Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 21




“Did he do something?” I rolled my eyes into another planet , literally. I was beyond annoyed this time and my mind couldn’t just think of anything else expect the fact that I had to see him today too. Yuvi cleared his throat probably irritated as I didn’t reply.

“He didn’t. Plus , I would have chopped off his balls” I responded back to Yuvi and he let’s out a sigh of relief before nodding satisfied that Kunj by any means didn’t hurt me.

Letting out a deep breath , I tossed the necklace on the bed and sat on the bed dropping my head into my hands. “I just don’t feel like doing all this…” I gestured my hand and shook my head. “Getting ready for my own birthday party..just doesn’t so appealing”

Yuvi chuckled pacing towards me and he sighed crouching down on his knees. “Just because you saw Kunj doesn’t change the fact that you allow yourself to collapse. You are more stronger than this. Let that ass know that you can have fun by yourself”

I nodded half heartedly and he smiled patting my arm. “Better! Now go and change. I wouldn’t want to see Mahi angry” I chuckled and nodded as he went out smiling.

I better hurry up else I’m gonna be late. After rushing out of the bakery in the afternoon, I had to apologize to liya and make up an excuse about having an emergency at home. And well, I wasn’t gonna act all cliché and totally a pathetic heart broken girl.

And we now here I’m. Getting ready for my birthday which I being dumb decided to do it in a club , instead of having a boring birthday party and inviting the sulking business men and women.

Shoving my thoughts away , I quickly changed into the dress that Mahi had brought. It was perfect , black in colour with laced sleeves and the dress reached up to my ankles. I paired them up with black heels and pearl necklace that dad forced me to buy.

Yeah! He wanted to fulfill his responsibilities in a way like this.


“s*xyyy” instead of rolling my eyes or passing out a remark , I blushed deeply as someone said that and I heard him whistle as we entered the club which.was.decorated. breathtakingly .

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Friends and some of my staff members came out yelling as I smiled at them gracefully. I felt happy, happy that yes , I’m important for some people. So stop sulking and enjoy the moment Twinkle.

After about half an hour, I heard Mahi cheer as she came running with the waiters who were carrying the cake and I laughed silently at her excitement . They placed the cake and I gasped eyeing it.

It was the most Beautiful cake I had seen. Scratch that , it was mesmerizing. It was a big rectangular one , nothing special about you may say but it had a freaking big picture of me , Mahi, Rey, Yuvi and Maira designed on it.

It was a few months back , when we were at a Coachella, and the picture is perfect. Rey is fake crying in it as I grab his cotton candy while Mahi being the weirdo she is , is sitting on the ground with her hands in the air and tongue stuck out.

And talk about love smitten puppies , Maira and Yuvi are standing close to each posing as if they are about to kiss.

“This so damn gorgeous” I smiled brightly eyeing her and gave her a bone crushing hug. “Twinkle…I can’t breathe” obviously Mahi and her tantrums. I laughed pulling back and I started cutting the cake smiling gratefully.


“Let’s dance!!” I heard everyone yell as they disappeared onto the dance floor and I sat back on the couch tired as hell. Yeah , I’m lazy. I laughed eyeing everyone as no one was probably aware of what a terrible hangover they were gonna have when they wake up.

My smile dropped and suddenly I felt nauseous as I spotted a familiar figure around gazing over at me but I ignored the stares and turned around to grab a drink.

I lead my way to the bar and grabbed a can of beer lying across and opened it taking in a huge sip. After a couple of minutes, the beer was already kicking in and I grabbed another can and ended up having about three of them with a few shots.

I felt light headed and tried to stand up but failed and fell down on my bum. My eyes widened but no longer I was embarrassed and I started laughing. I clenched my stomach laughing hard and just stayed there on the floor eyeing at the lights but I couldn’t because they were so bright.

After struggling a few times, I finally stood on my heels and walked around but from the corner of my eyes I could still feel that man looking at me. Pffft! You are drunk Twinkle!

I marched up the stairs and happily skipped around the hallways finally coming across a huge lounge. “Woah!!” I breathed out eyeing a group of people sitting in a circle. “May I join?” I squeaked out of the blue and they look at me surprised.

But then doubled over laughing hard as I joined along. “Why are…you..Guys..laughing??” I ask still laughing and they shrugged. “We are wasted” I hear a guy yell and I laughed again. “Me too” I responded yelling.

“Wanna join us?” I nodded and sat along with them in a circle. “What are we doing?” I asked excitedly and a girl spoke , “truth and dare” I frowned immediately at her respond.

“No!! It’s dare and dare” I opposed and their eyes widened. “Realllllyyy?” they all simultaneously ask surprised and I nodded. “You get a dare or a dare….easy!” I exclaimed and they nodded clapping. “You are a genius!! You invented the words most awesome game”

A guy probably 18 cheerfully said and I beamed at him. “Yeah right! She’s quite a genius” I heard someone speak from behind me scoffing loudly and we all turned our heads. “KUNJJJJ!” I screamed in horror and they all gasped.

“Who’s he??” the same guy ask whispering way to loud. Suddenly, I burst out into tears and shook my head. “HE WAS MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR” I shouted as tears streamed down and I looked at the side to see the small group of people shedding tears with me.

“Was?” a brunette sniffed , rubbing her nose and I nodded. “Enough! You need to go home” Kunj speaks and I could see the amusement in his voice as he wrapped his arms around my back and swiftly held me. “NO!NO! LEAVE ME! HELP”

He was near the stairs and I had to go back to my…to my bunnies who cried with me. “Kunj…” I mumbled and he stopped near the staircase looking at me. I quickly pecked his lips and his eyes widened.

Finding the perfect opportunity, I wiggled out of his arms and ran back doing a quick happy dance. “TWINKLE!” I heard him groan and sat back on my place crossing my legs. “So let’s start”

I told them and they nodded. “Twinkle..” I heard Kunj and I could feel his presence behind me. “I don’t want go…just let me play…15 minutes?” I pleaded turning to him and he looked at me for a while before nodding and sat next to me shoving the random guy away.

I giggled silently at his actions and he glared at me as I kept my forefinger on my lips. “I’m going to spin the bottle” I clapped and stepped ahead to spin the bottle and after a few seconds , it landed on the same guy who called me a genius.

“Go genius guy go!” I cheered as they all joined me. “I dare you to…give a lap dance to me” a girl with red hair speaks smirking and I clasped my hand against my mouth and shifted closer to Kunj. “This is so bad..” I whispered shaking my head and he looked at biting his lower lip as if trying to hide his smile.

“I know…so bad” He shook his head and I giggled. “What?..” He asks confused but still had a smile on his face. “Shouldn’t I be kicking your ass right now?” his smile dropped and he rolled his eyes. “But you won’t believe that I didn’t faked it..”

I think I hear him mumble but I shook my head concentrating on this. After a couple of turns , finally it was mine and I jumped excitedly. “I dare you to…kiss me dumbhead” the genius guy spoke and I smirked. “Ahan!”

I nodded and walked up to him as I leaned in closer and stroked his jaw and he smirked. I pulled back a little not wanting to be too mean about what I was going to do. And in a seconds, I started throwing up on his lap and laughter could be heard.

But again , I started feeling sick and rushed away from there eyeing the nearest restroom and went inside the toilet and started throwing up. Someone moved my hair back and patted my back soothingly and I took a deep breath leaning against the wall.

“Let’s get you home” He mumbled sighing and I frowned shaking my head. “No! I don’t want to go home” I whined going out of the toilet towards the sink and he grunted. “It’s really late. Your dad must be worried”

My eyes widened and I suddenly giggled, “How did you know that?” He froze and I couldn’t help but giggle madly over him. “Uh..never mind. He went to visit a friend’s son marriage in Antarctica”

Kunj laughed at my words and I chuckled clicking my tongue, “I mean..America…he’ll be back after a week” I muttered sadly at the last part and Kunj nodded. “Okay then…you are totally wasted and I need to drop you”

I nodded and happily jumped tugging on his arm as I walked with him outside but stopped, “What about the others?”

“My driver would take care of them..alright?” I beamed at him and nodded as I kissed his cheek and I could see him trying to hide his smile. “Cute!!” I laughed running away and I heard him laugh. “Hey that’s cheating”






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