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Are we destines for Love-11

Mansion house, London

‘Thank you very much ji, will make it happen as soon as possible,’ Rt was speaking on phone with happiness dancing all over his face.
‘Sarna’s agreed for marriage, we have to start preparations soon. We have less time!!,’ Rt informed leela who sat next to him.
‘But…we didnt take twinkle consent yet!!’ She replied.
‘I know whats the best for her, as mother it will be better even if you stand on my words, whatever I do its all for her good,’ he said with a little annoyed tone.
Just then twinkle arrives and senses that some serious discussion was going on. Once she was revealed about the marriage with kunj she was dipped in ocean of thoughts, she wondered how kunj agreed for marriage after the whatever discussion they had on that day in the cafe.

‘Twinkle….are you listening??’ Rt scoffed.
‘They will be coming day after to fix the marriage dates,’ he said.
‘But… ‘
‘No…buts and ifs. I am done with hearing your baseless arguments.
Once…listen to her…,’ Leela interrupted but in vain.
‘What?? You will say its her career n all…even I am done hearing that, What type of career is archeology??!! Does that even make sense to you both?? Grow up twinkle,’ he scoffed this time louder than before.

Twinkle was all blank listening to all those words, she could clearly see her dreams being crashed in the same hands which once encouraged her.
Its Now or never was the only thought in her mind.
‘Enough….dad, You said enough and even I am done listening to you every single time. When ever you held me back I obeyed you but now I cant anymore and If you force me into this marriage I will surely end my life….,’ Before twinkle can speak any further Leela slapped her hard.

Twinkle was all numb for a while, Rt was equally shocked.
‘Dont you dare to speak a word against your father twinkle…,’ Leela scolded twinkle in a moment of impulse. Twinkle left the place crying hard, Leela collapsed on the sofa being confused about her actions as Rt patted her shoulder.
‘We should leave to meet a wedding planner,’ Rt spoke after a while assuring her that everything will be fine once twinkle gets married.

Next day morning,
Door bell rings….

Twinkle opens the door to find kunj there, quite confused twinkle returns his gesture by smiling.

‘Uh..Can I come in?’ Kunj asks feeling little awkward as she kept on staring  at him blankly.

‘Oh…Sorry, Please come in,’ Twinkle comes out of her thoughts and welcomes him inside.

Kunj settles on the sofa and twinkle sits opposite to him.  There was screaming silence for few minutes which was not quite comfortable for both of them.

‘Coffee or something?’ Twinkle breaks the silence.

‘Hm…No, I am fine. Thanks,’ Kunj replies looking around. ‘Your parents?’

‘No they aren’t home, they left early in the morning for some work, you wanted to see them?’ Twinkle asks.

‘No, actually I came to see you.’


‘I mean to say….You might have already heard it from your parents, I wanted to personally talk to you about your opinion on this marriage…..You aren’t forced right?’ Kunj asks with little suspicion as twinkle expressions change she kept num. As if reading her thoughts kunj asks again,’ If you don’t want this, I can still talk to your parents.’

‘No…it isn’t anything like that, its just that I need some time as things are happening too earlier than expected,’ Twinkle replied remembering the conversation they had day before.

‘OK but still I didn’t get my answer,’ Kunj spoke in an expecting manner.

‘Kunj to be frank, I have problem with this marriage thing  as I wasn’t ready for all these and I have no problem with you, you are really a nice guy and very slowly I am realizing  few things…..I am ready for this marriage,’ she said the last words after a brief pause.

Kunj who didn’t understand what she meant was quite confused but was very happy to hear her consent, even he wasn’t sure why he was happy but somewhere he felt good about twinkle and  the marriage. May be because of Yuvi’s words or may be it was really destined to happen.

‘Okay then, I will take a leave now,’ happily he makes his way towards the door as twinkle nods and follows him. Kunj gets into his car and was about to start the engine, twinkle calls for him.

‘Kunj, one minute. I wanted to ask you something…actually it’s running in my mind from quite a  longtime,’ Kunj nods asking her to continue. ‘After whatever we talked in cafe I  thought this marriage is never gonna happen but  what made you to accept this marriage?’

‘What if I ask you the same?’ 

‘I have a big reason to accept this marriage but it’s not a good time to tell you,’ She replies with visible pain in her eyes.

‘I don’t have a big reason like you to marry , it’s just that my family really likes you and moreover  you are a nice girl and I trust you…….. while I think I can figure out the reason even after marriage if you really want to know,’ He smiles at her innocence.

Twinkle felt really good hearing to his words, in other way he accepted that he doesn’t need a reason to be with her and all that mattered is he trusted her.

‘Kunj, I will also figure out actual reason for my consent to this marriage,’ she says smilingly.

‘Well, I will look forward for that,’ kunj smiles and starts his car , leaves waving her a good bye.

Sometimes we speak through our hearts with some people, even we known them hardly we convey things through heart all because we believe in that person: TRUST is a basic form of LOVE.


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