Ishq Subhan Allah 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara insults Kabir

Ishq Subhan Allah 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara recalls Shahbaz’s words that he is behind sharia board business and wants to get it. How he asked Kashan to keep Kabir under control.

Zara knocks on Kabir’s door and says Kabir? Kabir says I dont want to talk to you, go to sleep. Zara says its important, I am standing on door whole night. Kabir says I dont care. Zara says listen to me. He doesnt open door. Zara waits outside. Kabir lies on bed but cant sleep. He sees its 1AM and calls Zara. Zara ends call. Kabir hears noise coming from outside and thinks she is stubborn, he says I am not talking to you. Zara says I am not moving, I am staying outside your room, she sits there. Kabir thinks she is stubborn. Zara thinks Kabir thinks he is doing help for nation but Shahbaz is doing business. Kabir thinks that

I know she is stubborn but its cold outside and she is my wife.. he tries to open the door but thinks if I listen to her today then I will keep listening whole life.. till she is sitting outside, I cant sleep. He comes out and says you cant let me sleep, he drags her. Zara says I have to talk to you about father. Kabir stops and asks what about father? I will call him, you can talk to him infront, he calls Shahbaz. Zara thinks its useless to tell anything to Kabir, he wont listen to me, I will tell him on right time. Kabir says should I call father? Zara says no, can we talk about you? Kabir drags her to her room. Zara says you changed your room, you said you are searchin for your path in world, you got God’s path and win world. Kabir puts her in room, locks it from outside and says you will know which path I am going to follow tomorrow morning. He turns to leave but then unlocks her door and leaves.

In morning, Zara says I am late for breakfast, dont know what decision Kabir took. She comes in lounge to see Kabir hugging Kashan. Shahbaz says you both are my support, its not about earning money but utilizing time, Kabir will spend time to do work for religion and Kashan will do business. Kashan and Kabir smiles. Zara is tensed. Alina rushes to Zara and says father made them made up. Zara looks at Kabir tensely. He looks away. Zara thinks that what is shown is not like it.

Irfan says to Zara that you seem like you are hiding. Zara thinks I cant tell him before Kabir. Irfan says Shahbaz have made Kabir believe to only follow religion but you have to make him believe that world is important too. Salma says let me tell what to do, she tells her some idea.

Scene 2
Zara comes to dargah and says I always prayed for others but give me strength to follow the path I am going to follow. She sees priest who said she is going to lose someone soon. Priest stops her and says did you decide to walk on thorns? they will taunt you for being bad daughter in law, they will curse you, pain you but then you will get win, will you be able to do it? Zara smiles.

All are having breakfast. Zeenat says Zara didnt make anything, she might not be happy that we are not fighting. Zara comes there in torn clothes and goes to take food. Ayesha asks what is this? Zara says my husband doesnt earn so I dont have right to wear good clothes, I dont have rights to eat good. Kabir asks if she is in senses? Zara says right, you cant even give me these clothes. Kabir throws plate in anger. Zara says you want to tear these clothes too? Kabir says leave otherwise.. Zara says what will you do? Zeenat says you want to say he is a beggar? Zara says even beggars earn some money. Shahbaz says enough, we are bearing your taunts because you are daughter in law otherwise no one is beggar here. Zara recalls Shahbaz’s trick. Zara brings Quran and shows it to Kabir, Zara says tell me how much money you gave me after marriage? Kabir says you have everything in this house, you get good clothes, I work for this nation. Zara says my father is priest of nation, he doesnt get a penny from there, but he took care of my mom and me, he did a business of printing press to print Quran so why you dont earn? Shahbaz says he is not alone, we all divide money in this house. Zara says wrong, you can pay our zakat? means 2.5% earning of yearly income, Zara says I want to know everything, if Zakat a must? yes, then how much zakat I have to give yearly? I want to know everything right now, this is wrong. Zeenat says you want your share of wealth? Zara shows her Quran and says I promise that I never wanted to divide this house, I will live in this house with my husband’s standard, he can beat me but I wont stop asking him and living like this till he tells me about his income. Alina says lets go. Zara takes one roti, and eats it with salt. All look on. Kabir gets angry.

PRECAP- Zara says I will not drink from this house or my house so I have to sell these jewelry. Shahbaz says we have always just bought jewelry, never sold it. Kabir gives her 3.75lacs. Zara gives 10rs to Ayesha and says I ate roti of this house and now I want to buy tea. Ayesha shouts Zara and raises hand to slap her. All look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It the same track as pia albela

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Lucky for me I never watched that serial Pia 😁

    What Zara is doing is correct so I will definitely be supporting her πŸ’―πŸ’― and I seriously hope that Kabeer’s embarrassment be tenfold to what he put Zara and her family thru 😐 this seems to be the only way he will fall from his egotistical wall πŸ‘ i also hope Kashan continues to support Zara and puts his no good wife and her sister in their respective places 😐

    1. Good decision, like every show that serial started with strong storyline and well written characters but midway fall down and became the usual zeetv garbage.
      I like zara’s method but skip few episodes as these will be dedicated to blame zara, Kabir abusing her, finding solace in crazy ruksaar etc…the same usual drama

  3. This is all bull shit drama!!! All the serial on ZeeTV is the same shit. Kabeer is a useless husband who can’t provide for his wife and his father have to support him and Kashan even though they are married.

  4. Sigh… Boring.. Zara should try taking a bowl and go begging on the streets..because her husband doesn’t have a job and can’t provide for her as a husband should…

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