Yehi Hai Ishq ~Season 2 (Episode 8)

(season 2)

Episode – 8

“meet me at xyz paradise garden , at 8 pm “ a text from kunj popped up on the screen of  Twinkle’s mobile while she was at the office.

“I couldn’t believe our hot boss is getting married! You know I joined this company for him!..lucky girl you are Twinkle” said shaina, a colleague .

“aawwww” some of the colleagues laughed.

“toh shaadi ke baad tum office ki kis post pe hogi sorry..Twinkle ma’am “Karan asked.

“c’mon ….don’t call me ma’am , I am just getting married ..not promoted okay…not even a year had passed since I’ve joined this company…promotions are for the deserving not for family.” ..she said , using the word family made her feel butterflies in her now more people were adding into it…more specifically ..Kunj.

Next scene-

The set up was beautiful…a table for two between beautiful white electric lights and lavender and red roses decorated around….and there stood Kunj , in a blue blazer paired with jeans and a white t-shirt. He had a bunch of roses and lilies in his hand…”You’ll never forget today’s day’ll try to express all my love in words.its like mission impossible!…c’mon kunj she’s gonna get married to you , she definitely loves you…you know that…why the hell are you nervous?.voooh!…calm down.”

Twinkle came out of her house in a simple green frock dress , the kind of dresses she usually wears…girly and floral. And that’s how twinkle is right?..she never had that tomboyish personality..but yeah! she is bubbly and blabber.

Twinkle was stuck in traffic when she was driving to the place where Kunj called her, it was already 8 pm at the night when she saw some movement in a basket near a dustbin inside a quiet street that was near the main road , there were no signs of vehicles around probably because that gali was closed from the other side and the neighborhood was quite sunsan. On trying to look clearly , she saw a baby’s leg coming out. She rushed to the place.. the traffic got cleared by then. It was actually not a place where vehicles passed by usually, just because a bus was about to hit a bike, while the bus driver stopped abruptly, few of the cars behind had to stop.

On reaching the basket, Twinkle saw what she expected a baby Girl was kept by someone, obviously her parents to were not ready to raise a GIRL, that’s what happens in India now even in 20th century. This wasn’t the first time that Twinkle encountered such a thing most of the girls living in her NGO were there because of such people only but still, Twinkle’s eyes couldn’t help but let tears out while she picked up the just born. She embraced her in her arms and the baby stopped crying after sometime. Twinkle dialed her NGO’s number and told the caretaker to send the driver as it would be dangerous to drive holding the baby , then she called Kunj.

“Kunj ..I’ll be late..I am sorry but I have something to be done..” she said standing adjacent to her car.

“that’s completely fine…but what happened ?” he asked her being concerned , he probably sensed she was tensed.

“how can someone be so heartless…” and she told all that happened.

“I am coming …you be at some safe place okay”

“no need..the driver must here in some time luckily NGO zyada door nhi hai, Don’t worry …I’ll be there with you in some time..”

“Fine, but keep talking to me till he comes..”

“’s okay..don’t worry”

“no better keep talking or else I will come there only to make sure you are fine, I have a really uneasy feeling right now ”

“that uneasiness is because you are going to propose me today”

“HAAN!! How do you know that I am going to do such a thing?”

“BECAUSE , even if after my lecture you aren’t doing that..I’ll kill you and I know you are not interested in dying ..”

“smart!.. chalo mujhse kuch toh seekha tumne (finally you learned something from me)”

“oh yah…thank you” can you hear the sarcasm in her words?..well I can.

They talked till the driver came , which was after 10 minutes from kunj’s call.

Twinkle handed the baby over to the caretaker and asked her to take her care, she din’t want to leave then only but then Kunj was waiting for her since quite long.

“I’ll come tomorrow morning and then we’ll name her..” she said smiling.


‘I am leaving , will meet you in 15 minutes’ kunj received that text 2 hours before, he was getting restless as well as tensed.. he checked on Google maps , but there was no sign of traffic in between the route to the place where he was.

His every call was unanswered, Twinkle’s phone was ‘switched off’ it said. Calling the caretaker made him more worried as she told that Twinkle left two hours before only. The baby girl couldn’t stop crying either. Just then his phone rang.

“yes …” .. and just after a few seconds the earth slipped under his feet and he stood there numb lifeless.


A girl entered the place where Kunj was standing and waiting for Twinkle

That is it for today .


And if you wish you can read my other ff- If you hold my hand #sidhasswi. (I need support there)

Thanks to all of you lovely people who always comment and like and a few who dislike. I love you all.


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