Yes, I am married to his brother (Part 5)

Hi everyone. I’m back with a new part of my fan fiction.

In the last part we have seen that Aaryan goes to sleep with Vikram .

Aaryan throws the blanket.

Vikram – Please sleep Aaryan . Please I beg you 🙏
Aaryan smiles .

Aaryan – Maa Maa
Vikram – Please sleep

They sleep.

Next day . Rani comes downstairs and sit with Rajeshwari.

After sometime. Vikram comes with Aaryan .
Aaryan goes to Rani .
He hugs Rani and says Maa.

Rajeshwari calls Rani in the kitchen.
Rani goes and gives her phone to aaryan.

Rani comes .
Aaryan sees veer’s photo in Rani’s wallpaper.

He sees it and calls Papa.

Rani – Repeat

Rani gets teary eyed 😢 .

Veer sneaks for window and sees the moment .
He cries too.

Veer – Only few days . Then I’ll be back. My son will not see my photo and say papa. My wife will not cry 😢.
Aaryan will get the biggest surprise in his birthday.

Vikram gets a phone call .
Its written ‘Special 😘’

Vikram picks it up .

Vikram – Hello
Girl – Goodmorning sweetheart. When are you going to tell your family about me ?
Vikram – Goodmorning. Don’t worry. I’ll be at court on time .
Girl – Your Mom is around .
Vikram – Yes
Girl – I want to met you .
Vikram – I’ll tell you that later .
Girl – You are a good actor . I appreciate. Acting like a professional call . Superb.
Vikram – Bye .

He ends the call .

Rani – I am telling you . Call her in Aaryan ‘s birthday and propose her .

Rajeshwari comes – Whom should he propose?
Rani – His work . He loves it only . I told him to propose and marry his work only .
Rajeshwari- ohh

Precap – They plan for Aaryan ‘s birthday. Vikram invites the girl . Veer plans for Aaryan ‘s birthday too .

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  1. Upcoming episodes will be very interesting i guess… Waiting for vikram ki dream girl…

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