Laal Ishq4 RiKara,SamAina,BeHir,RoshAn,DriKshit FF Part 8

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 8

Omkara and Jugnu were in the kitchen.

Jugnu:Please papa…bake a cake for me.

Omkara:Yes,I will..but I don’t know how to mix the ingredients properly.Unfortunately Paro bhabhi and Prerna are not here.

Jugnu:Oh papa.You will mess up.What will I do?I am in a mood o have cake.

Suddenly they heard a voice.

“I will bake the cake for you”.

They were surprised to see Gauri there.

Jugnu was excited:Mumma!

Jugnu and Gauri hugged each other.

Jugnu:You became my saviour.Otherwise papa would have spoiled a cake.

Gauri giggled.Omkara was embarrassed.

Gauri:Omkara,I will help you to make the cake.We will bake the cake together.

Omkara smiled:Yes sure.

Omkara and Gauri wore apron.Gauri was giving instructions as well as showing Omkara how to prepare cake.

Mainly Gauri was doing everything.But Omkara was helping her.

In between their eyes got stuck onto each others.

They got lost in each other.

Suddenly they both broke the eye lock.

Gauri:Tell me Omkara..what happened in Anurag and Prerna’s life?

Omkara:Ya..I will tell.



Flash back…

Anurag was doing yoga.

Unknown to him,Komolika was watching him.

Komolika:He is so health conscious.The way he does his moves is graceful.

He looks damn handsome.I can’t take my eyes off him.

When I saw his photograph recently itself I go attracted towards him.Usually all the boys get attracted to me.But for the first time I am attracted towards someone.That moment itself I decided that Anurag is mine.

Anurag got a phone call.It was Prerna.

Prerna:Hi Anurag.

Anurag:Hi Prerna.

Prerna:What are you doing?

Anurag:I was doing yoga.

Prerna:Oh..I disturbed your yoga practice.

Anurag:It’s ok.It was about to end.By the way what are you doing?You are sitting on a swing?

Prerna:Actually I was getting bored and I started swinging.I wish you were here Anurag.Without you,it’s boring.

Anurag:I am also bored without you Prerna.Now I hate holidays.Because on holidays I cannot see you.

Prerna smiled.

Anurag:In the evening I will come to the park near to your house.We will meet there.

Prerna was surprised:Really?


Komolika was getting irritated watching him blushing while talking to Prerna.

Komolika:So Anurag loves Prerna.But what is there in that girl?No problem.Now I have entered his life.I will woo him.He cannot resist my charm.

Realizing that Anurag cut the call,Komolika walked towards Anurag:Anurag!

Anurag:Hi Komolika…

Komolika:I did’nt know that you are into yoga.You have good habits.It’s good.

Anurag:Ya…yoga is a part of my life.

Komolika:Can you teach me yoga?I also want to have such good habits.

Anurag:Ok sure.Tomorrow onwards I will teach you.

Komolika:Thank you Anurag.

Anurag:Excuse me.

Anurag walked away.

Komolika:These yoga classes will be a turning point in our lives Anurag.

It will bring us closer and you will forget Prerna completely.You will remember only me.

She smirked.

Anurag reached the park.It was raining.He was drenched. Prerna was standing there with the umbrella.They smiled at each other.

Zindagi Gawa Kar Bhi Jo Zindagi Mile
Har Khushi Gawa Kar Bhi Jo Ek Khushi Mile

Rooh Se Rooh Ke Darmiyaan,
Ishq Ke Hain Hazaaron Jahan
Ya Khuda Ya Khuda Mujhko Dede Agar Ek Jahan
To Maang Lu Tere Liye, Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye

She held the umbrella above his head.

Suddenly he threw the umbrella.

Prerna:What are you doing Anurag?

Anurag:We are lovers.We should feel the rain.

Jism Paak Aankhon Mein Bhar Lu,
Saans Saans Mein Shamil Kar Lu,
Is Duniya Mein Jaan Gawa,
Tujhe Us Duniya Mein Hasil Kar Lu…

So Sitam Utha Kar Bhi Jo Ek Khushi Mile
So Jannate Gawa Kar Bhi Jo Ek Jameen Mile

He pulled her closer.They looked at each other passionately while the rain were poured upon them.

Tere Sajde Mein Sir Hai Jhuka,
Tu Ibaadat Hai Tu Hi Duaa
Maut Ke Baad Bhi Jo Mile Bandagi Ka Sila,
Wo Maang Lu Tere Liye, Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Jism Paak Aankho Mein Bhar Lu,
Saans Saans Mein Shamil Kar Lu,
Is Duniya Mein Jaan Gawa,
Tujhe Us Duniya Mein Hasil Kar Lu…
Tere Liye , Tere Liye
Tere Liye , Tere Liye(SP Show Tere Liye).



The cake got ready.Jugnu came there.

Jugnu:Wow…the cake looks so beautiful from outside.It will be so tasty from inside.

They all smiled.

Gauri cut the cake and fed Jugnu.Jugnu fed the cake to Omkara and Gauri.

Jugnu:Thank you so much mumma for this yummy cake.If you had not come here I would have missed it.If you you had stayed here permanently I could have got such nice cakes very often.

Omkara-Gauri looked at each other emotionally.

Gauri:What if I am not here?Whenever you want cake just give me a ring.I will bake cake for you.

Jugnu:That’s cool.

Gauri:Ok.I am going.We will meet later.

Jugnu:What is this mumma?You are going without feeding papa?

Gauri:Your papa is not a small child.He can eat by himself.

Jugnu:But I fed you both.So you both should feed each other.Please…

With hesitation Omkara and Gauri fed the cake to each other.

Gauri kissed Jugnu’s cheek and left bidding good-bye.





Bela took a bowl of soup

and sipped it.

Because of the burning sensation she screamed.

Raghbir became uncomfortable seeing her scream in pain and embraced her to comfort her.

Raghbir:What is this Pragati?You should take care of yourself.Right?How can you be so careless?

Bela became upset.

Bela:Raghbir..I am not Pragati.I am Bela.

Raghbir came back to senses and moved away.

Raghbir:I am sorry Bela.I …for a moment I mistook you for Pragati.I know that Pragati is not alive.Still why I can’t accept that Pragati is not with me?

Bela was very upset.

Bela:Nobody can accept that Pragati is not with us Raghbir.My face may be reminding you of Pragati.Right?

Raghbir was painfully silent.

Raghbir:The soup must have become just warm now.You drink.You are very weak.You need more strength.

Bela tried to take a sip.’s still hot.

Raghbir:Oh ho…

Raghbir took a spoon of soup and blew on it.

Then he moved forward the spoon towards her mouth.She had the soup.Like that he fed her the soup.

Sumitra who came that way got angry.


They looked at Sumitra.

Sumitra:Raghbir…this is not your Pragati.And Bela…don’t try to take advantage of your face to enter Raghbir’s life.

Bela got hurt.

Bela:Aunty,you are misunderstanding me.

Raghbir:Mom,please stop it.Bela had major surgeries.She needs peace of mind.Bela is very weak.That’s why I fed her.She is my responsibility.Please don’t see any other meaning.Please…

The irritated Sumitra walked off.

Raghbir:Bela..don’t take mom’s words seriously.

Bela:No Raghbir.I can understand what’s going on in aunty’s mind.She just lost Pragati whom she loved the most.Unfortunately because of me only she lost her Pragati and I got her face too.So naturally she will be angry with me.

Raghbir:I told you Bela..don’t blame yourself anymore.We lost Pragati because of Daksh,not because of you.

Bela was silent.



Aman and Roshni were in the church.

They prayed to God in their mind.

Roshni:God…I had lost my wish to live.But now I feel like living.I feel nice while spending time with Aman.Please make my treatment successful and give me a long life.

Aman:God..I never complained about my disease.I was satisfied with my life even when I realized that it can be short.But now I feel like living a long life with Roshni.Will you permit me to do so?Please…

Roshni and Aman looked at each other.

Roshni:Aman,what did you pray?

Aman:It’s been said that if we share our prayer with others it will may not get fulfilled.

Roshni:I did’nt know that you believe in such stuffs.

Aman:I had not believed in it.But sometimes when we really want something we may tend to be superstitious.That happened with me. are right.

Roshni remembered shouting at Aman in the church last time.

Roshni became upset.

She looked at him tearfully holding his hands:I am sorry Aman.Without knowing anything about you,I talked rudely to you in the church last time.This place was meant for peace.But I destroyed your peace.

Aman:Don’t think about that Roshni.That is over.Now we are friends.Right?

She nodded emotionally.He wiped her tears.

Aman:Now smile.

She smiled.He also smiled.




Vishaka was walking carrying a bucket of water.Suddenly she fainted.Ajitabh who saw this ran towards her and took her in his arms.

He walked to her room and placed her on the bed.

Ajitabh:Vish…open your eyes.

He rubbed her palms.

He saw a pot filled with water near by.He took it and sprinkled water on her.Vishaka opened her eyes.

Ajitabh:Thank opened your eyes.Are you fine?


Ajitabh:You fainted.What happened?

Vishaka:I was fasting.May be because of that.

Ajitabh:But why did you fast?

Vishaka:Today is my sister’s birthday.I fasted for her.

Ajitabh:You have a sister too?

Vishaka:I used to have a sister.I lost her.

She cried.

Ajitabh felt sad.He gave her a kerchief.

Aji:Wipe your tears with this.

Vish:It’s ok Sir.I don’t need this.

Aji:You need this.Wipe your tears.

Vish:Wiping tears with the kerchief does not give the emotional comfort which a hand gives.My sister used to wipe my tears with her fingers.

Ajitabh looked at her deeply.

He wiped her tears with his fingers.Vishaka looked at him in disbelief.

Vish:You wiped my tears with your hand?I can’t believe it Sir. only said that wiping tears with fingers only can give you emotional comfort.

Vish:Yes.But people wipe tears with their fingers only when the crying person is special to them.

Ajitabh was stunned.

Vish:Am i special to you?

He was embarrassed.

Vish:I mean..I was your special guest in your jail.You kept locking me inside the prison cell.

They both giggled.

Ajitabh:That’s true.You were the special con girl of my jail.

She smiled.

Vish:But I am not a con girl anymore.So I am not special anymore to you.Right?

Ajitabh was silent.

Ajitabh:Anyways ..last time you were angry with me.Today you seem to be soft towards me.So I am taking this as a positive signal.I guess your anger towards me has started melting.

She smiled.

Ajitabh:Ok,I am going.Take rest.When you break fast don’t forget to eat well.

She nodded with a smile.

Ajitabh left the room.

She smirked.

Vish:My stomach is already full.I fainted purposefully seeing you as I wanted you to feel close to me while taking care of me.I made you wipe my tears with your fingers.You did not say that I am special to you.But one day you will admit that I have become special to you.






Sanjana visited Sameer.

Sanjana:Tomorrow is papa and Maa’s wedding anniversary.We are celebrating it in a small manner.You and Aman should come.

Sameer:Sure.Your parents are lucky to have a long happy married life.

Sanjana:You are right.They both are lucky.

Sameer:Your parents look great together.They are a lovely pair.

Sanjana:You are right.They are made for each other.Roshni and I always tell them that if they act together in a movie they will win the best jodi award of the year.

Sameer:You are right.Don’t you want to get a perfect partner like your mother got?

Sanjana blushed:Who does’nt want a loving partner?

Sameer smiled:Are you waiting for him?

Sanjana:I feel that he is already near me.

They both were blushing.

Sanjana:I am waiting for him to come before me and confess his love.

Sameer:Don’t worry.He will confess his feelings at the right time.

Sanjana blushed.Sameer smiled seeing her blush.

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