Nazar 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohana saves Piya

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Nazar 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya runs and stops Ansh from marrying Chudail. Ansh cant look away from her but says that I will marry you Dilruba. He starts making her wear mangalsutra but Piya comes inbetween them and glares at her. Mohana looks on. Piya throws her mangalsutra and says it is an identity of wife, he is my husband and its my duty to protect him. Dilruba says he is mine, she pushes Piya away.. Ansh screams Piya but then stops and says I dont care about her, lets get married Dilruba. Ansh takes mangalsutra again but Piya uses her powers to become her snake self. Ansh looks on and says Piya.. Dilruba glares at her and tries to attack her but Piya grabs her and pushes her away. Piya throws items at her and strangles her. Piya says my poison will catch you, Dilruba laughs and vanishes away from her. Ansh comes inbetween them. Dilruba says he is mine and can fight you too. Piya asks Ansh to move away, Ansh says no you have to cross me to reach her. Piya says you are not in senses, you remember what she did with us? you are good, someone is making you do all this. Mohana says dont go to his tears, he is not your Ansh Piya, he is davansh. Piya sadly looks at Ansh but Dilruba grabs her and asks Ansh if she should eat her? Mohana says dont listen to her Ansh, stop chudail. Mohana thinks that she cant get her powers back till sun comes up. Ansh asks chudail to eat Piya. Piya is stunned. Sun comes up and Mohana gets her powers back. She grabs Dilruba and says you will marry my son? I will show you place. She throws Dilruba away from Piya. Ansh tries to go to her but Piya says you are not like this, Ansh says this is my reality. Mohana grabs Dilruba. Ansh says to Piya that I am davansh, move away. Piya says you are on wrong path and I will stop you. Ansh says an ordinary snake will stop a davansh? Piya says a wife will stop her husband. Ansh says dont test me, Piya says I have power of love. Ansh says let me see it, he evilly looks at her and she looks at him with love, she suddenly hugs him tightly. Ansh’s tears falls and he starts breaking down, he hugs her back, jab bana uska he bana plays. They hug each other tightly.

Scene 2
Priest tells Guru Maa that Naman ranaway, he has Ruby’s powers. Saanvi says I think he is still in house, she sees wrong side feet on floor.

All family members become alive again and says Piya?

Saanvi and priest comes to bathroom and sees Naman in jacuzi but he talks like Ruby, he asks them to get lost. Saanvi comes out and says Naman’s body have Ruby’s soul. Naman comes out and says you people dont know how to deal with me. Saanvi tries to attack Naman but Priest says dont attack him, it will have consequences. Saanvi says he is dayan, its danger for people, Priest says I cant forget what Ruby did before dying so I cant let her be killed.

PRECAP- Ansh asks Piya what he did when she was not conscious? Piya brings dayan tree there and says it will show you what you did. Otherside Mohana says that she wants to show truth to Ansh but he will see what I want him to see.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

  2. Love the show a lot…. Specially today when Pia hug Ansh. Pia’s Sarpika look is awsm love her way to save her husband…… Naman nd Ruby,Naman’s acting was amazing. He tried to copy Ruby’s style to represent her. Naman’s acting was just mind-blowing…?????

  3. Today Piansh scene was glorious which make me cry. The Power of Love can win everything in this word….???? Ansh love Pia even her Davanch power also. Now i think Payal will not marry Rishi as now Ansh has become normal nd all the cast of Ansh will vanish now..

    1. I guess saavi will be paired with rishi?

      1. Me 2 want this but this will happen in the end as after Savvi’s marrage Nishant will become all alone…and it would be great difficult to face Mohona for Nishan ji..

  4. I think so saavi has to be a perfect pair of rishi and piansh scene was amazing I luv this serial..

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