Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 55

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The group of young college students comes for the visit on resort. Shishti welcomes them and give the keys of their room

Payal : so guys this is Shrishti our event manager for this season

Shrishti : hello everybody and welcome to the resort if you need anything please let me know, I want everybody to enjoy your time

Students : thank you

Shrishti : I have the keys inside this envelope and everybody’s name is in that

Payal : And all the room are ready for you the staff will help you put in the luggage

Shrishti is happy seeing all the students but gets  doubt seeing one of them in group with weird dressing and language.

Payal : good going, why don’t you go through the whole guest list I will be right back

Shrishti : alright


Preeta observes everybody playing on the ground.

Coach : what are you looking

Preeta : nothing coach they all are so hardworking and specially Karan

Coach : yea he was on break for a while but now his spirit is back, you know Karan is very hardworking but all this credit goes to his elder brother

Preeta : oh he have brother too

Coach ; yea Rishab Luthra, he has strict eyes on his brother thats what our captain is always at time on fleld

Preeta : thats great

Karan tells Rohan to hit him ball intentionally

Rohan : have you lost it? if coach gets to know then he will kick me out of team

Karan ; your choice you want to get punch from me or stay in team

Rohan ; please save this impressing part for later day

Karan ; you have only two minutes to think

Rohan hits the ball on Karan’s shoulder to get treated from Preeta

Coach : Rohan be careful

Karan : its okay sir its not his fault, but my shoulder (shouts in pain)

Preeta applies ice pack on his shoulder to reduced the pain. Karan’s eyes are glued on her gestures

Preeta : better?

Karan : yea thank god looks like your hand have some kind of magic

Preeta : what do you mean?

Karan : I mean you just touched and it took away the pain (holds her hand)

Both share their eye lock regardless of their new dynamics in relationship.

Ranjhna… naino ke teer chal gaye
Sajna… saanson se dil sil gaye
Palkon mein chupa loon, oh tera sajda karoon
Seenay mein samaa loon, oh din reain karoon
Palkon mein chupa loon, seenay mein samaa loon
Tere ang ang rang mera bole

Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun
Sajda tera sajda,
(karun mein tera sajda)

Preeta takes her hand away feeling uncomfortable

Karan : sorry and thanks for massaging

Preeta : yea sure anytime

Coach ; all set (asks them)

Preeta : yes sir his shoulder is fine now just don’t do heavy work out for few days

Karan : coach see you tomorrow

Coach ; be on time in morning at 7 am

Karan ; definitely, so Ms physio how will you go home

Preeta : I don’t remember the way

“What time has come Preeta even though you have your family, still have to live with strangers Karan speaks in mind

Preeta : I tried to call Sahil but he is not picking up my phone

Karan ; if you don’t mind I can give you lift at home what say

Preeta : are you sure it won’t be a problem for you right

Karan : not at all please I would love to

Preeta : what?

Karan ; I mean lets go, I will get my bag you can start walking to parking lot

Preeta : alright

In car

Karan pretends to be upset with something to make her react

Preeta ; is everything okay?

Karan (in mind) : sorry dadi but this time I have to make use of you

Preeta : Karan?

Karan : yea i am fine just bit tensed about something

Preeta : you can share with me if i can help you with that

Karan : my dadi have very bad pain in her joints but she is so stubborn that she does not like to get treatment from any doctor

Preeta : but you all should make her understand she is elder we have to be polite

Karan : everybody tried so hard, even Rishab my brother takes her to every doctor but she makes them run away (waits for her to react)

Preeta : thats really a bad situation, what will you all do now

Karan : I don’t know we are trying to find a good doctor who can treat her properly with all care

Preeta : can I try (asks him nervously)

“Wow Karan you are too good what an acting finally the fish is in bait I am so proud of myself Karan praises himself

Preeta : only if thats okay with you I mean I am a doctor at least could try it

Karan ; okay I can take you at my house right now if you are free

Preeta : I don’t mind

Karan is pleased with himself of getting on right track to makes things proper. He brings Preeta to the Luthra house, place where she belonged. She looks outside familiarly

Karan : this is our house come on

Preeta : I don’t know why I feel I have very old connection with this place ever since I came to city

Karan : who knows somebody might be waiting for you from long time

Both starts walking into the house. Luthra family’s happiness have no boundaries seeing Preeta. Rakhi and Dadi gets tears of happiness.

Karan : Preeta this is my family mom, dadi, Rishab and dad (introduces her to everybody)

Rishab : hello (shakes hand with her)

Preeta : you are Rishabji, the one who have strings to hold Karan

Rishab ; absolutely, nice to meet you

Karan : bhai she is the new physio of our team, Preeta this is dadi

Preeta : hello (greets her)

Dadi and Rakhi tries hard to control their emotions seeing her glowing face.

Dadi : god bless you

Preeta : Karan told me you don’t want to get treatment from anybody, dadi if you have no objection give me one chance to cure, your pain will vanish

Dadi looks at Karan who gives her thumbs up and nods to agree

Dadi : you are the form of our goddess laxmi how can I refuse you

Preeta : thank you dadi, sit here and tell me which side is the pain

Rishab ; wow not bad, brother you directly hit the sixer with one ball

Karan : bhai you know who I am the Karan Luthra nothing is impossible for me

Mahesh : you are just like me I am so proud of you son (praises)

Karan : great I did good thing then I became your son and wrong happens I am your enemy

Mahesh : you are feeling bad about your dad’s words I said in love

Rishab : if you both are done can I say something

Karan : of course bhai your mouth you speak

Rishab : this morning I got a call from commissioner I think they found Tanya’s whereabout too

Karan : what are you saying? really

Rishab ; I don’t know but he called me this morning saying that a local side police gave them information about girl who has been in the nearby hospital or something

Mahesh ;hospital? what will Tanya do there

Rishab : I am going to meet Commissioner uncle tomorrow morning and make sure

Preeta : now move the leg this way, how do you feel , better

Dadi : your hands really have magic, you just touched and the pain went away

Preeta : from now on I will do your treatment, then see you will start running

Rakhi : dear where are you staying

Preeta : in bandra, they are strangers but I feel very close to them

Rakhi : now that you are here why don’t you eat dinner and Karan will drop you

Preeta : sure why not

Rishab : by the way who are the people she is staying with are they nice

Karan ; I met the guy this morning never saw him in Mumbai before but looked like he was decent if Shrishti was here she could have convinced Preeta to stay with Sarla aunty

Rishab : its okay na its matter of few days and if they are nice people we dont’ have to worry and anyway we are also strangers for her

Karan : yea right

Preeta : wow aunty this food is so delicious, I mean even my handmade does not have that taste amazing

Rakhi : then you should come more often I will tell Karan to bring your here everyday after match what say

Preeta : yea sure after all now I am dadi’s doctor in charge

Dadi : you better be my daughter than doctor

Kareena : bhabhi actually (sees Preeta)

Preeta give her smile

Rakhi ; Preeta this is Kareena didi, his (Mahesh) sister, and didi she is Preeta

Preeta : hello aunty

Kareena : hi dear you are the physio right Karan told me about you

Preeta : yes I feel very nice to meet you all, I think I should leave now its quite late and Roshni aunty might be waiting for me

Rakhi : okay but on one condition if you promise to eat my food everyday you come here

Preeta : certain promise, where is Karan

Mahesh : he is in room upstairs with Rishab, do you want me to call him

Preeta ; no uncle its okay I will go call him

Mahesh : okay dear

Preeta walks to Karan’s room unaware about the pictures inside of her and Karan. Rishab sees her coming upstairs and stops midway

Rishab : do you need anything

Karan hears their voice and gets aware of her presence outside the room

Preeta : actually its quite late so i was asking Karan if he could drop me back

Rishab ;  I would have given you life if I knew the place but you wait I will call him

Karan : you don’t have to worry when Karan Luthra is here, come lets go

Karan drops Preeta back at Sahils’ house.

Preeta : thank you for today, you made me feel what is family

Karan : I will take your thank you only one condition

Preeta : condition?

Karan : I want your friendship

Preeta : I don’t make friends easily but since you have made my day so nice I will accept the offer (shakes hand with him)

Karan : one more thing when girls befriend me they often loses their heart

Preeta : then I might be the first one to break that record I promise

Karan : we will see Ms Physio

Preeta : good night (Waves him before leaving inside the house)

Karan : just few more weeks Preeta then I will make you remember everything and things will go back how it was before


Kritika goes on air at radio on indian FM. She gets nervous initially

“Good morning my indian fellows this is RJ Kritika, our today’s show name is what is love so let see who wants to share their opinions Kritika starts talking

Ring beeps from a caller 1

Kritika : hello my first lucky caller so what do you have for us today

Caller : i feel love is staying together for lifetime, support each other but one thing is making me curious is friendship really needed

Kritika ; of course you don’t need love in friendship but couple should always have some sort of friendly relation before they bind into a lifetime commitment

Dhruv on other turns the radio on only to hear the familiar sweet voice. He increases volume in room while working out.

Caller : but what if you don’t have that

Kritika : then consider that relation won’t last long no matter how much you try, being friendly meaning is share your own pain and happiness (remembers Dhruv) only then you will feel the real taste of this relationship

Both goes into the flashback of their memories in India spending time.

Hey kaash, kaash yun hota
Har shaam saath tu hota
Chup-chap dil na yun rota
Har shaam saath tu hota

Guzara ho tere bin guzara ab muskil hai lagta
Nazara ho tera hi nazara ab har din hai lagta

Hale dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko hai jata jaan

Tere sang jo pal bitaata
Waqt se main woh maang laata
Yaad karke muskuraata haan
Woo oo ..

Kritika : okay my dear I guess this is the end of our chat it was nice talking with you

Dhruv decides to play prank on her and calls on the radio station.

Kritika ; hello again who is this

Dhruv (in different tone) : consider me your well wisher I heard you help people who have lost so much in love

Kritika : I can try what do you need?

Dhruv : actually I have a friend and she is total gone case in love, maybe you can knock some sense on her head

Kritika gets confused about his words

Dhruv : today at 7 pm in rosky club, I am sure your wisdom words can bring her back to this world these days she is flying too high

The manager signals her to say yes and she hesitantly does

Kritika : okay I will be there thank you (cuts the call) so guys if you love our new show please subscribe us

Dhruv smirks for trapping Kritika smartly

Kritika : how can I go to meet that stranger

Veer : dont’ worry I will send somebody with you from office and there won’t be any danger


Shrishti opens the disco venue for the students to enjoy and the arranges party in the resort

Sameer looks all the arrangement appreciating her hard work to himself.

Shrishti ; shorty can you please help me putting this light my height is tall but hands are too short

Sameer : get down

Shrishti : what?

Sameer ; can’t you hear what I said come down and let me put that sign properly

Shrishti holds the ladder tightly but shakes it to make him fall. Sameer ends up falling on her

Sameer : oh so this was your trick too bad Shrishti think something better next time

Shrishti : this is Shrishti Arora’s brain and did you see how easily I made you helped me

Sameer: don’t be so happy its just coincidence that I am staying in this resort, I could just move into another one right now

Shrishti : think once again all the resorts and hotel are full this season and if you mistakenly check out from here somebody will book and you won’t get place to stay anywhere

Sameer : I would sleep on road but not stay with you did you get it

Shrishti : you are forgetting this is Goa Mr shorty Luthra to sleep on road is dangerous

Sameer: oh god I have only complaint what type of brain you fixed in this girl

Shrishti : there is no point in arguing with god, either you take my friendship or I will keep annoying you till you accept my offer

Sameer: never ever I will accept this offer and next time I will think 1000 times before helping you out good bye

Shrishti : this is just starting movie has not ended yet Mr Luthra (sees one of the group student going through back side)

Shrishti follows the student whose name is Rocky and goes behind the resort. He takes some packet from a man and takes inside the resort sneakily

Shrishti : oh my god what was that packet? I hope this is not something serious

Payal : Shrishti what are you doing here

Shrishti : nothing at all I was looking for you to make sure if everything is alright

Payal : it looks perfect but you tightened the security right nobody should come inside without any sort of ID

Shrishti : yes I did don’t worry

Payal : good

Shrishti thinks to find out about the packet Rocky took inside the resort.


Karan Preeta’s relation blossom


Sahil Roo gets stuck in studio due to riots in city
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  1. Lovely update
    Preeran are friends now??
    How happy was luthra family to see preeta?
    Now preeta will visit luthra house everyday all because of karan’s smartness?
    Hopefully rishabh finds about tanya soon and her condition is not too bad?*fingers crossed*
    Good going shrishti
    I hope samishti reunite soon
    The students have brought drugs now shrishti will be blamed to help them as she was responsible for security and sameer will save her . Hmmmm.
    Ruvika are going to meet??
    Preeran’s relation blossoms????Wow….
    Roohil get stuck ,not bad…
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling

  2. Fantastic update
    Preetan are again friends now???
    Karan got himself hit by a ball just to get treated by Preeta…????
    Karan’s smartness???. He did get Preeta back home??
    Luthra family’s happiness seeing Preeta??
    Dhruv’s trap for kritika…???
    Finally Ruvika are gonna meet…??
    Hopefully Rishab finds out about Tanya soon…
    Shrishti teasing Sammy…??
    Now Shrishti is gonna gat accused for drugs and Sammy is gonna save her
    Hopefully this unites them
    As for the precap
    Preetan’s relation blossoms….?????..exciting
    Roohil get stuck….??
    Very keenly waiting for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads ❤❤❤
    Stay blessed??

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