Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina gets engaged to Sharad, Sameer to go to Ashram

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina praying to God to save her and thinks Sharad shall reject her. Preeti says I think he likes you, there is no reason to reject you. Naina reminisces Sameer and asks Preeti to go out and see. Preeti says we shall tell everyone that you loves Sameer. Naina says I can’t do this and asks her to go and check. Sameer is in the house. His voiceover tells that they couldn’t meet each other, but his intuition was telling him that Naina is going far away from him and he had also decided to go far from her and her memories. Preeti asks God to save Naina. Sharad talks to his parents and smiles. Sharad’s mum tells that her son likes Naina. Tai ji says alliance is fixed. Naina gets sad. Mama ji tells Sameer that he will get him married to a nice girl. Sameer tells that he is going to Ashram and gives examples of learning. He apologizes. Mama ji asks him to cancel his plan. Sameer’s voiceover tells that it has become competition to go far from Naina and he had a misunderstanding that he became a jogi. Mami asks Mama ji to tell Vishaka. He gets tensed. Sharad’s mum asks why Bela is upset. Tai ji says she has brought up Naina and that’s why got emotional. Taya ji asks Bela to do shagun and call Naina. Bela goes to Naina. Naina hugs her and cries.

Munna and Pandit ask Sameer to rethink and tell that they can’t live without him. They cry hugging him. Taya ji does Sharad’s tilak while Sharad’s mum does Naina’s tilak. Sharad’s mum asks them to send Naina to temple to celebrate Teej with him. Bela says her college is opening tomorrow. Sharad’s mum says I will drop her to college then. Tayi ji says our Naina is yours now. Anand and Bela discuss that there is nothing in their hands and they will be called as guests for Naina’s wedding. Tayi ji asks them not to be sad and says alliance is fixed. She asks her husband to call guests and inform them. Anand looks at Naina’s sad face. Tayi ji asks Bela to apply mehendi nicely. Taya ji checks the time and makes a STD call to Bua, informs her about Naina’s alliance and asks her to give good news to Arjun. He asks Rakesh if he likes the guy. Rakesh says Sharad is one in lakhs. Tayi ji says she has searched him and taunts Bela.

Naina looks at Mehendi on her hands. Preeti shows S on Naina’s hand and says Tai ji got it written for Sharad and not for Sameer. Naina says my life is…..Preeti asks her to go and tell everyone and says I will support you. Naina refuses to tell anyone. Preeti says she won’t let this drama happen. Naina thinks now nothing can be done. Anand couldn’t get sleep. Bela asks him to sleep. Anand says dreams were snatched from Naina’s eyes. Bela saysI can understand your pain and cries. Anand says I am upset with myself and knows that this is wrong.

He says I couldn’t do anything when her dreams was snatched. Bela says we are not her parents. Anand says I showed her dreams and says how will I face her. Bela asks him to make himself understand. Anand says I can’t handle myself so how can I handle her. Sameer is restless in his house. His voiceover tells that he was ready to go to Pune in the afternoon and was having anger for Naina, Munna and Pandit’s anger for him etc. He opens the window. Teri wafayein plays. Naina washes mehendi off her hands.

Naina comes to the college wearing saree. She sees Sameer and gets teary eyes. Sameer is surprised to see her in saree and mehendi on her hands. Munna and Pandit are surprised too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hi everyone!! First of all i want to thank Devi for giving Positive response for my comments ☺️☺️This show is so heart touching and real that I can’t stop writing about it…I am a loyal fan of the show and will always remain?
    Today’s episode was so emotional…I was teary eyed during whole episode…What a helpless situation Naina has been caught in…And poor Chachaji?He can’t even look in Naina’s Eyes out of guilt…What a heartbreaking situation is when you see your loved one going towards a deep pit but not able to stop her…
    He brought up Naina,carried all her expenses, always guided her like a father…but when it comes to decide her future suddenly Naina’s father comes into scene who never cared for her and considered her so called”bojh” and called her daughter and denied chachaji’s rights on Naina….??Such a selfish person Rakesh is…He is not even good to be called a father…??
    Out of all this has somebody noticed Naina’s would be Father in law is also Safari Suit??
    And Sameer’s justification for going Pune to Mama Mami was really funny ??…”Bolo Om”??this dialogue is made to shut Munna Pandit mouth?
    In Precap I saw both Guilt and Help in Naina’s Eyes looking Sameer as they are saying Sameer “please Save Her!!!”?

  2. horrible boring….just like other shows….back to square…..these serial knw sm old story…

  3. What a bad track is going on nowadays,
    I just don’t like it.Why did they do it like this and what was the problem in Arjun and Shefali so they had to quit?Its only because of them that such a track came in the show.I am not able to watch such an imotional episode nowadays!???

  4. Hi All,

    Ashu great going yaar,you reflects our (mine and Deb) feelings exactly…..i feel happy to read your comments ( just before Deb’s comments are more impressive) now you take up her job………..

    I know Deb will also agree with me and i miss her a lot nowdays…………

    coming to yesterday’s episode:

    I will call it was helpless episode – Naina, sameer, mama, mami, poonam bhabhi, munna, pandit, preethi and finally Chacha and chachi ———-everyone feels helpless…….

    a small request for Makers please don;t make us hopeless……………. by dragging this separation track too long……….

    my exceptation:

    Instead of sameer stops Naina’s marriage, I want to see that Tayaji and Taiji discuss about the rich alliance of Naina which they denied with the reason(due to Rakesh attitude will change if she got married to rich family) and rakesh understand their real intention and he himself stop this alliance and agree for Samaina Marriage.

    Even Chacha and chachi supports them too………….then it will be a real treat for us.
    Hope Vishakha’s entry will make this point very clear and she should support her son…….just like Nanaji….
    ‘Deb please do write your views – eager to read your comments.

  5. Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai: Naina (Ashi Singh) keeps teez fast for Sharad, Sameer (Randeep Rai) back in Romeo avatar

    The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.

    Naina and Sharad’s marriage alliance is fixed and roka ceremony happens while Naina is all broken.

    While now Naina is forced to keep teez fast for Sharad and reaches college all decked up in attire while Sameer also comes to meet Naina for last time in college.

    Naina and Sameer’s shocking encounter

    Sameer is shocked seeing Naina’s this saree avatar and os mesmerised and is shocked knowing about marriage alliance.

    Naina is also in shock seeing Sameer’s celibacy avatar and his decision to go to Pune and leave all pleasures of life.

    Sameer will loose his senses avatar knocking that Naina is getting married and thus will get in action leaving all drama and get in Romeo avatar to stops Naina’s marriage.

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