Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunaina tells Sameer’s family about his result

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer lies to Chacha ji. Anand says studies are important for everyone. I am sure you will score better next year. He ends the call as Bela comes there. Bela goes to give sweets to Tai ji.

Vishakaha has overheard Sameer and believes it to be true. Poonam too gets excited hearing it.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
Someone has said rightly that you need to cover one lies with many lies to keep it hidden. I knew my result but I dint know that I will have to say so many lies to so many people.

Preeti says it was very wrong. Naina says that’s what I am saying. He should have given exams! Preeti asks her if she is mad. He did so much and saved your name but you ended up slapping him?
Any other guy would have told your name to Ma’am right away? Naina begins

to say something but Preeti tells her to say it in front of Sameer. Naina says shall I tell him that I want to succeed him too. I want to be the reason behind his success. I wouldn’t have felt bad if we had failed together. Have you thought how I must be feeling thinking that I moved ahead but he stayed behind? Preeti holds her hand.

Munna and Pundit are upset with Sameer for hiding the truth from them. We would have also skipped the exams with you. Sameer says this is why I dint say anything. Munna and Pundit hug him and cry. Munna says we don’t want to be like you. We will tell Ma’am we made chits. We will study in the same class. Sameer tells them against it. You will get used to it. They refuse and hug him again.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
I laugh whenever I think of that day. Munna and Pundit understood what Naina couldn’t understand that day. There was atleast someone who dint have questions in their eyes for me.

Naina comes out in the balcony and touches the thorns around the rose flower. She thinks of how she slapped Sameer.

(Voiceover – Naina):
Maybe I was trying to figure out that love is not just about a path filled with flowers but the path is sometimes filled with thorns too. She keeps hurting herself by touching the thorn again and again as the slap keeps flashing in her mind.

Preeti stops Naina for hurting herself. Are you mad? Naina nods. I am mad that I couldn’t understand Sameer and his sacrifice. Why does he love me so much? My exam results are out but his exams are still on. Don’t know what he would have said at home.

Sameer tells his friends that he dint tell the truth at home. I will avert their questions about the mark sheet. I will go to factory with Mama ji after second year. How would they know anything? I would still be college. They pose questions at him but Sameer dismisses all of them.

Naina calls Sameer. I want to meet you right away. I will wait in the temple. He refuses but she proposes to come to his house. He agrees to meet her in the temple.

Naina and Sameer meet in college. She holds his hand and asks him to slap her. I am mad. I couldn’t understand that you did all that for me. I panicked thinking what you will say at your home. I was feeling bad that you ruined your one year because of me! I dint slap you but your love and your sacrifice. Slap me. He raises his hand. She closes her eyes expecting a slap but he stops his hand mid air. She opens her eyes after a few seconds. He smiles. I only will be hurt even if the cheek is yours. I feel utmost pain whenever anything happens to you. They share an eye lock. Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya plays in the background. She shows him her fingers. He panics. What happened? She shares that these fingers made a mistake and were bound to be punished. What did you say at home? He assures her he will take care of that and caresses her hand. She expresses a wish to sit on his bike. He happily obliges. He smiles as she sits on the bike.

Mami ji and Mama ji speak nicely about Sameer in front of Vishakha and her husband. Factory will flourish once he joins. Vishakha’s husband tells him not to be too overconfident. Sunaina comes there and asks for Sameer. Mama ji introduces them to Vishakha and her husband. Sunaina shares her result. Mama ji asks for a party. Vishakha’s husband says we could have also given a party but your beloved son dint tell the real marks. Sunaina murmurs that she was right. Sameer dint tell the truth. She gets up to go but Vishakha asks her what she meant. Sunaina ends up telling them that Sameer dint give exams. Vishakha’s husband gets another chance to taunt Sameer. Sunaina says he was absent in every paper. I only came to ask if everything is fine. Vishakha gets thoughtful.

Preeti and Naina are zeroing in on the checklist. Bela comes with an aarti thaal. Anand asks her about it. She says Bhabhi ji wont spare me if I don’t do your aarti before you go. He jokingly asks for his sword. Bela gets emotional. I will miss you very much. He says the same to her. Neighbours come to compliment Anand for bringing fame to their society by going to the USA. Preeti and Naina want to go to drop him off too but Tai ji firmly tells them that only adults will go. She tells Bela to dress up well. Rich people come there. Everyone goes out for some work or another. Anand asks Naina to call Sameer. I want to meet Sameer before I go. Naina asks him to tell her. I will tell him. Anand asks him if she has any issue with it. I want to talk to both of you before I leave. Call him.

Vishakha’s husband is once again angry with Sameer. Mama ji and Mami ji request him to calm down. Let’s talk to him first. He complains that they only have spoiled Sameer like Vishakha. No one wears the clothes stitched by hands these days. So many innovations are happening and you are expecting Sameer to pass without studying?

Sameer notices everyone’s quiet face. I think you all got bored without me. Vishakha’s husband taunts him on it. Sameer suggests that they all go for dinner. Vishakha tells him to shut up. Her husband adds that they know the truth. Sameer’s face turns pale.

Precap: Sameer’s family looks tensed over some reason and so does Naina’s. Preeti and Bela are crying.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Loved today s episode ,it was too good

  2. So atleast Naina understood her mistake and felt guilty for slapping Sameer…But why doesn’t she thinks herself and everytime someone has to come to open her eyes and closed brain…What Preeti Munna Pandit can understand why can’t she???Is this love??Ok let’s forget about it but hurting herself with rose pricks is enough to neutralize what Sameer has done for her…She should do something equal to save Sameer’s year…So that would be more fruitful rather than doing these stupid things to prove her love…
    When she asked Sameer to slap her I was like Go Sameer Just slap her…She deserves it…😅(Just kidding)😂
    Does Sunaina came there intentionally to tell Sameer’s family or just out of real concern???
    Precap:What was this yrr??😥Really they showed this kind of Precap earlier just before Samaina breakup…Ab poora weekend tension me jayega…😅😅😂

    1. I think naina’s chacha ji died in a plane accident that is why the whole family was mourning.. I’m not sure but just predicting..!

      1. Swara23

        Don’t say that reem the story will become complicated
        i think maybe the trip to usa is cancelled

      2. I also read abt it…. if dis really happens den i will nt watch d serial fr 1 mnth…. because the track will be so complicated

      3. No no. I don’t think amad chacha will die. Because in one of the narrations, Naina told that after years, she told Anand chacha that she had hid the money so that she won’t be able to go to Patel university instead will go to vjn with Sameer. And Anand chacha laughed it off.

  3. Finally Naina understood that she was wrong. Glad things got fine between them. Why is Sameer’s stepfather so mean? I thought he had warmed up to Sameer when Sameer was leaving Delhi. He’s still so demeaning.

    I hope nothing happens to Anand chacha.

    The truth should not have come out this way. Sameers mum is so embarrassed and hurt. I think Sunaina came because she was genuinely concerned for Sameer. Hope things get fine.

  4. No I won’t go with your prediction Reema I believe that vishakha will disclose their relationship in both families or sometime else I really don’t want to assume or predict anything since the reality hurts me a lot I will go with the way it travels. Even I remains in Naina state now always oscillate


  6. very nice update. cant wait for the upcoming… what happen next? anybody know

  7. Today’s episode was really nice. Just can’t understand what does the precap means.
    And as Anand wants to meet Sameer will he be able to meet him before going to USA???

  8. OMG what they are about to plot? A plane crash or hijack? As in 1999 there was a hijack but that plan wasn’t going USA

    1. And also they are showing 1994 in serial

  9. Naina slapping sameer on one day immediately the very next asking sameer to slap her as remedy appears incongruent, may be change of play at the instance of some audience or artist ? The shot and editing appears to have been taken on haste, not much with taste. Anyway, both of them have once again patched up their misunderstanding, it is good. Chachaji frequently wanting to talk to sameer make us to think, that he would not return ?(as seen from the precap). Hope they will not show such extreme scene bringing sadness to the serial !

  10. Sweta2005

    guys dont be negative ,do watch this week’s episodes Samaina are going to run away from home.

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