Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chedilal believes that there is a ghost in their house

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 2nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The customer is sitting and is really impressed with the foot massage of Alukik, he says that he is a really good massager so after some time Alukik hears the voice of him sleeping.

Asthik says that they should reveal the truth when they have some time, Asha however says that he should not talk like this because he still has the book of his Guru jee, this scares Asthik, he gets worried seeing Alukik then asks why is he not giving the massage, Alukik reveals that there is no need because the person feel asleep, he asks him to go and also give their father a massage, Appu mentions that there is only one way by which they can stop their father, it is to kill him which gives Appu an idea.

Appu along with Alukik and his brothers are performing the pooja in front of the photo of their father, Harbhajan Singh coming asks what are they doing, they all explain that it is their father who died and If someone tries to cause disturbance in the pooja then his soul would roam in the hotel for three days and this happened with the last customer who disturbed their pooja, Harbhajan Singh gets worried so asks them to not worry, Appu scolds Alukik asking why is he not taking care of the customer even if they are performing the pooja yet it is their duty to take care of their clients and they must not run from it, he however asks them to not worry, Asha comes out disguising himself as a guest demanding that they give him the room service which worries Harbhajan Singh who asks Asha to come with him as he would make the coffee.

Alukik is talking on the roof, Chedilal comes with a jar and asks who is he talking to, Alukik asks the ghost to wait then starts talking with his father, however Chedilal is not convinced that there is any ghost, Alukik then explains that he is talking with the ghost of Harbhajan Singh who died four years ago and since then his soul has been wandering the streets, he explains how he is wearing a polo shirt with pants and sun glasses, Chedilal gets worried and leaves the roof from the other side. Eklawya and Appu signal Alukik, parsing him for his acting.

Chedilal is in his room working, Eklawya comes running explaining that he felt the presence of some extra-terrestrial being while he was teaching the seniors, Chedilal asks what did he meant, Eklawya responds that he saw a ghost, Chedilal asks him to say it clearly, then gets worried asking who did he saw so Eklawya says that it was some Sardar je, however he doesnot believe him then Eklawya says that the chair is moving before running away, Chedilal is still not convinced however when Alukik pulls the chair, he gets scared and rushes out of the room.

Harbhajan Singh asks Alukik if the refreshments are ready, he plans to go downstairs but falls on the bed, Alukik inquires if he cannot see, he replies that he is blind without his glasses, Alukik says that they are on the table however he is not able to pick them up, Alukik hands him his glasses so he then heads down to the first floor.

Chedilal is really scared he is constantly praying, he sees Harbhajan Singh coming down the stairs so feels that he might be the ghost, he follows him secretly and hides when Harbhajan Singh is suspicious that someone is following him, they both finally see each other, they rush to the opposite directions after screaming, Harbhajan Singh once again sees down and rushes into his room, he hides under the blanket, Alukik asks what has happened, he reveals that their father has come back, Alukik asks if he was wearing pant shirt.

Sargam touches Chedilal on the back however he is really scared, she asks about his tea cup as she forgot to put sugar in his tea, he is perplexed because of the ghost and exclaims that he saw a ghost in their house, Appu and Asha ask Sargam to ask, she also asks then Asha says that he ahs been saying to cut down the hair of Alukik however Chedilal says that he saw the real ghost just like Alukik and Eklawya, Appu asks why is he believing the words of Alukik.

Alukik tries to scare Harbhajan Singh advising that he go and check in another hotel where there are no ghosts however he explains that all of his money has ended and he must stay here for two more days, Appu and Asha ask Alukik if the customer is leaving, he replies that he doesnot have any money and would not leave, Appu asks Asha to return the money but Asha says that there is no chance as he has spent the entire money, Alukik leaves saying that then he will stay for two more days.

Chedilal wakes up in the night after having a scary dream, he picks the water bottle however it is empty so he tries to wake Eklawya but he doesnot even move, Chedilal walks out of the room calling out if someone is still there, Harbhajan Singh also walks out calling to the room service exclaiming that he has to attend the bathroom, Chedilal hurriedly picks the water bottle and turns to leave when he sees the customer, they both hide after screaming, Chedilal asks him to leave however Harbhajan Singh reveal that he still has some work left, Sargam along with the brothers is coming towards the kitchen, she exclaims that they have to find their father, Appu stops her as their father is in the kitchen standing face to face with the customer.

Appu exclaims that they both think that each other is a ghost, Sargam asks if Chedilal haves a heart attack and Asha says that she should not do anything because if they come to know the truth then they would be roasted, Chedilal and Harbhajan Singh both question each other when did he die, they both exclaim that they are alive however Alukik then turns the light on and off, Chedilal along with Harbhajan Singh rush inside, Chedilal wakes Eklawya who calls everyone.

They try to convince Chedilal that there is no ghost, Asha starts asking him about the deals which are still pending when Alukik reveals that there is a way because the Singh is a doctor, Sargam orders him to bring the doctor however Appu tries to reason with her saying that for him their father is dead however Sargam doesnot listen. Alukik brings him without even allowing him to wear his glasses and he is able to save Chedilal, they both scream after seeing each other.

Chedilal apologizes to him that his sons told a lie, the customer however replies that he has paid the amount for three days and they would have already spent the money, Chedilal allows him to stay for the promised time period, he warns him sons to always take the path of the truth as nothing can happen if the do it with the help of a lie, Eklawya explains that they have gotten another booking, Asha asks if they should talk with their father, he picks up a slipper seeing which they all run away.

Precap: Chedilal says that because of the new mannequin their sales have gone up, Sargam reveals that someone stole the new mannequin, they plan to catch the thief by laying a trap and are shocked to see that it is actually Asthik.

Update Credit to: Sona

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