YHM Yeh pyaar Na Hoga Kam episode 7

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Hii sweet ppl,
Thanks a lot everybody for ur kind wrds it made my day
tysm dear all
thanks alot my dear silent readers
From today this story will be core ishra ff
we will witness their past for few episodes
I hope u all will enjoy it

Ff took 2 yrs leap
Adi n Aliya r getting engaged after establishing their careers
Ishita has not met Aliya’s father before engagement
she is shocked to see mihir n she becomes dumbstruck to realize that Raman is Aliya’s Chachu
Raman leaves from engagement venue
n Ishita goes to her room n takes out dairy titled ishra

So now its flashback (30 years ago) n this fb will continue for many episodes

Two row houses r shown
A loud Punjabi voice is heard
”Fithe mukh whose dog is this he has urinated in my garden ohhhh pardosan come come take ur dog away”
A south Indian woman comes rushing she picks up lil puppy
(south Indian woman is young Amma n punjabi lady our fav Toshi)
Amma to puppy-ile ile beta y u did susu here bad very bad
Toshi-ohh madam love ur beta after wards first clean this he spoiled my garden, u ppl just shifted yesterday n today ur dog spoiled my garden
Amma-ile not dog lil puppy muttu
Toshi-ha ha ha ha ha ha muttu did susu ha ha ha ha ha mad woman giving name to dog
Amma-hey u stop laughing u motti

Toshi-u called me motti, u madrasan ….
They both start quarrelling
Raman comes he tries to intervene but Toshi asks him to stay away
Ladies dnt seem to stop
Raman is getting worried
suddenly our beautiful Ishita walks in
she has long black straight hair
she is wearing pink anarkali suit
Raman looks at her

Ishita (softly)-Amma what happened y r u fighting
Amma-ile ishu am not fighting this moti is fighting
Toshi-oye ur dog did susu in my garden n ….
Amma-puppy’s urine is good for ur plants I willnot clean
Toshi-ur muttu’s urine smells like u smell bad

Ishita goes to her garden she comes with two roses n some mud
she gently puts mud on urine n put petals of rose on it
Ishita (softly)-Aunty ji now u willnot get any smell it will get absorbed sorry to trouble u rose for u
(she gives her rose)
Toshi smiles n takes it
Raman looks on with wide smile
Amma leaves

Om jai jadish hare is heard
Raman goes near window n enjoys the voice
Its Ishita doing Arti
Toshi-How come this bitter madrasan has such a sweet daughter??

Raman nods
Ishita gives Prasad to amma n appa

Ishita comes to Bhalla house
Raman opens door
Ishita-Hi we just shifted yesterday I have got Prasad of our first arti
Raman takes it Ishita is about to leave
Raman-Hi ishu am Raman

Ishita (with smile)-am Ishita ishu is nick name
Raman-ohh sorry heard refering u that way anyways u ended fight so well I was unable to do anything
Ishita-Actually I dnt like fights but auntyji got very angry
Raman-yah n ur mom wasnt ready to compromise
Ishita-no but y shd she even ur mum made issue out of small thing
Raman-But ur mom called her moti
Ishita-Actually u Punjabi’s r
Raman-hey not a word against Punjabi ur muttu is no less stupid dog
Ishita-hello mr he is a puppy

Raman-u said u dnt like fights
Ishita-Am not fighting u r fighting
Both quarrel
Ishita puts ladoo in his mouth
Ishita-U r Raman n not Ravan so learn to be sweet goodbye

she leaves

Raman’s pov-jansi ki rani hain aur bolti hain she hates fights

Ishita is standing on bus stop
Raman passes by on bike
He stops
Raman-madam Punjabi’s r very courteous too come sit I will drop u
Ishita-no thanks, madrasan’s r independent
Raman-dnt be stubborn its going to rain please come
Ishita-I know u r trying to trouble me

Raman-silly lady am helping u
they again quarrel
meanwhile bus comes n Ishita who is busy fighting misses it
Raman laughs
Ishita-because of u I missed my bus drop me
Raman starts riding
Raman-am getting late bye
Ishita forcibly sits

Raman-where?atleast tell that
Ishita-gsk library
Raman-library to read books ha ha ha
Ishita-mind ur business ravan Bhalla

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  1. Radhikaji

    Wonderful write up…

  2. Wow superb dear update soon

  3. Oh goodness nice story, Rushi…..

    I love it. This is where they first met like Yeh Hai Mohabattein but little twisted!!!! So cute.

  4. superb start to ishra loves story…sweet ishita suddenly showed her jansi ki rani avatur and their nokh jhok totally loved it…

  5. Kumud

    Lol love their first meeting and their funny fight

  6. Radhikaji

    Madly badly waiting for the next. …

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