YHM Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam Episode 4

Hello My Dear readers,
I guess u ppl r not enjoying my this ff
silent readers please let me know ur opinion too
Friends I have complete story ready for this ff
but that involves adiya atleast as of now
but definitely am not going to disappoint ishra fans
so please let me know if u want me to continue writing?
Should I stop this ff
if I continue within 4 -5 episodes a major twist will come so please let me know

Friends I have something else also going on in my mind
Have u all seen colors new show Dil se Dil tak’s promo
They puzzle us saying what is jasmine’ s relationship with siddhart n rashmi
So what u think what could be mystery
I tried n my mind says
could be this is on tracks of bollywood hindi movie Chori Chori chup chupke (Salman, preity, Rani)
According to me maybe Rashmi is unable to conceive n Jasmine may be a surrogate mother
what u all say (just for fun what could be this unique relationship)

kumud dear ishita isn’t a dentist in this ff Ishita is a single mother they r nt rich they r middle class
Ishita works in Ashok’s office Ashok keeps passing cheap remarks to ishu, ishu decides to wrk overtime to finance Adi’s studies
Aliya wants to impress Adi.

Simmi n Aliya r in principal’s room
Principal-Mrs Bhalla Ur daughter she crossed all her limits yesterday cultural programs are organised to display talent n not to act indecent
Vjti has some norms

Aliya makes faces
simmi (pleading tone)-I apologize on her behalf sir she will never repeat

(In college corridors)
Simmi (in hurt tone)-Aliya I told u, wear decent act…….
Aliya (irritated tone)-ohh please wasnt that old princi’s lec enough that u started
n clothes u ask me to wear r fit for temple
u have no dressing sense

Simmi is hurt
she leaves tear eyed
Adi has over heard them
He makes disappointed face

(In class)
Adi is attentively listening to Lec
Aliya is admiring him
She suddenly takes out a tissue ppr n writes
”Coffee at Zeal Cafe at 5 pm”
She throws it at Adi
he opens it
He makes angry face n tears it
Aliya is disheartened

Boy-Aditya prof has called u in lab
Adi goes in lab
Adi looks in lab for prof
suddenly he notices that doors of lab r shut
Adi gets worried
He knocks at door
”is somebody there ”

There r fumes in lab
He starts coughing
suddenly he hears a girl’s cough
Its all foggy
He goes inside
He sees Aliya In one corner
She is about to faint n
coughs alot
Adi goes near her
He gets tensed
Aliya hugs him she continues coughing
He lifts Aliya in arms
”Aee Dil hain mushkil”plays in bg
He brings her near door
A poen opens door
many students have gathered
He makes Aliya sit on bench He makes her drink water

Aliya is in her room
She receives a msg
”Hi this is Aditya I hope u r fine now”
Aliya drafts reply with smile

Two days latter
Aliya sits next to Adi in class
Aliya-Hi I wasnt well so didn’t attend two days will u please help me with notes

Adi n Aliya r in library
Aliya keeps adoring
Adi helps her
Aliya-Thanks alot can we be friends please n am sorry for my first day remark
if u have forgived me please join me for coffee please

Adi smiles
Adi-Now that we r friends no thanks no sorry please

Adi goes to order
A boy comes to Aliya’s table
Boy-u r great Aliya so finally u succeeded in making Adi ur friend
what a plan it was to trap him
u in lab that artificial smoke
ur acting n finally u made way in his arms
Aliya (nasty smile) Am the best n thanks for getting Adi to lab n also locking us
Adi-Miss Aliya u r not best u r the most disgusting person I have ever come across
my first opinion about u was perfect
what else shd I expect from a girl who gets pleasure in hurting her mom
Aliya stay away from me
Am here to study
my fees r paid from my mother’s hard earned income
not like u
I value education n my mother’s efforts
Stay away

He leaves.

  1. Amamzind and pls don’t discontinue your ff !!!
    Even I think Dil Se Dil Tak has some story like the movie as I had read it ok serial gossip.com

  2. nice episode i m waiting for ishra scene pls continue soon

  3. Nice dear but I like ishra love story

  4. Lisa

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Rushi…baby Lisa lobed it…no this ff is not bad…I’m just waiting for ishra epi…waiting for next one

  5. Hey pls continue dis one its awesome… I’ve read ur previous ff dil ki nazar se dekho and I seriously loved it…

  6. Please continue…. It’s really good!!! I read ur ff everyday!!! And please update regularly… I am excited for the next one!!!

  7. wow superb continue pls pls it nice and post it soon

  8. don’t stop it yaar…it’s true i love to see ishra…am waiting for them…u can make this ff the way u plan…

  9. Kumud

    Wow totally different and fantastic

  10. Radhikaji

    Sorry rushi…so sorry. …I didn’t comment till now….was busy with some important work…so sorry. …and as always. .nice update….but to match other write ups of yours you need to introduce raman. …

  11. Radhikaji

    Please Update…..NEXT one

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