Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil devastated

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Everyone stood tensed as the doctor inspects Vaidika’s health. The doctor happily tells them that she is pregnant. Nani and Yash were happy while Sahil was taken aback at the break of news. Yash was happy and thanks the doctor for the good news. After the doctor leaves, Nani boasts that everyone was afraid that Vaidika won’t be able to bear a child at such a mature age but here she is, ready to give birth to heir of Agarwals. Sahil was crying in a corner. Vaidika opens her eyes, Yash thanks her assuring he is very happy today. Sahil bites on his hand hiding his tears and walks out of the room, shattered. Bari Amma stops Sahil and says this is the truth of Vaidika, she insisted that the woman doesn’t love him but he didn’t listen. Sahil was lost and didn’t respond. Anjana comes to Sahil and forces him to move on. Sahil push everyone away from himself and walks out, feeling pain in his chest. Bhoomi was worried for him.
Maya discuss with her husband if she would really get pregnant? She decides to call the hospital. She speaks to the nurse who realizes that due to shuffling of files, sperm donor Sahil’s sample went to Vaidika Agarwal instead of Maya.
Nidhi comes to the kitchen. She turns the gas cylinder’s pipe lose and thinks now Shruti would be burnt and die. She will blame Karan who will then go to jail, and Agarwals will take their daughter home. She complements Puneesh for this B grade idea. She hears Shruti coming towards kitchen and walks outside. Shruti had come to prepare coffee for Karan, lights the match stick. There was a blast and Shruti catches fire. Karan hurries to help her but Nidhi doesn’t let him jump into the fires.
Sahil was punching the punching bag hard, his hand bleed badly but he only thought about Vaidika. Vaidika comes to stop Sahil. He doesn’t stop, Bhoomi has to slap him to bring him to realization. Sahil shouts about what he should do, he is so hurt from the inside that he can’t anymore feel an outer pain. Bhoomi tries to calm Sahil down. He hugs Bhoomi. Bhoomi hugs Sahil back while tears fill her eyes. She convince Sahil to move on in life and accept that Vaidika doesn’t love him, she wants to move on in life.
Vaidika tries to calm Aarya down who was crying and throwing items across the room. She questions how Sahil would now feel. Vaidika says she is married now, and this child will help Sahil move on in life. Aarya wasn’t ready to understand and insists that only Sahil is her papa. Nani comes to scold Aarya leave the room. She assures Vaidika she will handle Aarya, and Vaidika must focus on her pregnancy. Vaidika was worried for Sahil in the room when Bhoomi comes in to tell Vaidika about Sahil.

PRECAP: Everyone was in the hospital where Shruti lied burnt. The doctor asks Shruti to point at the person responsible for such an accident. Nidhi hides herself behind Karan and everyone understands Shruti blamed Karan. Police takes Karan. Sahil doesn’t let Vaidika near to Shruti.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Omg ????what an expression Sahil gave today when he came to know that vedhika is pregnant with Yash’s child.. he juz nailed it.. the pain, the feel, the look… he juz emote it so perfectly..???
    It was also so cute of Sahil to follow vedhika after she saw him with bhoomi.. his concern is seen in every step..???
    When will Sahil know about his kid?? Fingers crossed..

  2. Nina

    Often we think it’s a deadlock condition and a game over. Lord Ganesha took care of most of that. I propose that soon we will be watching the items fetching the audience. Now Vedika is acting as “hysterical,” “weak-minded” and “foolish.

  3. Muniya

    Vedika!!!…Why is she showing concern for Sahil??
    Sahil’s reaction was outstanding after Vedika’s pregnancy news was revealed.
    Aarya….love u girl?…Hate Vedika’s mother??
    I really hope now Bhoomi doesn’t turn bad!!!
    And why that witch Nidhi is even alive?????
    Sahil’s behaviour towards Vedika in precap…that’s what she deserves from him now.

  4. Oh Sahil… ????. I felt your pain. Brilliant acting. Can’t say anymore …

  5. My goodness,,,,how can Vedika be so indifferent and heartless to someone who is crazy after her…all her concern is for Yash…she doesn’t have any consideration for ths young man who is head over heels in love with her…what she gives Sahil is just misery and pain…Yes, Vedika is certainly pregnant with Sahil’s baby but by default……and the baby will be born as Yash’s baby only as she is married to him….so what difference does it make even if the truth comes out….it s clear that Vedika intention is to fulfil her husband’s wish and for that she wanted a sperm donor…let the donor be any unknown one or Sahil …She is a heartless and cold woman….Hello Naz,I know how you feel about Sahil’s pain….don’t you think that it is time for Sahil to get away from the hypocrisy and double standards of Vedika and go travelling or have fun with friends….For that matter Bhoomi is not a bad idea…..Whatever it s he certainly needs a break …otherwise he is sure to break down…

    1. ?????…this how I feel Lakshmi, devastated for Sahil…I can feel his pain and I couldn’t hold back my tears. Sahil loves this woman so deeply and I know that hearing the news that she pregnant…to all and sundry, it’s Yash’ s baby but we know it’s Sahil’s……for Yash, is sure to emotionally damage him. Karan Jotwani nailed his scenes beautifully, he couldn’t have done it any better. His heartache was evident so much so, that he had to clutch his chest. Even though logic dictates a dead end road if it was reality, since it’s fictional, it’s going to be interesting times ahead. In reality, this would be a secret and may never see the light of day but here, this child’s paternity would definitely rear it’s head in the future and the writers keyboard would fashion this painful outcome in an exciting crescendo and we’ll all get our wish to see Sahil unite with the woman he’s destined to be with. I always think that if someone is created for you, come hell or high water, you will unite when the time is right, if someone isn’t created for you, you’ll never be able to unite no matter how much you try. As things stand, Sahil should take a step forward and move on for the time being, destiny would surely unite them but he really needs to live his life doing things that would benefit him and give him some peace of mind. Bhoomi has feelings for Sahil, that hug speaks volumes, let’s see how much Vedika still means to Sahil and how long he’ll put up with her indifference. Yash will die soon and then we’ll see other interesting scenes happening with the secret that Sahil ows this child’s paternity.

  6. Hii frds abi nhi mile ge sadhika kyu ki yas jhoot bol rha hai use koi cancer nhi hai woh chaata hai vadika ose chor sahil k pas na chale jaye kyui wo baap nhi bn sakta hai os ne vadika ko emosnail black mail kya hai .ek j v baat hai vdika os se naraj c vadika ne bola tha main tume kabi maaf nhi kru ge . Udher sare villans ekathe ho gye hai nidhi ki aggerwal house mein entry hone wali hai Bhoomi v next khaternak villon hogi sahil k pyar k lye . Sahil vadhika kabi nhi mile ge producer fans ko bav koof bna rhe hai TRP k lye aur Fans bn rhe hai………

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