Yeshu 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu solves water problem

Yeshu 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mary applying lep to Yeshu’s hand and asks if he is feeling pain. Yeshu says if you blow on it with love then it will go away. The title song plays….she blows on his injuries. Yeshu smiles. Mary says I will make more lep and come. Toyseller regrets to take Yeshu’s name which made him get some many injuries on himself. Yeshu says I am happy that God saved you from the punishment for the crime, which you have not done. Toyseller says you are God for me and I know that you have divinity in yourself which nobody has. He says miracles do happen always with your hands. Yeshu says I only pray and God does the miracle. Toyseller asks did you ever think why God listens to your prayers. He says you had prayed to God and made Neema get rid of blindness. You had saved me and other lepers from the disease. He says you have taken all my pain on yourself, and I was saved as you had prayed to God for my protection. He says I am sure that you will solve this water problem. Aashiya says you said right, my Yeshu Bhaiyya is very special. Yakub says my friend will solve water problem too. Manu’s condition deteriorates and he asks for water. Toyseller says nothing will happen to you. Rabbi Guru ji wastes water and pours on himself. His men ask why is he wasting the water, when all the village are struggling to get water. Rabbi Guru ji says he wants to calm down his mind. He tells that he will mix a medicine in the water, so that he can get rid of Yeshu and then Yeshu and all the villagers will become devoted to him. Rabbi Guru ji comes to Yeshu and asks him to take the water, which he brought from his well. Toyseller says he don’t trust him. Rabbi Guru ji acts. He asks yeshu to drink water. Yeshu drinks water. Rabbi Guru ji smiles and asks him to make everyone drink, tells that everyone must be thirsty. He asks Neema to go home as her mother is calling her. Neema gets doubtful and goes. Yeshu gives water to everyone present there. Rabbi Guru ji thinks he has added something in the water, which will make them fall on his feet, and says when people sees him saving them, they will realize that he is the real messenger of God. Toyseller asks yeshu to pray to God for the water. Yeshu prays to God for resolving the water problem. He says we shall go to the well.

Rabbi Guru ji drinks water from his well and suddenly feels pain in his neck. Neema and Leena come running there. He faints. Yeshu and others go to the well. Yakub asks the people to come as God will give them water, as yeshu told. Maria thinks Yeshu is creating a problem. Leena gives medicine to Rabbi Guru ji and tells that she will call other Rabbi Guru ji from the nearby village. Rabbi Guru ji blames Yeshu and asks his wife to get him punished if something happens to him. Leena tells that God might have done this, so that you realize your mistake.

Joseph says the dead animals in the well are getting rotten and stinking and the well is dried fully. A villager says from where water will come now. Mary says let Yeshu try once. Yeshu prays to God and asks him to fill the well with the clean water. They find clouds appearing and all the dead animals vanishing from the well. Yakub tells everyone. The villagers get surprised. The water gets filled up in the well. Yeshu smiles.

Precap:Yeshu asks Mary to tell who is he and why all the miracles do happen through him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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