Yeh Vaada Raha 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi says if you kill us you will get caught because police is here. So all you can do is take this bag and run from here or kill us and spend rest of the life in jail.
Tai says forget your dad for life if I get caught. Abeer says don’t listen to her. She is mad. tai says you have no other way than trusting me. You decide whether trust me or get orpahned.
Khushi gives her the bag. Tai runs from there. Pratpa says what you did how will we find kartik now? Pratap says do you know where he is Kamini? SHe says I have no idea.

Inspector comes in and guard says she is that girl. Arrest her. Prapt says its not that way. Please listen to us. He tells them everything.
Khushi says I knew that tai would kill me. I stole from the band and blared the alarm myself. So police can change me. The tracker she gave me I put it in the bag. We can see her location. She will go where my dad is. Pratap says she is dangerous you have to help us. Guard says she blared the alarm, I think they are right. Otherwise she could run.
Tai says in the car she doesn’t know who I am. She fooled me. I will kill her dad and then her whole family. She will beg me to kill her. Keep a look behind. Thug says no one is coming. I don’t think police is coming. Tai says I won’t leave that Khushi. Khsuhi tells Tai’s location and asks inspector to follow her. SHe says tai shouldn’t know otherwise our plan would be ruined. He alerts in all stations. Khushi says Tai has stopped. He sends police there. Khushi says we have to go as well. Please save my dad God.

Scene 2
Kartik says water.. Tai pours water on his face and says open your eyes. See the world one last time. Your daughter has sacrificed you to save her new family.
Khushi and everyone is on their way. Pratap says I hope we save kartik. Abeer says police has already been sent there. I won’t leave that Tai.
Kartik says you are lying. Khushi can never do this she loves me. Tai says everyone’s is not survi that she will give her life for you. Even if she is your and Survi’s daughter. I will leave for Dubai so I am worried what will happen to you here. So I will release you and send you to Survi.

Khushi and police arrive at the place. No one is there. Tai calls her and says you called police? You forgot what happened 15 years ago. Khushi says you got everything you wanted. Please let my papa go. I won’t let police involve in this. Tai says I give you 15 minutes to save your dad. Otherwise come and collect his bones. Khsuhi says where are you? I will come. Tai says your mom would guess in a second. Find our yourself. Khushi tells them there are just 15 minutes. Khushi says where will I look for papa. Abeer says think Khushi where can she take him? Sit in the car we will find out something or other.
Tai fixes a bomb in Kartik’s chair. She says I gave your daughter 15 minutes to save you. I don’t think she can. Look at this place it’s the same place from where I shoved your mother. This is all your mistake. I told you not to marry Survi but you didn’t listen. If you did your mom and survi would be alive. But you didn’t listen. Don’t worry about Khushi she is happy in new family. Stay blessed. Die in peace so I can live in peace. Don’t move or the bomb will blast. I will go okay. Stay blessed. She leaves with her bag and asks her thugs to run from there as well. Tai says say my hello to Survi.

Khushi and abeer are on the way. Khushi says I recall a place. Lets go there. They see tai running from there. Abeer says you go upstairs and I will handle this woman. Khushi runs upstairs and sees Kartik. She runs towards him. Kartik says go from here there is a bomb.
Abeer says enough of this game. Where will you go now? Tai says I will shoot you and run from here. She points gun at him. Inspector shoots on her hand and the gun falls. They arrest tai. Pratap says make sure she never comes out of jail. Tai says I won’t leave you people. Pratap says where is Khushi? He says I am coming.
Khushi says I won’t go. Kartik says this bomb can blast please go from here. Khushi says I promised mama I will take care of you. Kartik says I saw you that’s enough. You go from here. It can blast. Khushi decides to unplug wire of the bomb. She takes it out and it diffuses. She unropes Karitk. Abeer comes upstairs. Kartik hugs Khushi.

Scene 2
They come home. Kamini welcomes them with arti. They touch her feet. Kamini says I am very sorry for what I did with you. Please pardon me. Khushi says its all over now. Let it go now. I just want us all to stay happy. Pratap says you are here we will always be happy Khushi. Kartik says my Khushi is happy and I can die in peace. Pratap says you have to see their kids and love long. And you will live here with us. We won’t let you go anywhere. Come Khushi let’s lit candle in temple.
Khushi thank you God please keep us blessed. Khushi feels like someone is outside. Pratap says no one is here. don’t worry. Nothing can harm us now. They all smile.

The End.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. awwwww!!!! i am really gonna miss zain’s and sonal’s chemistry … :'( 🙁 🙁


    I m going to miss the show…????

    After reading update i am thinking that may be its season 2 will come as show ended so easily, without tai backstabbing??????

    1. Trisha

      Even i think YVR may be coming back…who was watching them when they were in the temple?

      Gonna miss this show ?

  3. i did not want this serial to end kamla tai deserve death not jail anyways all good things must come to an end totally enjoy this serial though

  4. Good ending.Miss u Jaanu Zain very much.Come back soon.Thank you Atiba for the update.

  5. Gonna mis this show. ??

  6. Gonna miss the romantic scenes of abeer and khushi

  7. gonna miss the show

  8. Miss u zain lv u

  9. Woah! So YVR ended! Been watching this show from the very beginning..All the actors did a fab job! Finally Tai ka kissa khatam Hua 😛 After all those twists and turns and leaps, i am Glad that it ended on a happy note.

  10. I love zain so much. Gonna miss u damn hardly.

  11. I love zain so much. Gonna miss u damn hardly. Soooooo sad about the ending. I’m very sure of my sleepless nights ahead.

  12. Zain Imam was my best! Good n happy ending.

  13. I love this show. And I agree with Trisha and sia and I am so glad that this serial ended at least now I can prepare for my exams. Other wise I couldn’t have been able to study

  14. I love this show. And I agree with Trisha and sia and I am so glad that this serial ended at least now I can prepare for my exams. Other wise I couldn’t have been able to study

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