Namak Issk Ka 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kahani and Yug get married

Namak Issk Ka 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kahani is in the mandap. The people gossip that she is a dancer that’s why her groom ditched her.

Yug tells the family that he has to go. Gunjan grabs him and says you can’t go anywhere. Dadi says your mom is in the hospital, you can’t go anywhere.

The priest says we have to call the groom. Kahani gets up and says he won’t come, they all are right. He will not come. Kaki says my heart says he will come. Kahani says I wanted to be his bride but he made a joke of me, I was a fool to love him, trust him again but I should remember that I am a dancer. She takes off her jewelry and cries, she says I should remember nobody can love a dancer. I deserve all this. She tells the priest to curse her so that she can never dream again, never trust or love anyone again. I pray that Yug never comes in front of me. Kaki says don’t say all that. Kahani says all guests should have food, you all have worked so hard. I will leave the mandap alone. Kahani starts leaving but Yug comes there and says Kahani? She turns to see Yug standing there in a sherwani. Sajanwa plays. Yug comes to her and wipes her tears. He says I told you I will come. The flashback shows how an inspector came to the hospital and said that Yug has come to the police station to identify a dead body. Ronak said he will come with him but Yug said that someone has to stay with Saroj, he left with the inspector. The flashback ends. Yug holds Kahani’s hand and takes her back to the mandap. Yug picks up Kahani’s jewelry that she threw away and makes her wear them again. Kahani smiles at him. Yug tells Kaki to start the wedding. A girl applies tilak to Yug. Rani comes there with garlands. Kahani and Yug exchange garlands, Yug wipes her tears. He asks the priest to start mantras. The priest asks Yug to apply sindoor to her. Yug says I want to say something before this. I was taught since childhood that there are good people in this world and others are dancers. My father left us for a dancer then Ronak decided to leave Rupa for a dancer, I judged Kahani without knowing her, I didn’t know Ronak was blackmailing Kahani, I didn’t ask her side of the story, I didn’t consider has a human but as a property so before Ronak could get it, I forcefully grabbed her. I didn’t even see her pain, tears, patience, and love for her siblings. Ronak used her siblings to force her and what did I do? I forcefully married her so Ronak and I are the same. I was like him too but Kahani is very different, she opened my eyes, she showed me the right path, thank you. He says Saroj is in the hospital. Kahani says what happened? Yug says she is fine, she will be miffed when she gets to know about our marriage, my family thinks I am wrong but I can see that they are stubborn, you are my love Kahani. I did many mistakes in life but today I am doing what’s true and right. He tells Kahani that he loves her and wants to spend all lives with her, smiling with her, laughing with her, fighting with her and living with her. He says I forcefully filled your maang with sindoor before but I want to ask you today will you marry me? Kahani nods and says it’s good I have waterproof mascara on as I am crying so much. Yug laughs. Kahani says I love you a lot, you will never have to ask for anything from now on, I am yours, apply now. Yug applies sindoor to her. The priest asks Yug to make her wear mangalsutra. Yug recalls how he had made Gunjan wear it. Yug says I mistakenly made Gunjan wear our family mangalsutra but I am making you wear the mangalsutra made with love and feelings, he makes her wear a flower garland as mangalsutra. Kahani smiles. Kaki does their gathbandhan. The priest asks them to take pheras. Kahani holds Yug’s hand, they take pheras. Yug hugs Kahani. Rani comes there and hugs them.

Saroj wakes up in the hospital and asks for Yug. All family members ask her to calm down. Gunjan says the police took Yug away, he will come back soon. Saroj thinks I know where Yug is. This family will not pay for Yug’s mistake.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Anjali Sharma

    I loved to read today’s update..
    But I don’t know how do I stop judging this saroj .

    1. Tanushka Tripathi

      Saroj is an a**. I mean she won’t consider vermilion as a marriage but a mangalsutra?
      As per typical term they use, this time it’s not NACHNE WALI who stole someone’s husband, it’s Gunjan who is being selfish psycho and this Saroj, she is an idiot.

  2. Liz

    Saroj forgave her elder son after what he did to his wife & to kahani (compelling her to marry him by keeping her siblings prisoners)…… all those were forgotten by Saroj…
    But she can’t stand Kahani coz she’s a dancer????? Can’t she find any fault with Gunjan???? 🙄🙄😠😠

  3. I only started to watch this series from the time Raunak wanted to marry Kahani, Please tell me ho wdid iravati and saroj come to live together

    1. Since her daughter Gunjan supposed to marry Yug She came back to the town to celebrate the wedding from my understanding.

  4. All of the are disgusting tome they don’t have no empathy for the kids this Saroj is more than crazy she’s living with this evil Iravaty who’s a dancer a bully selfish and dangerous she’s very manipulative and a loser too al of them feel that Kahani is a responsible for their misfortune en reality their family is at fault all the time.

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