My Angry Bird (Swasan TS) Shot 01

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Sanskar’s firm

Sanskar was in his cabin, going through some files when he heard a knock on door

He said come in, in a bossy tone
The person came in . Sanskar raised his head to look at the person and he was somewhere astonished to c the person

Shekhar Gadodia, a successful businessman was standing in front of him
He stood up shook hands with him and said
Sanskar: Mr Gadodia you here, say how can I help u

Shekhar: Yes I want u to become my legal adviser…. So m here with this proposal

Sanskar: Well I’ll b glad to accept ur offer but I have few conditions

Shekhar: Yes I know Mr Maheshwari…. I have heard abt ur conditions nd terms of agreement… Don’t worry I have no problem with that

Sanskar smiled and said: Mr Gadodia how much I know according to that Mr Mathur was ur lawyer na(remember the once who became Swara’s prey?) So…

Shekhar: Yes he was but I think u know my daughter she’s quite short tempered so she was adamant to change r legal adviser and his term was also ending So instead of renewing that m here in front of u

Sanskar: oky

(After a little more conversation he left the cabin)


After few days

Shekhar had called Sanskar to his mansion to discuss abt something
In these days he was quite frank with him and they even discovered that Sanskar’s father was once shekhar’s close friend but later they lost contact as they went to different cities
So shekhar now started treating him like his son

Sanskar had still not met Swara but yes he was aware of her repulsive nature and somewhere in his heart he had a strong urge to meet her

He was falling for her , as he had saw her on TV and her photographs too in Gadodia mansion
It was a fine day Shekhar was waiting for Sanskar in living room, just then his car arrived Sanskar got down and came in

They were sitting discussing abt few things when shekhar heard a loud noise of breaking something from upstairs

He hit his hand on forehead and said: not again

Sanskar wondered y is he not tensed hearing such noises

Sanskar: uncle these sounds r coming and u r sitting normal here

Shekhar: Yes that’s nothing new , wait for few minutes you will get to know soon

Sanskar nodded in amusement…

After few minutes Swara came downstairs shouting on one servant

Swara: Dad! Dadddd

Shekhar:Han beta what happened

Swara:This idiot was advising me what to do or what not do
So I have fired her

Saying so she took a seat on couch in front of Sanskar completely ignoring his presence

She took a magazine and started reading it,
Shekhar shook his head and continued his discussion with Sanskar after murmuring a slow sorry to him Sanskar assured that no problem

After sometime Swara left towards her room without even meeting Sanskar because she doesn’t care abt Anyone


Sanskar was all set to leave when Shekhar requested him to have lunch , initially he denied but then was compelled by Shekhar

Dining Hall

Shekhar and Sanskar were having dinner when Sanskar asked: Uncle should I ask something if u don’t mind

Shekhar: yeah I know what u wanna ask
Swara will have her food when she wants, not with us

Sanskar nodded

Sanskar’s POV

She is such s beautiful girl, completely different from everyone… I want her to b my wife cause I want a different girl for my self…. I’ll ask uncle

(Look Sanskar is not a shy type person, he believes in talking directly not in beating round the bush)

Sanskar cleared his throat to grab his attention

Shekhar looked towards him

Sanskar: Uncle I want ur daughter’s hand… I want to marry Swara

Shekhar who was drinking water at that tym almost spitted it and started coughing

Sanskar chuckled and gave him another glass of water

Shekhar(still coughing): What did u say beta?

Sanskar: I want to marry Swara uncle, I know u r looking for a groom for her

Shekhar: (ready to faint) Sanskar r u in ur senses? U want to marry Swara seriously

After sometime he convinced him that he wants a different girl for him and Swara is perfect for that
Shekhar agreed but said that its next to impossible to convince Swara

Sanskar said he’ll see that saying so he moved towards her room

He knocked Swara’s room’s door

Swara : who’s it

Sanskar: I’m Sanskar, ur company’s legal advisor
I want to meet u so open the door

Swara:But I don’t want to meet you so u can leave

Sanskar (monologue): Sanskar have u gone nuts! U know she’s not a person that she’ll welcome u … So opt some other way… (He thought something and then smirked )

After couple of minutes

Sanskar: Oh you r desperately waiting to meet u… How sweet of u dear

Swara:r u deaf, can’t u hear that I don’t wanna meet u , or r u having any auditory problem…. Just get lost(shouts loudly )

Sanskar closed his ears with his hands and murmured: stubborn girl

Sanskar: Wow ur voice is so melodious , just like a cuckoo

Monologue: it’s better to open the door otherwise this idiot will continue irritating me

She opened the door but still didnt looked towards him , she went and sat on the couch and continued the work that she was doing that was drawing a few designs

He moved towards her and sat beside her that is when she noticed him
She kept on staring him Sanskar chuckled at this

He snapped his finger before her therefore bringing her back to earth?

Sanskar in a teasing tone: I know I m handsome (settling his collar)

Swara: yeah handsome my foot… Now say y r u irritating me

Sanskar: oh u wanna know that y m here

Swara was abt to say something again but was interrupted
Sanskar: I want to marry you

Swara stood up shocked and yelled : what the hell r u mad? I’ll break ur bones

Sanskar made her sit and said: Oh u want to hug me… How sweet of u … Btw m giving u ten minutes to think abt my proposal… Think calmly and tell although m sure u can never reject me …. (He winked at her and left)

Swara sat on couch , she knew that he has a great personality but marriage was something not for her… She was very violent with his proposal


Here Sanskar came downstairs and sat in front of shekhar who was looking curiously at him

Shekhar: Beta nothing happened to u ? U r fine na?

Sanskar:yes uncle m alright… Ur daughter is so sweet as calm as breeze … She speaks so sweet as a bitter guard… I really like her…

Shekhar was looking at him with shocked expressions first of all he was shocked as Sanskar came there all fine however his daughter is not so good that she’ll leave him without banging anything on his head and second Sanskar’s talks were bewildering him

They discussed something that I’ll reveal later

Swara stormed in the living room with full anger

Swara:Daddddddd ( at top of her voice)

Shekhar:Swara lower ur voice

Swara was astonished as never scolds her.

Swara:Dad u sent this idiot to propose me, I don’t wanna marry anyone…. And let me clear this fact

Shekhar:You have to marry Swara , cause that’s my last wish…. I want u to Marry Sanskar… He’s best for u….

Shekhar did a little emotional drama and ultimately convinced her

Swara(frustratedly): Oky fine but stop that dad(she left to her room)

Next day

Swara was working in her cabin when Sanskar knocked her cabin’s door

Swara raised her head to look whose there

Swara:You, now what u want?

Sanskar: oh u r so glad to meet me sweetheart… So sweet of you dear
M here cause I want ur sign on this oaper

Sanskar made her sign some papers saying that they r of some shares , Swara read few but later signed without reading

To be continued….


Will b waiting for ur response on this part ?
Love Hurts… Love Heals on Sunday

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