Yeshu 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu accepts Mukhiya ji’s decision

Yeshu 8th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jeevan getting back to life. Jeevan’s mother asks if she is seeing a dream. Mukhiya ji says no, this is God’s blessing which is showering on us. Jeevan hugs his mother and sees divine light in yeshu. He smiles. The people of the village talk, how can Jeevan become lively again after death and thinks Yeshu is possessed by the devil. Joseph asks Mary to take him inside. Yeshu asks why? Mary asks him to listen and takes him inside. The people think that he is in the influence of the devil. Joseph thinks how to make them understand that yeshu is the son of God. Shaitaan thinks just like Chote Samrat killed his father Herod, he will kill Yeshu too. Chote Samrat tells that his father’s image was bad, but he wanted to do so much for the people. He promises to fulfill all his father’s wishes. He says my Pita ji didn’t want anyone to sit on his singhasan. He asks the Servant to bring the fire wood. Servant brings it. Chote Samrat burns Herod’s singhasan and says new Singhasan will be brought for the new Samrat. They all cheer for him. Chote Samrat comes to Herod’s dead body and kisses on his head. Shaitaan thinks he shall meet yeshu now.

The people of the village asking them to take out yeshu. Mary prays to God and tells yeshu that they have anger, hatred against him. He says he has just love and affection for them. Joseph comes there and tells that they have to present before the villagers and they will decide.

Mukhiya ji tells that his son is fine and that’s enough for him, but villagers are fearing that Yeshu is possessing evil powers and brought Jeevan back from death. He tells that he has to take a decision against them for the villagers and says yeshu and you all have to leave from here within a day. He says Yeshu is the culprit, so my decision will be told to him. Yeshu comes there. Mukhiya ji looks at him. Yeshu is still smiling and looking at him. Mukhiya ji sits infront of him and says how to tell Yeshu to leave from here. He says what is this agni pariksha? Joseph asks God to show the way. He sees messenger standing far and goes there. He says how can villagers punish them. Messenger tells that yeshu shall move on from here for his journey.

Yeshu asks Mukhiya ji not to worry and tells that he has just love and respect for him in his heart like before. She says I have love and respect for you all and accept the ban from this nation. Maria asks Yeshu to go inside and let elders talk. Joseph comes there and says Yeshu will not go anywhere. He accepts Yeshu’s decision and promises that they will leave Misr today itself. Yeshu is still having smile on his face.

Messenger sees Shaitaan/devil coming there. Shaitaan tells that Yeshu has made a dead boy alive, now this Surakshas chakra will be vanished. He makes the Surakshas Chakra vanish and steps inside. Shaitaan plays….Devdudh/Messenger looks on. Shaitaan asks what will you do now? Messenger reminds him that he can’t hurt Yeshu. Shaitaan tells that he is going there to see Yeshu and not to harm him. Yeshu takes care of the plants for the last time and says someone else will take care of them. Shaitaan enters Misr and hears people telling that Joseph and his family will go back to their old house. Shaitaan laughs and thinks once he sees him, he will meet him in his village. He says yeshu…..

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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