Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 19

Hello guys. I am really so happy for the response I am getting for my fan fiction. May be very few members are reading it, but they are really supporting me a lot ???. I really thank all of you who are reading my fan fiction and supporting me ???. I hope I can entertain you all by my writings. So, let’s start our story!

Recap : Naina, preeti and swati go to a store to purchase the necessary college items. Meanwhile, Sameer, Munna and pandit arrive to same shop and accidentally – Sameer and naina meet each other there, in a bad situation actually ???.

Now, the episode starts…..

Sameer is shouting at the trial rooms for Munna and pandit.

Sameer : Munna, pandit where are you guys?

There is no response.

Sameer : Munna, pandit!!!

There is no response at all. Sameer slowly turns towards naina only to find that she is very angry and is looking at him as if she want to kill him ???.

Naina : ??? where are they?

Sameer : That’s what even I am checking. Where have they disappeared so suddenly?

Naina : Don’t bluff. Always, do you always do these kind of things?

Sameer : What kind of things?

Naina : Cheating people, scolding them unnecessarily, pulling someone like this….

Sameer : Oh hello! I already said it to you. I haven’t pulled you nor your clothes  intentionally. I thought that my friend was outside. Actually, not thought. He was outside the door. He only said that…

Naina interrupted sameer’s words.

Naina : What did he said? Did he said that a girl is here and do some mischief with her???

Sameer : Hello excuse. Please think once before telling anything. My friend is not like that. Both are my best friends and are very good persons. Got it?

Naina : Oh really. If it is so, where had they disappeared?

Sameer : Even I am thinking the same!

Naina : May be they are busy with anyone???

Sameer : They are not that sort of people.

Naina : I didn’t said anything wrong. I just said that they may be making new friends with anyone.

Sameer’s voice over : ??? Actually I was arguing with naina that my Munna and pandit never make friends so easily, that too with girls!  But how could I know that they both are really trying something like that? ???

Munna is choosing some bags to purchase.

Munna : (Seeing a bag) This is really so nice. Let’s take a closer look.

He pulled that bag but….

Munna : Why am I not able to pull it?

He again pulls it. This time, he felt that someone is pulling that bag from another side.

Munna : Oh hello. Leave this bag once. I want to see it.

He heard an answer.

“No I can’t. This is mine.”

Munna : Arey why you can’t? I am asking only to see it na.

“Even though, I won’t give it to you.”

Munna : I will see how you won’t give it to me.

He pulls it harder while the other person on the other side pulls it harder. Munna then pulls it even harder and the bag comes to him.

Munna : I got it. This is really so awesome.

He was about to touch the bag when….

“This is mine. You can’t pull it like this”

Munna : Why can’t I?

And then looks towards that person and gets shocked. It is none other than our swati ???.  She is looking so pretty that actually Munna fell in love with her. To be frank, love at first sight ???. Swati notices him staring at her and snaps her fingers to grab his attention.

Swati : Oh hello!

Munna gets back….

Swati : What happened? Why are you staring at me like that?

Munna : You are looking so pretty!

Swati : What?

Munna : (trembling) Actually I am saying that the bag is so pretty. You are purchasing it???

Swati : No. I am actually stealing it. Do you have any problem?

Munna : No. Absolutely no problem. By the way, nice selection ???.

Swati : (seriously) Thanks.

She leaves from there. Munna stands near the bags section and…

Munna : What’s the need to steal the bag? You have already stolen my heart ???

Preeti is busy purchasing some other things. Actually, water bottles, tiffin boxes, lunch bags ???. She had held many things in her hands.

Preeti : I think these will be sufficient.

She was walking towards the bill counter when all the things are about to fall down from her hands.

Preeti : Oh no the boxes!!!

She couldn’t catch them but someone else caught them on time.

Preeti : Uffff ???. Thank God.

That person who helped our preeti is our pandit ???.

Pandit : Here are your things.

And keeps them on preeti’s purchases that are in her hand but they again fall down and pandit caught them again on time.

Preeti : OMG! Thanks for catching them on time.

Pandit : Seems that you are carrying a huge load. Wait, I will help you.

Preeti : No no. It’s perfectly alright. I will manage.

Pandit : How can you manage taking these many things? They will again fall and this time, they may get damaged. So let me help you.

Saying so, he took some things from preeti’s hands and helped her by putting them at the counter.

Preeti : Thanks a lot. If you haven’t helped me on time…

Pandit : No problem. I am glad that your purchases are safe.

Preeti : Thanks. I am preeti.

Forwards her hand towards pandit.

Pandit : I am pandit.

And both of them shake the hands ??? and smile seeing each other ???

Pandit : Ok I have to go. Please take care of your things.

Preeti : Definitely and thank you once again.

Pandit : Your welcome. Bye.

Preeti : Bye.

He leaves from there and while going, he turns towards her and smile seeing her and preeti also smiles back to him ???.

Naina : You are just wasting my time. Where are you friends?

Sameer : Arey Munna, pandit. In which corner have you both hidden?

Naina : See, you said you will immediately show me your friends. (Seeing her watch) Already 15 minutes have completed. Why can’t you agree that your friends are not here?

Sameer : I came along with my friends for shopping. Why should I lie to you?

Naina : How could I know your intentions? And why can’t you agree that you have done a mistake?

Sameer : See miss. I know what I done was done unintentionally. And by the way, I forgot to take my pant so my friend came to give me that. And he said he will wait at the door. So I opened and immediately pulled the clothes. How could I know that you are at the door?

Naina : Then can’t you ask for the clothes instead of pulling them?

Sameer : It’s my wish. Who are you to question it?

Naina : I know that I can’t question on such things but you are making me to do it.

Sameer : What did I do???

Naina : (in an irritated tone) It’s not you. It’s my fault. Alright? ???

She immediately leaves from there and sameer stood there with a confused ???as well as angrily ???

Naina comes to the bill counter where swati and preeti are already waiting for her.

Preeti : Naina, where have you gone?

Swati : We are searching for you from a long time yar.

Naina : Because of him! ???

Preeti : Because of him??? Who is it naina?

Naina realized what she said.

Naina : Ha, because of that sales person. He didn’t give me the proper uniform. That’s why I got late.

Swati : It’s ok. Let’s bill all these. Come!

Preeti : Ha naina. Let’s go.

They three went to the bill counter and completed their billing.

Preeti : Let’s go now. Tai ji and mom would be waiting for us outside.

Swati : Ha let’s go. Naina come.

Naina : Ha coming.

Naina’s voice over : ??? never. Never I thought in my life that such moments would happen with me. Actually not only for me but for the three of us. Didn’t understand. Ok, I will explain according to science ???

For preeti, it is a positive meeting with pandit. For swati, it is neutral with Munna.

And coming to me, it is an out and out negative meeting with Sameer and thus is not the first time either. It already happened with me before also. I thought it would end soon. But this is actually the beginning of the long lasting…. Relation!!!

The episode ends…..

Hope you guys will like it. If you have any suggestions, you can happily share it with me in the comments box. Please do read it and comment your views on it. It really helps me in writing better episodes. Enjoy reading ???.



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