Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Love is in the air

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina and Sameer meet at Red Rose. He has brought hoops to find her perfect ring size. Please try it so I can find out what size will fit you perfectly. He addresses her as Aap sweetly. She asks him why he is calling her “Aap” and why. He says I will either call you Aap or Naina ji in every sentence after wedding. She smiles. I fall harder in love with you when you say such things. I will also call you Sameer ji after wedding. She is unable to control herself whereas he is all smiles. She compliments his style of taking her finger measurement. I cannot call you Aap. I will say Tum. It has a sense of belongingness. We wont ruin what we share like that. He holds her hands gladly. I accept my wife’s every command. She also makes him promise that they will not break their friendship even after they are married. He holds her hands tightly. She somehow frees it. He asks for her hand again. She keeps her hand in his. He begins to try the rings when Munna asks him if he is mad. It is to be done by BIL. Kamya and Swati tease Naina. There is still time in wedding. He would rule your mind afterwards. Preeti tells them not to trouble her sister. Naina tells her to let them. He is already in my head too much. They whistle.

Voiceover – Sameer:
This Red Rose was also the proof of our love, friendship, and anger. We never thought we will be doing this there someday. We might be on the first step towards our wedding but

Bela is buying vegetables. Ladies compliment Bela sarcastically on the alliance. They also gossip about Naina. She has trapped a rich guy. They stop Tai ji and taunt her too. Bela reminds them that it is God who brings people together. Ladies ask Tai ji how she agreed for the alliance. We have heard that Maheshwari’s and Agarwal’s don’t marry their kids in each other’s castes. Tai ji looks unhappily at them. A few men compliment Anand but they too aren’t happy as it is going to be an inter caste wedding. He tries to lighten things for Tai ji but she tells him to always keep this thing in his mind. Everyone will taunt us like this every day. Anand asks Bela to go to jeweller shop with Bhabhi. She knows lot about gold and jewellery. Tai ji makes a proud face. Bela reminds him that they do not know Sameer’s ring size but he decides to check with Sameer later in the day and goes.

Sameer says I am Poonam Bhabhi’s BIL so I only will try the ring size. Everyone hoots for him as he tries taking Naina’s size. She points the correct finger. He jokes that he is marrying for the first time. She cutely replies that she marries in every 10 days. Their friends look on happily as they finally find the perfect ring size. He kisses it while looking at Naina. She takes his finger’s size next. Munna announces that the engagement has happened already. Pundit tells him to call home and tell this to everyone. No function is needed. Munna treats everyone. Sameer and Naina are seen holding hands.

Preeti watches Naina pack stuff with Bela. She advises Naina to start wearing sarees. Stop wearing skirts. She teases Naina as to how to walk. Naina tells Bela to tell her not to tease her. Bela teases her too. She asks Anand if he called Sameer to take his ring size. Naina ends up sharing the ring size. Everyone looks at her. She ends up sharing what happened today in Red Rose. Anand tells Bela she was worrying unnecessarily. Bela says I only thought my this daughter is only bright in studies but she is bright in these things too. She asks Preeti learn something from her sister. Preeti says I am not so lucky. You only should find a guy for me. They all smile.

Sameer calls Naina but Bela picks it up. He disconnects the call. Bela wonders why people call when they don’t have to talk. Pundit asks Sameer what happened. Sameer says Bela Chachi picked it. Pundit reminds him that he is going to be the SIL of that house. Be confident. A SIL cannot an ordinary Bholuram. Be proud and confident. Dial again. Sameer follows his instructions. He redials the number. Bela picks again. He confidently greets her and asks her to let him speak to Naina. Pundit is happy. Naina gets tensed hearing that it is Sameer on the line. She goes inside to talk to him. You spoke to Chachi ji? He agrees. I am the SIL after all. She tells him that she told everyone his ring size. He says you are going to be Maheshwari after all. You have to be brave. She smiles proudly.

Voiceover – Naina:
We were so used to talking stealthily that we dint realise it for too long that we don’t have to do that anymore now as our alliance was already fixed.

Tai ji comes to ask Bela when they have to go to the jeweller. I am not at all interested but I will have to take part for the sake of society. We wont have to tell the world anything. Did you ask your SIL his ring size? Bela tells her that Naina got it already.

Vishakha calls Agarwal House to know which hall they have booked for the engagement. He asks her if she wants it to happen in a hall. She replies that they have to do it. We will only come there as guests. Tai ji tells Rakesh that this was why they were against the wedding. They are asking for a hall! Rakesh takes the phone from Anand and tells Vishakha that he had explained it in the beginning itself. Don’t keep high expectations! The wedding will happen downstairs only. Please inform your guests. He ends the call before she can say anything. Vishakha’s family is aghast to hear it. Bobby insists that he wont go in any tent. Mama ji says you will go back to Delhi but we wont be able to face anyone here. They make a fuss over it. Vishakha looks at Sameer.

Tai ji tells Rakesh that this is just the beginning. They will make us dance to their tunes and demands.

Vishakha says they kept the engagement in their house. Mama ji calls Agarwal House again. The engagement will happen in a hall only. We are respectable people. Rakesh stays put. The day, place and date is decided. You can come over if you wish your son to be engaged to my daughter or you can suit yourself! He disconnects the call. Mama ji is irked that no one has done it till date with him. We are from the groom’s side but I don’t think we will ever be able to lift our head before the bride’s family. Bobby and Mama ji refuse to go to the engagement unless it happens in the hall. There will be no engagement otherwise.

Precap: Sameer has packed his suitcase. Vishakha asks him where he is off to. He says I thought you worry about your class and reputation. I am going to a temple to marry Naina!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Loved the episode waiting for next

  2. This Rakesh is so annoying. Gosh. I hate him. I wonder if he would have dared to talk to Sharads family that way. What is this Naina is my daughter Naina is my daughter? Where was he when his daughter would win so many prizes and accolades at school? Here was he when his daughter and brother were getting abused because of a guy he felt was fit for naina? Sorry why fit, Naina is a girl, any guy who’d want to marry her is too good for her, she can’t be a chooser you see. That is any guy except Sameer.

    And what is wrong with Sameer, baat baat pe he’s emotionally blackmailing his family to get married to Naina. He’s mentally not ready to get married tbh. This is such immature behavior on his part, instead of convincing them, he’s going all haywire. See he could have told the expenses can be split. Because that would give rise to a nice modern opinion and idea. But no, he threatens of getting out of the house. Childish behavior.

    The Aap aap scene was cute, ring size thing was nice, Sameer calling up Chachi g and acting so funny. Loved the way Bela chachi stood up for Naina. So neighbours feel seedhi saadhi Naina wasn’t supposed to fall in love. There is still not difference in the mentality of neighbours even today?? All of Naina’s achievements and her behaviour and everything that she worked so hard for went away in drain because she did prem vivah? and bada haath maara hai, yeah right even today women are considered cunning and gold diggers if they find men who are rich.

    Taiji full on wants to show off or enjoy and wants to be the elder female who oversees everything. But won’t accept. I won’t be surprised if on the engagement she would be eating thoos thoos ke while Sameer Naina exchange rings.

    Where is juhi? Arjun.

    1. Sameer is doing it because he has realised it his family is just finding a way to break the alliance ,he had before begged Vishaka,pleaded her ,but she only broke his trust by manipulating the meeting,and about the kundli kand also may be he thinks that to be their plan

    2. True Sweta. I know that. But he’s behaving like a kid for every little thing. I understand he’s doing it to secure his relationship and alliance but his behavior like this will only increase the family’s bad opinion about Naina. He might not care about what they feel about him and Naina, but as of now, Naina has to stay with her in laws after the wedding, while smaeer will be out working. She needs to bond with them. When it’s so prejudiced and when the family feels Naina is doing all this jadoo type on Sameer and that’s why he’s behaving like this, it’ll be difficult for Naina to adjust.

      And why aren’t they going to college? How long are the holidays for? They gave their second year exam in June/July when they got caught. Engagement in Feb. They haven’t gone to college in between the two timelines.

    3. This so beautifully written. Thank you so much. My sentiments exactly. I am so exhausted by sameer ‘s childish behaviour and threatening his mom all the time antiques. Honestly i am actually wishing that sagai doesn’t happen and naina choose to focus on her career and blossom into an independent woman who proves to the world that she is worth every happiness.
      If the maheswari object ,they have a point …sameer hasn’t finished his studies ,he does not take interest in his nanu’s business. He hasn’t shown any responsibility towards his mom who after the delhi track is trying her best to make right decisions for sameer…and they way he is treating his mom by attempting suicide. Pathetic. He chose to save naina by not attempting the exam. Did he for once think how upset his mom will be.. he should have at least informed her. And when he helped naina escape the forced marriage ,he didnt even explain things to his mom. Always blasting her off. Just like rakesh sir. Unexcusable

    4. I think they will show college like this only in between like they showed class 12 in school phase ,they wont show full fledgedly college track now

  3. Sunshine

    Do you think his family will stay with him, Sameer’s only wanted a family who could be his ,who wont leave him,he just thinks Naina to be his family,he knows his mom will go back to delhi ,and his mama mami are there to look after him till he is not capable enough,

    1. Sweta, chill ya.

      No we all know Sameer doesn’t have a family that he can go to. All of them are holding up the ego they have because of their wealth. Naina and Munna pandit aare the only people he has. It all makes sense. But there is a way. Naina is not a chocolate in the mall that he keeps cribbing and crying and threatening to get. Sameer is behaving like that. If he really thinks he can handle a marriage, then why doesn’t he do something towards being responsible? When he was in Delhi, he found work in a radio station. Now what is he doing? He’s 21. Is he trying to go to his nanus office or factory? Is he trying to study hard to understand business? Or is he even making an attempt to do something out of the box? Find his passion? Try auditioning for RJ or actor or something? All he’s doing is going I want to marry Naina I want to marry Naina. Who’ll take care of her after the wedding? Where will they get money from? What will happen if his business goes into bankruptcy?

      I would have told the exact same thing to aina too if they were of today’s generation. But back then, and especially in conservative communities like theirs, women din’t work. So obviously Naina will depend on Sameer financially. Is he ready to take that responsibility?

      Even if you try to say that he just wants engagement happening, he’s not smart to know that engagement is not the ultimate rishta pakka thing? That weddings, expecially theirs where both families are not happy, can break anytime?

      It would have been another thing if they actually ran away and lived like in dil or love story. That would have made sense that both fo them have gone mad and just want to be together. But this is stupid. He’s not trying to clear misunderstandings at all. His behavior is just enforcing his family to think that all this is happening because of Naina.

      Now if his family was totally evil, I understand. But they’re not evil, even his step father is not. They just don’t like Naina, and they are practical. They have ego of wealth and status just like how Naina’s family has about community and maryada. You should try to convince them wholeheartedly instead of cribbing and threatened them na. If he has so much confidence, let him leave the house with Naina and figure out what to do na.

      We all love Sameer, we’ve loved him more than how much we love Naina. But this behavior is just in acceptable.

    2. Sweta2005

      you mean to say maheshwari’s are not in fault ,not evil, his step dad is right,yes all would have been right if they had treated Sameer properly,not just taunt every time ,even before exams time when his father came ,he just taunted him about marks,,and about work ,he was not planning to get married now,he knows he will join business post college , remember the marriage scnario came as Aggarwal’s were forcing Naina to get marrried to Sharad or they were planning to take her to rajasthan to get her married ,so this sudden marriage rage came over ,even chachaji had to beg, see if sameer hadnt brought maheshwari’s for rishta, Aggarwal’s would have maaried her off to any one

    3. Sweta2005
      Girl, chill. Please don’t debate here and break your head on mime or other people’s opinions. We all are ehre to have a healthy conversation and a few of us are not really liking Sameer’s weird childish behavior. He exactly sounds like the small kid who’d do all kind of drama in the mall if you deny him a chocolate.

      No I don’t feel maheshwaris are evil. Even Sameer’s stepfather, well he behaves exactly like a step father. I also hated him initially. But this time even he’s not at fault tbh. It’s not like he wants Sameer to marry some other girl or he wants to see Sameer heartbroken. I doubt if he’ll even care about that Sameer does as long as Sameer is away from his and his family’s lives. And Sameer’s mom? She’s nice, yes she is prejudiced about Naina, but this is that era where parents were not too broad minded. Any mother would think that way, if she had a good looking rich son and he loved a girl. She is wrong in manipulating the rishta meet and all, I agree, but it’s not like she wants her son to suffer. It’s not like she wants to hurt naina. And Mama mama, they love Sameer. Atleast that’s what is shown. Idk if they are behind Sameer for his wealth or they genuinely care for him, but they really like him. Mami can be very mean but that’s because she is brought up like that. The whole maheshwari family, like any other family, has a set of ideas for the kind of bahu, this family wants a beautiful and rich girl. Just like how my family wants a well educated decent looking guy for me, and your family would also want something like that for you or your siblings. That is their thinking. Just like the whole aggarwals want Naina to be married to a guy of the same caste.

      No body is evil here. They all have different ideologies that are just clashing. Thats all. Tauji has ego of wanting to be the head, taiji is jealous idk why. Rakesh is prejudiced against women and is generally very angry, chachaji is a liberal, chachaji is cool but can’t utter a word in front of elders.

      Sameer’s mom is chilled because she even made an attempt to get to know Naina, even today I know parents who’d beat the hell out of their child if the child is in love. She’s just very confused and will come around once she gets to know Naina. Mamiji is very proud of her money, doesn’t make her evil exactly. Mamaji is sweet and he’s also prejudiced because the circumstances have been like that.

      Al this doesn’t mean Sameer starts acting like a child. Doesnt matter which era, stability in life is important. He needs to buckle up and show some interest in whatever he wants to pursue as a career.

    4. Well said Sunshine every word said by u is Soo true I agree that they are not evil but I m not liking that they are not even trying to know that how really Naina is. They have created a image of her as a clever and gold digger girl and are not trying to think beyond it.
      I agree with u too Sweta2005 that Sameer
      was never treated well by Vishakha she loved Rohan like his own son and forgot to love her own son.

    5. Vidhya. I agree that Maheswaris are being judgemental but look how sameer is behaving. He is threatening and attempting suicide and scaring his mom. Is that fair. I know vishaka should have spoken about the rishta earlier. But to create drama the writers presented that way. After the delhi trip ,vishaka is trying her best to be a good mom to sameer .

  4. Stop it you gals @sunshine , @shweta, @amina shaik,

    You guys are thinking a lot , i think sameer is doing this for naina, because if sameer family goes to tent ,they will become small , i think sameer is trying to make them understand that ,there is no chota or bada ,
    that’s why he is his threatning his family members
    we will see worldclass acting by sameer in upcoming episode ,

    coming to today episode there are 5 things i liked

    1) sameer calling naina ji as aap
    2) when sameer tries to put ring into her finger ,then she tells him , ye wali ungli main nai dalte .
    to sameers says “kya karun pehli baar shaadi kar raha hun na , to naina teases him and tells ” main to har 10 din main shaadi karti hun ”
    3) preeti mimicking how she will walk in saree
    4)bela chachi calling sameer as “damaad ji ” and handing over phone to naina “baat kar na ,damaad ji ka phone hai ”
    5)naina telling sameer ring size fearlessly

    also remember naina has to go to sameer house for saree selection

    so don’t worry sameer will not leave house

    also there is new video circulating on youtube that sameer will refuse to put ring on naina fingers

    but there is a twist

    below is the video link

    hope you will enjoy it 🙂

    1. . First sameer has to learn to respect his family and learn to respect his mom. Naina comes later. Sameer is acting extremely delusional if he thinks he is going to be happy after driving everyone against naina. The serial has started on just a good note. We were able to connect with the characters because everyone had flaws yet they were trying to be better. Sameer ‘s character has become extremely irtitating and i agree with sunshine. Sunshine that was so well written.
      This was such agood platform of heathy discussion
      My opinion. No offense meant

  5. Aruna Manikandan

    Well said. Sameer always come out with new idea. We have to wait. Don’t judge with single episode. Don’t think too much. There is a solution for all the problems. let them live their life with own style.

  6. I just loved the episode. But whenever they show O Bai & Safari Suit my smile vanished. They are such a pain specially Safari Suit “Naian Ka Baap Mein Hu” , “Naina Meri Beti Hai”. His ego is so high with no reason he just feels that he can’t bend in front of Sameer as he used to beat him a lot when he was in school.
    And Sameer’s family are not demanding anything big and I definitely feel that if Anand would have talked to Sameer’s family then they would not be in this much anger. But Safari Suit only knows two things: –
    1. Anger
    2. Ego which is of no reason
    Don’t want to see Safari Suit any more. If anyone remember when Naina and Sameer told everything to Chacha Ji about their relationship then Naina’s voiceover said that they expected a high voltage drama for their alliance but things happened unexpectedly don’t know how. Cuz everything is very much expected. Just waiting that something unexpected (positive way) to should happen as that is the beauty of YUDKBH.

  7. I loved the episode very much. I am waiting. To watch the next episode

  8. . First sameer has to learn to respect his family and learn to respect his mom. Naina comes later. Sameer is acting extremely delusional if he thinks he is going to be happy after driving everyone against naina. The serial has started on just a good note. We were able to connect with the characters because everyone had flaws yet they were trying to be better. Sameer ‘s character has become extremely irtitating and i agree with sunshine. Sunshine that was so well written.
    This was such agood platform of heathy discussion
    My opinion. No offense meant

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