Aru and Om enter the watchman greets Aru and so does she.

Om: Aradhya what are we doing here?
Aru: Just come Om you will get to know.
Om silently followed, they entered the first wing.
Om’s attention was derived by a patient shouting in a word.
Om gulps his own saliva.

Aru: He is a drug addict in a very serious stage, first he use to inhale drugs, then he began eating them, then injections and finally even when they also stopped working he went for snake venom.
Om looks at her shocked and speechless.
Aru looks at him and continues.
Aru: Yup! Snake venom that was only left now he is juggling with his life and cursing it praying to die every single minute. His mother is the only one left in his life, she wants him to be back to normal but there is no hope left moreover his mental condition has also started depleting with time.
Om looked on sweating himself and unable to bear the situation but something bound him to hear Aru.

They moved ahead and were encountered by a women’s wails. Om looks through the ajar door and finds the women cursing her life and beating her chest.

Aru: Her husband blindly kept administrating drugs in her body to fulfil his desires, he didn’t even leave her during her pregnancy; she lost her child. It was her third child and now she has lost her power to bear a child even.

They move ahead and find a women on wheelchair being escorted by a nurse.

Aru: Doctor’s negligence. (Om looks at her, where she passes an awkward look) What? Even doctors can be wrong at time. But all are not. Sad for her, she is a coma patient. Doctors kept administering wrong and huge amount of drugs and she became an unnecessary victim.

Their next encounter happens with a child of barely 16 to 17 years, he seems to be dull and unaffected by the world around, his eyes are big with dark circles and he has a lean figure, he is being supported by two ward boys.

Om: He is a kid.
Aru looked at that boy and spoke.
Aru: Aryaman 16 years. (she sighs) Adolescence not only one of the most beautiful but even most vulnerable phase of life. An age of physical, psychological, mental and even biological development.

Everything seems to be too tempting at this age. Curiosity, adventure, excitement, experimentation and sometimes even peer pressure. All this pulls innocents to the vicious circle leading to abuse of drugs. He took it due to depression and regular negligence from family and friends. He doesn’t even has a control over himself now. You know what first intake can be due to experimentation or curiosity but then it became a way for him to escape problems and stress. Some feel it to be cool and swag but that’s un true. His family has even disowned him and now he has lost all his hopes on life. You know Om what a drug addict needs the most to get away from addiction, isn’t medical help but family support.

Om looks at her but she refuses to continue finding the time to be incorrect for her to speak this now.
They keep walking and their steps lead them to a garden that is in middle of the hospital vicinity. Om smiles seeing few kids playing their but his smile soon vanishes into thin air looking at the condition of kids. The kids there were paper thin, their growth was stunted, some of their heads were hanging and their shoulders were bowed unable to hold the huge weight of their respective heads, they were walking with difficulty but still a sweet smile adorned their faces. This was enough for the long held tears in Om’s eyes to trail their way down his cheeks but Aru she just smiled seeing those kids play.

Aru: Seeing them I can say still hope survives somewhere or other.
Om with chocked voice: What…happened… to them?
Aru: Few of their mothers used drugs during their pregnancy although in a mild amount but still drugs are drugs they will show their effect at any cost.
Om looked on sadly rubbing his tears off.

Om jerks ahead as someone hits his leg from back actually a child dashed with his legs.
Omadhya (Om+ Aradhya) look at the person, Aru smiles naughtily seeing the kid.
Aru: Oh so Miss. Lafantar is back.
She says ruffling kid’s hair, while the girl shoos off her hand in irritation.
Om looked at them confused and questioningly.
Aru: She is Ira and Ira this is Omkara.

Ira forwarding her hand and in her sweet voice says
Ira: Hi Omi.
Om smiles and bends to her level and shaking his hand with her says
Om: Hi Ira.
Both shake their hands, Ira’s one touch brings a new life in Om, he feels like he has encountered the most pious and blissful soul on earth, her presence gives him hope. Seeing Ira Om’s eyes again dwell up with tears but he wipes them off before they could fall.
Aru: Om, Ira lives in the adjoining foster house and comes here often to play with the kids.

Om smiles at her. Ira forwards her both the hands and Om picks her up in his arms. All the while his mind is wondering and remembering a few past moments.
Om: How old are you Ira?
Ira showing two fingers from her right and two from her left says
Ira: 2+2=4. Four years.
Both Omadhya look shocked, while Ira claps her hands in the joy of her success of calculating her age.
Aru pulls her cheeks and says
Aru: So you began Miss. Lafantar.
Ira pulls Aru’s cheeks and says

Ira: Yes Miss. Latalpatal.
Om laughs at her word and Aru as well. While Aru annoyed with Ira’s action slightly rubs her cheeks.
Aru pressing Ira’s nose with her finger says: It’s latarpatar not Latalpatal.
Ira now pressing her finger on Aradhya’s nose in the same way Aru did cutely says
Ira: It’s you so you would only know better.
Om bursts out laughing seeing the naughty girl make fun of Aru, while Aru shows fake anger to both.

Aru: Om here she is teasing me and you are laughing.
Om: What to do Aradhya first you only started and now you are complaining.
Ira gives a million dollar and cutest smile on seeing Om supporting her and says
Ira: Look Miss. Latalpatal, handsome is also with me.
Aru: Stop it Miss. Lafantar. You both have teamed up and I am alone. So now you are making fun of me.
Om: Okay guys stop it both of you.

Ira: Okay only as you are saying. Otherwise this Latalpatal doesn’t know the power of a common girl.
Omadhya laugh at her sweetness.
After a while Ira leaves, Om feels that she took his soul also with herself.

After Ira leaves Om comes out of his fantasy world and the realisation strikes him hard, he looks around just to meet the unknown faces with known pain. He becomes restless.
Om: Aradhya let’s leave.
Aru not willing to worsen his situation agrees with him and both leave from there.

As soon as Omadhya reach all crowd them and bombard Om with questions like: How was his day?, Where did they go?, How was he felling? and so on…
But Om silently slipped into his room leaving all of them perplexed. Aru explains them everything.

Om’s past revelation.


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Stay happy
Keep smiling
Live your life for a cause.
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