Yeshu 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Magan wins the competition

Yeshu 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mary and Joseph coming to Magan’s shop and finds the jaggery balls fallen in and outside the shop. Mary asks where is Yeshu. They see Yeshu bringing jaggery ball in his hand and asking Magan not to lose hope, as they can win the competition even now. He says you had said that there is a price for everything and tells that the jaggery ball in his hand is extraordinary and they can win the competition. He stands in the centre of the fair and tells that the jaggery ball in his hand is extraordinary and nobody is competent to buy it. They ask what is extraordinary about it. yeshu says it is made of special ingredients. Aashiya says we will win. James says it is not possible. Manu says it is possible. Yeshu says it has father’s love in it. He says he had gone out with his mother and bought jaggery. He says when I came home, my father made me eat it with his hand. He says my parents’ love is attached with it. He says Magan chacha used to feed jaggery to his son in his childhood and that’s why it is very precious. A guy sats my son is of your age, but I couldn’t spend time with him and make him have food with my hand. He says I couldn’t make memories with him and asks can you give me this jaggery ball to me, and agrees to pay 100 coins. Other guy says he wants to get the jaggery ball and want to take it for his father, and to make the moment. The third guy tells that he wants to buy this jaggery ball in memory of his sister. Yeshu says he wants them to take it and asks them to decide who wants to take it.

The guy says we shall bet and decide. Joseph says three guys are fighting for one jaggery ball because of yeshu’s cute talks. Mary gives the credit to Joseph for his upbringing and love. James says the auction starts now. The three guys/merchants start the bet with 100 coins, 220 coins, 250 coins. Yakub says we want more than 1500 coins to defeat Vineet. Aashiya says do you think that anyone will buy this jaggery ball for more price. Yeshu says we shall pray to God and asks Aashiya to decorate it. yakub and Aashiya argue and try to snatch the jaggery ball. The auction ends with the bidder betting for 600 coins. The jaggery ball falls down and breaks into three pieces. Yeshu gets sad. Yakub and Aashiya gets sad too. The merchant who bought it for 600 coins, asks Yeshu to give the jaggery ball to him, says he wants to take it and go to his son. Yeshu goes to the broken jaggery balls and prays that if the merchants go empty handed, then they couldn’t get connected to their families. He picks the jaggery ball piece and finds it becoming one full jaggery ball. He thanks God and gives the jaggery ball to one merchant. Other merchant says if you had another jaggery ball then I would have taken it for my father. Yeshu takes another piece and it becomes full ball. The merchant asks how did you get other jaggery ball. Yeshu says it is God’s gift, as he wants you to make memories with your father. He asks him to feed it to his father with his hand. The merchant gives him 400 coins. Magan looks surprised. The third merchant comes there and says I wish you had another jaggery ball. Yeshu picks the third piece and it becomes full. The third merchant pays 400 coins, thanking him.

Announcement is made that whoever will earn more will be the winner, as the fair is coming to an end. Aashiya says even now Vineet is ahead. Magan says I don’t know how you made three jaggery out of 1, but you had sold 2 coins worth jaggery for 1400 coins. The head of the fair counts the coin and says both Magan and Vineet have 1400 coins. Vineet says I had 1500 coins. The guy counting tells that the game winner is two. He says you both get 5 coins each. Magan says he don’t want to share with Vineet. Yeshu brings the mud pot from Magan’s shop and tells the guy that he can announce Magan as the winner, and reminds the latter that he had bought the jaggery ball for 2 coins. Everyone gets happy as Magan is declared as winner with 1402 coins and gets a reward of 10 coins.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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