Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer helps Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunaina pulls the thread from Naina’s blouse in one go. Naina steps closer to the wall holding it back somehow. Give it back to me. Sunaina tightens her hold on the thread and smirks. Go and welcome Kumar Sanu now. She leaves with her friend. Naina hides inside a classeoom.

Sameer asks the girls about Naina. They tease him to sometimes spend time with them too. She went to write a welcome note for Kumar Sanu. Sameer says she does not take much time. Preeti teases him again saying that it isn’t love letter but a welcome note. The girls walk away. Sameer, Munna and Pundit notice Sunaina and Kartik talking happily to each other. Did they do something? Sameer goes inside to look for Naina and tells his friends to keep a tab on Sunaina and Kartik.

Naina peeks out of the room

and wonders how to call someone for help. She hides behind the door hearing someone come in. She peeks again and hides hearing footsteps. Sameer stops on his own and looks at the door. Seeing a hand on the door, he calls out Naina’s name. She peeks at him through the door. Naina tells him to go from there. He asks her what happened. She ends up telling him what Sunaina did. He makes fists angrily. I wont spare them. Come with me. She requests him to stay put. He stands there helplessly.

Students are enjoying Garba outside. Sunaina and friends happily discuss that Naina and her hero are nowhere to be seen. It will be the perfect time to catch them red handed. Swati overhears them and is tensed.

Naina sends Sameer to bring Preeti. He is reluctant but she reasons that she cannot stand here like this for long. He runs outside.

Sunaina and her gang run off to inform Principal Ma’am about Naina and Sameer. Swati decides to not let Naina’s future get spoiled. I must do something. She runs to help Naina.

Sameer comes outside to call for help.

(Background – Sameer):
Everyone used to call me Hero. I used to make use of every trick in every way that heroes use in movies but no hero would have faced this situation ever in his life. All my antics simply failed.

Naina peeks outside the classroom. Hope Preeti comes soon.

Swati meets Sameer and tries to tell him about Naina but he asks for Preeti. He realises he was asking Swati and walks away. Swati thinks he might have gone after Naina. I will have to now stop Sunaina and her gang from telling anything to Ma’am. She blocks their ways and advises them to wait till Kumar Sanu is here. When Ma’am will ask about Naina, you can simply tell her that you saw her with Sameer. She will believe you. This way, you can welcome Kumar Sanu instead of Naina. Kartik refuses to wait anymore but Sunaina is in thoughts.

Sameer tells his friends everything. They run inside to help Naina.

Someone shouts that Kumar Sanu is here. Ma’am gets excited.

Kartik asks Sunaina to come but Sunaina finds Swati’s idea better. We will wait for the right time. Swati has today proved that she is indeed on our side. Swati smiles whereas Kartik looks unhappy.

Ma’am tells JBR to behave before Kumar Sanu. Where is Naina? Call her here. She has to give speech and has something for Kumar Sanu too. Find her. JBR goes away for a minute and tells Ma’am Naina is nowhere to be seen. She asks Shruti but Shruti too has not seen Naina and the diary since long. She goes to look for her.

Preeti hugs her sister. They look at the damage and point out that even safety pins cannot fix it. What will we do? How will Naina go out now? Sameer paces sadly / upset.

Kumar Sanu enters in the college. Students click photos with him and take his autographs. Ma’am steps in the front and holds Kumar Sanu’s hand. She is lost for a few moments. JBR shakes her out of her reverie. She shares that she cannot believe she is meeting him. We all are a very big fan of Kumar Sanu, especially she. We, especially I have heard your every song. JBR reminds her to step aside so Kumar Sanu can come in. She finally lets go of his hand asking him to come.

(Background – Naina):
Sunaina tried to create a rift between me and Sameer, stole my speech and even snatched my best friend Swati from me. I could forgive her for all that but neither I nor any of my friends could forgive her for what she did that night. We missed Kumar Sanu’s entry because of her. We had made so many plans but they all were not put into action because of what she did. Sunaina tells Kartik it is time to expose them. He smirks.

Munna and Pundit want to teach a lesson to Sunaina and her gang but Sameer stops them. I am more concerned about Naina right now. Preeti shares that Naina cannot step out of the room. We need a thread. Sunaina broke it completely. They all get tensed. Munna says Ma’am must be looking for her. Pundit adds that she has to welcome Kumar Sanu after all. None of us ever forgave her for that.

Tai ji knocks many times at door but Bela does not let her husband open it. Tai ji gives up in the end. Bela decides to show her husband her Rekha moves. I will call my Amitabh here on some pretext and dance for him. She practices the moves and smiles shyly.

Kumar Sanu waves at everyone from the stage. There are loud cheers from everyone. Principal Ma’am quietens everyone and makes Kartik clock her photos with him. She asks JBR about Naina. JBR goes to check. He asks Kartik and Sunaina about Naina. Sunaina replies that she will be enjoying somewhere. She might have ignored the concert. He asks them to come with him.

Naina’s friends stand near the room near Naina. Sameer is feeling really bad for her. He all of a sudden removes his jacket and opens the thread of his jacket. He asks Preeti to tie it on Naina. She is concerned about him but he knows how important it is for her to be there to welcome Kumar Sanu. Preeti asks him about himself but he wants Naina to be present outside. It will be a silent slap on the faces of Sunaina and Kartik.

(Background – Naina):
Back then, a guy taking off his shirt in public was as strange as a girl stepping out of her home in short clothes. I don’t know what would have happened if Sameer had taken off his shirt on some other instance. Maybe all the girls and even Munna and Pundit would have gone crazy. It was the most epic moment. I still have that thread with me.

Sunaina is about to pick the bouquet to welcome Kumar Sanu but Naina picks it up before her. Naina welcomes Kumar Sanu and thanks him for coming here. He thanks her for inviting him. Sunaina eyes her pointedly. Kumar Sanu takes his seat. Principal Ma’am asks Naina to say something in his honour. Naina is quiet. Preeti asks her why she isn’t saying anything. Naina replies that Sameer isn’t present here because of her. I wont stay here without him even for a second. Preeti looks up and notices Sameer running towards the stage followed by Munna and Pundit. Jija ji can also not stay without you. Sameer and Naina smile at each other. Sameer does thumbs up at Naina.

Precap: Everyone dances happily as Kumar Sanu sings live for them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi.Reuben Prabhu Kumar

    Dear Pooja, Your updating english for YUDKBH is good. Writing error-free in present tense or present continuous tense needs mastery of the language. Keep it up. All the best.

  2. Sameer rocked today.

  3. I just loved yesterday’s episode..Genuine n pure love depicted so beautifully…It’s really like ye un dino ki baat hai jab ishq sacha hota tha…Really most of the boyfriends of those times were genuinely caring n compassionate. I also really like the bonding of frnds shown

  4. wat a episode, request for makers please don;t interrupt with chacha chachi screen, atleast when an occassion like dandiya/diwali celebration, we request you to show only SAMAINA’s screen alone.
    Getting irritated with Sunaina – day by day she is getting worst how a girl can be like this in 90’s, removing the thread from Naina’s dress is too much – Even i justified earlier that because of Sameer’s action she is behaving like this but now she is crossing her limit.Karthik shameless person – irresponsible gang…..

    Like the way – entire SAMAINA’s gang concern about Naina….
    Swati – proved her friendship – hope to see their reunion…
    Even Kamya and Hema scored yesterday…..

    Beautifully protrayed how sameer cares for Naina………..sometime i feels that Naina is very Lucky to have sameer has her Life partner…….really the Sameer’s character was protrayed in such way every girl will longing to have a boy friend/Husband like him…….Munna is always right…..Happy for SAMAINA

    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s epiosde…….
    Ashu and Deb waiting for your comments……..

  5. super episode .sameer rocked. he is a good guy.

  6. This was the sweetest episode ever. Just loved it so much. My parents and I all of us sat and watched it last night.

    Sameer is such a hero. So so perfect. Sometimes I wonder how would Naina be if it wasn’t for Sameer. She’s no doubt bright, but she’s becoming very stubborn and kind of annoying sometimes. Also, most of the things that Naina gets credit for is done by Sameer; finding the chits and reporting, getting principal to agree to dandiya, making posters and ideas for her elections, getting Kumar Sanu, everything he does for her. It’s really cute I know. But sometimes, I just feel Naina doesn’t acknowledge it enough. There is no way she would have been this confident and multifaceted if not for Sameer. She would have been brilliant in studies and turned out to be a shy geek. While it’s nice to work on problems together as a team, sometimes I feel it’s Sameer who always supports Naina and not the other way round. I could be wrong. There have been instances in the past where Naina has supported Sameer a lot. But right now, it feels like shes having a hard time sandwiched between being GS, being a good daughter, being a good friend, and trying to maintain a healthy relationship.

    Overall, I loved the kind of love and respect they have for each other. And the friendship the whole gang shares, including how Swati was decent enough to at least think of Naina is a practical way, of how she didn’t want to ruin Naina’s life and reputation.

    Someone please throw that Sunaina and her gang out man. It’s becoming like kitchen politics but in college.

    Nevertheless this is the most beautiful and sweetest serial on tv right now 🙂

  7. Unn dinon you can get that type of person in real life ( caring and bonding ) now even in stories you wont find such characters getting in real life is out of question.

    Great episode and super serial

  8. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Amazing, Beautiful episode! Well- Done makers!

  9. Wow!! Happy to see the increased number of comments…as this episode was the most awaited one for the fans of the show… sorry Devi.. little busy these days but never missed reading the comments…
    What to say about Sameer..He can’t be described in words…He is just outstanding…An ideal boyfriend that every girl dreams of plus too hot shirtless 😉…
    I feel some craziness in love is missing from Naina’s side…I want makers to show equal sacrifice and love for Sameer from Naina’s side too…
    Swati also proved her care and friendship for Naina indirectly and smartly…Hope to see them reunited soon…
    Don’t want to say anything about Sunaina…She crossed all her limits…Shame on her as a girl…
    Waiting for Juhi’s entry..

  10. wow wow what an episode yesterday. really i loved it . sameer and naina character design simply super. thank u to director and producer

  11. Kal to maza hi aagaya kyun haeni haeni haeni

    Bhai saaf kehna sukhi rehna

  12. awesome episode. Super credit to Pooja for writing the detailed episode. I read the written episode first and then watch next day being in US. It is so good to watch this serial.

  13. Fida18

    Dear yudkbh lover friends today episode 10.42 pm Ko start hoga. Spread the news with every yudkbh lover’s 🙏😊

    1. Hi everyone, this was a great episode. Looking forward for more. Thanks Devi for a mention. you guys are all young and doing a fantastic job. I shall definitely add in. Devi, you are writing in a style and manner and the things I want to state. Well done. BTW, does anyone know what was the controversy with Ashi Singh and director. I saw a message of Ashi on Twitter and several comments about director Gaurav Singh’s behaviour with Ashi. Could not understand hence posting here.
      Please don’t forget to tune into YUDKBH if you are in India.

    2. Fida18

      Sorry friends 10.46 ko hai today episode

  14. YUDKbh is a wonderful serial

  15. Ghvpriya

    What to say about this episode? It’s simply an epic one and will stay in my heart forever as a memorable one. No one, I say no one can treat their girl as much as Sameer treats Naina. For him, Naina and her respect, name and happiness stands first 👍👍👍 and I literally got so emotional on how Sameer, without giving a second thought removed his outfit and gave that thread to preeti to tie to Naina’s blouse. He didn’t even care about himself but only cared for his Naina 😍😍😍. What a selfless love I must say and I really feel so sad that nowadays, we can’t see such kind of love ❤️❤️❤️. This is really “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai” where love is so true and pure from heart 💖💖💖 and where lovers can go for any extent for their love! Love the show infinity 😘😘😘
    The whole gang coming to help Naina and stood with her instead of enjoying the festival is really so heart touching! They showed the true meaning of friendship here 👏👏👏
    And even swati tried to stop sunaina gang which means she still treats Naina as her friend but is unable to recognize it but I am sure she will come back to the gang one day!

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