drop you home.


Twinkle tries to move
She seems very nervous
Yuvi- see i just want to know u more .you are so beautiful.we can atleast talk a little.
Twinkle(gathering courage )-excuse me pls .i need to go.pls
Yuvi-no worries u go I will keep waiting here for you.Today I want to drop u home.
It starts raining
Yuvi-see it is raining so heavily pls listen to me I will drop u
Twinkle moves away
She runs through the corridors
She enters canteen
She is feeling very scared
She is confused whether she should call Leela
Just then she notices that Kunj is purchasing something at the counter
Kunj too sees her
She rushes to him
N tightly hugs him
Kunj is taken aback
Twinkle- I was waiting for you since morning.
Thank God u are here
Kunj (confused)-Hey are you OK? ?
Twinkle realises that she is hugging him
She feels awkward
She is speechless
Twinkle -Actually actually, I was not feeling well so so so
Kunj makes her sit down
He gets coffee for her
Kunj -Twinkle, I am Sorry but ,I just wanted to ask you Are you hiding something from me?
It seems you are scared
Twinkle’s thinks of telling to Kunj but feels that may be a issue would be created because she has seen Kunj and yuvi together always and feels they both are good friends she doesn’t know they are cousins
Twinkle-no It is just that mahi has not come today.n I am not used to going home alone plus I am not feeling well.
Kunj is thinking about what to say
Twinkle -Heyy can you please drop me home pls
Kunj nods-sure
Twinkle and Kunj are on kunj’s bike
It is raining
Twinkle doesn’t have any rain coat
Kunj gets down from bike
N removes his coat n gives it to twinkle
She smiles
Kunj is riding bike in rain
Twinkle is busy looking if yuvi is around
All of a sudden some dogs start chasing bike
Twinkle gets very scared and firmly holds Kunj
She is actually yelling
Kunj assures her
Kunj picks up more speed
Twinkle is literally sticking Kunj
It is a intense back hug
Kunj is enjoying the feel
Muskuraane ki wajah tum ho
Gun guna ki wajah tum ho plays in Bg.
Leela rushes outside
Seeing twinkle
Leela(worried)-Twinkle I was so worried for u ur phone was also not reachable get in come on .u have got so drenched
Twinkle-maa relax , Atleast meet my friend Kunj.He came all the way to drop me n because of his rain coat I got saved from getting more drenched.
Leela-ohhh so sorry beta actually I was so worried that ….I am so sorry Pls come in pls
It is raining heavily pls wait in our house till rain recedes.
Kunj hesitates-No Aunty It is ok
I will manage.
Twinkle grabs him by hand and takes him in.
Scene shifts
Twinkle has changed
Kunj sneezes twinkle offers him towel
Her hair is all wet and she is looking stunning
Kunj is lost is her beauty
Leela comes there with coffee.
They are shown to be talking
Latter Kunj leaves
Twinkle and Leela thank him
Leela-Twinkle, Kunj is an amazing boy.
Twinkle smiles
Kunj in his room recollects the entire day n happily gushes.
Precap-Kunj is studying in library, Twinkle sits next to him
Kunj feels distracted by her presence
Latter they are shown to be studing together
Twinkle is shown to be making some funny sketches on kunj’s book
They giggle
And suddenly twinkle sees yuvi coming there and gets nervous
She leaves
Kunj goes behind her.
Kunj-Twinkle whats wrong? ?Why do you get so scared of yuvi I have noticed this always.
Twinkle narrates something
Kunj seems angry.
He goes to talk to yuvi.
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